Wow may refer to:

Games, toys, etc.






  • Wau, Sudan (or Wow), a town in southern Sudan


  • Wow! (comic), a British comic from 1982–1983
  • WOW Magazine, a former wrestling magazine
  • The War of the Worlds, a 1898 well known science fiction novel by H. G. Wells


  • WOW!, an internet, cable, and phone company
  • WOW! (online service), a defunct ISP from CompuServe
  • Wow (recording), a pitch variation while playing a sound recording
  • Windows on Windows, an application compatibility layer in 32-bit Microsoft Windows
    • WoW64, an application compatibility layer in 64-bit Microsoft Windows
  • WOW Sight & Sound, an Australian electronics and music retailer

Television and radio


  • WOW Alliance, a global air-cargo alliance
  • Air Southwest, an airline based in the Southwest of England, by ICAO Airline Code


  • Lay's WOW chips, a brand of fat-free potato chips
  • Wow! signal, a strong radio signal of unknown origin detected by a SETI project in 1977

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