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Yugoslavia at the 1968 Summer Olympics

Yugoslavia at the Olympic Games

Flag of SFR Yugoslavia
IOC code  YUG
NOC Yugoslav Olympic Committee
At the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City
Competitors 69 (59 men, 10 women) in 11 sports
Flag bearer Branislav Simić
Rank: 16
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Winter Games
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Athletes from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia competed at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Mexico. 69 competitors, 59 men and 10 women, took part in 54 events in 11 sports.[1]


  • Medalists 1
  • Athletics 2
  • Basketball 3
  • Boxing 4
  • Canoeing 5
  • Cycling 6
  • Gymnastics 7
  • Sailing 8
  • Shooting 9
  • Swimming 10
  • Water polo 11
    • Men's Team Competition 11.1
  • Wrestling 12
  • References 13
  • External links 14


Medal Name Sport Event
 Gold Cerar, MiroslavMiroslav Cerar Gymnatics Men's Pommeled Horse
 Gold Bjedov, ĐurđicaĐurđica Bjedov Swimming Women's 100m Breaststroke
 Gold Bonačić, OzrenOzren Bonačić
Dejan Dabović
Zdravko Hebel
Zoran Janković
Ronald Lopatny
Uroš Marović
Đorđe Perišić
Miroslav Poljak
Mirko Sandić
Karlo Stipanić
Ivo Trumbić
Water Polo Men's Team Competition
 Silver Bjedov, ĐurđicaĐurđica Bjedov Swimming Women's 200m Breaststroke
 Silver Horvat, StevanStevan Horvat Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman Lightweight
 Silver Čermak, DragutinDragutin Čermak
Kresimir Ćosić
Vladimir Cvetković
Ivo Daneu
Radivoj Korać
Zoran Marojević
Nikola Plećaš
Trajko Rajković
Dragoslav Ražnatović
Petar Skansi
Damir Šolman
Aljoša Žorga
Basketball Men's Team Competition
 Bronze Vujin, ZvonimirZvonimir Vujin Boxing Men's Lightweight
 Bronze Simić, BranislavBranislav Simić Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman Middleweight






Four male cyclists represented Yugoslavia in 1968.

Individual road race
Team time trial





Water polo

Men's Team Competition

  • Preliminary Round (Group B)
  • Defeated United Arab Republic (13:2)
  • Tied with East Germany (4:4)
  • Defeated Mexico (9:0)
  • Defeated Netherlands (7:4)
  • Lost to Italy (4:5)
  • Defeated Greece (11:1)
  • Defeated Japan (17:2)
  • Semifinals
  • Defeated Hungary (8:6)
  • Final
  • Defeated Soviet Union (13:11) → Gold Medal
  • Team Roster



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