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Un medico in famiglia

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Title: Un medico in famiglia  
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Language: English
Subject: Rai Fiction, Alessandra Mastronardi, Kabir Bedi
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Un medico in famiglia

Un medico in famiglia
Genre Comedy
Starring Giulio Scarpati
Lino Banfi
Lunetta Savino
Margot Sikabonyi
Pietro Sermonti
Claudia Pandolfi
Francesco Salvi
Michael Cadeddu
Eleonora Cadeddu
Milena Vukotic
Manuele Labate
Beatrice Fazi
Country of origin Italy
Original language(s) Italian
No. of seasons 9
No. of episodes 260
Executive producer(s) Carlo Bixio
Original channel Rai Uno
Original release December 6, 1998 – present
Related shows Médico de familia (1995-1999)

Un medico in famiglia (English:A doctor in the family) is an Italian television TV series. The show is inspired, to an extent, by Spanish TV series Médico de familia. It is one of the most successful series in Italy.


Synopsis and Episodes

Season Episodes Premiere Finale
1 52 December 6, 1998 May 23, 1999
2 26 February 27, 2000 May 21, 2000
3 26 March 16, 2003 May 25, 2003
4 26 September 26, 2004 December 3, 2004
5 26 March 15, 2007 May 29, 2007
6 26 September 20, 2009 November 23, 2009
7 26 March 27, 2011 May 26, 2011
8 26 March 3, 2013 May 19, 2013
9 26 March 16, 2014 May 29, 2014
10 26 2016 2016

Seasons 1 and 2

The setting of the show is the street of Poggio Fiorito, Rome. It follows the lives of the Martinis. Lele Martini is a widower with three children (Maria, Ciccio and Annuccia) and he is a doctor. He lives together with his father (Libero Martini, portrayed by famous Italian actor Lino Banfi), his mother-in-law Enrica Solari, and his sister-in-law Alice Solari. Lele hires as their au pair Cettina, a Neapolitan (she comes from Mondragone) woman that pretends to be Polish to get the job. When Lele discovers that Cettina is actually Neapolitan he decides to not fire her. Lele soon falls in love with Alice and at the end of season 2 Lele and Alice get married.

Season 3

At the beginning of the third season, Lele, Alice and their two children leave Rome to go to live in Australia. Grandpa Libero cares for his grandchildren (Maria, Ciccio, and Annuccia) in absence of their father. Maria decides to attend the faculty of medicine and here she meets Guido, a doctor. The Martinis give hospitality to Guido and he falls in love with Maria. In the meanwhile Cettina falls in love with Augusto Torello but when she discovers that Torello is a Rome after having spent the holidays in Australia with Lele. Guido is working as a doctor in Milan and he is attempting to convince his head physician to accept his transfer request to Rome. Eventually, he returns to Rome. Cettina and Torello try to have a child but their attempts fail. Eventually Torello's nephew Rosalbo comes to Rome in order to learn how to become the funeral director; if Cettina has no children, Rosalbo will inherit Torello's funeral home. Eventually Cettina lies saying that she is pregnant in order to chase away Rosalbo.

Guido and Maria move away to their new own home. However Maria has words with Guido and she decides to leave him. Maria decides to begin a new love affair with a new doctor, Franco Caselli: Franco is a humanitarian doctor from Africa for an humanitarian mission.

Season 5

Cettina is replaced as Martinis' au pair, at the beginning of the season 5, by Melina, Cettina's cousin. In Season 5, Cettina leaves Torello because she falls in love with Kabir (the owner of an Indian restaurant, portrayed by Kabir Bedi, famous for having portrayed Sandokan) but Kabir rejects her love and eventually she and Torello return together. Guido leaves Rome to go live in Africa and he is replaced as family doctor by Emilio, a new character introduced in this season. Emilio falls in love with Sarita, Kabir's granddaughter but she isn't allowed by her grandfather to marry Emilio. Eventually they manage to get married. Maria manages eventually to get a degree in medicine.

Season 6

Ciccio is going to get married to Miranda, but she leaves him the day of their marriage. Lele returns home with his children (he divorced Alice) to attend his son's marriage, and eventually decides to remain in Rome for a year. Grandpa Libero decides to leave Rome to go live in Apulia. Cettina is believed dead in a shipwreck. Guido returns from Africa and he and Maria want to live in their apartment but their tenant (Dante Piccione) doesn't want to leave the apartment. Guido and Maria find out that Maria is pregnant; she gives birth to her daughter, Paola. Guido gets acquainted with his mother, Ave, who abandoned him when he was an infant. Eventually he forgives her.

The Martinis find out that Cettina is still alive; after the shipwreck, she lost her memory and became a very rich woman in the USA. She decided to go to Italy for a holiday, and when she heard somebody saying "un Martini, per favore" ("a Martini [drink], please"), the name "Martini Libero" came in her mind, and she began to remember the events of her life she had forgotten. Cettina stays at Martini's home for a little, speaking in a strange way (she speaks a language that is a hybrid between English and Italian. Example: "Le tue braccia non sono strong" [your arms aren't strong]). After recovering her memory, she leaves Poggio Fiorito forever and goes to Brescia, joining her husband and her son.

Lele falls in love with Fanny, a very young doctor, but he eventually decides to leave her. At the end of the season, he is engaged to Bianca, Giulio Pittaluga's (one of Lele's friends) sister. Guido feels neglected by Maria and he betrays his wife spending a night with another woman. Eventually he tells Maria that he betrayed her but now he is remorseful; Maria decides to leave him but she is eventually convinced by her father to forgive Guido. Melina falls in love with Dante Piccione, and he finally leaves Guido and Maria's apartment to go live at Melina's aunt home. Ciccio decides to get married to Tracy, a jockey.

The season ends with the marriages between Ciccio and Tracy, and Libero Martini and Enrica Solari.

Season 7

air date
1 "Ricominciare" Restart Elisabetta Marchetti March 27, 2011 (2011-03-27)
2 "La gita scolastica" The school trip Elisabetta Marchetti March 27, 2011 (2011-03-27)
3 "Chi cerca trova" Who seeks shall find Elisabetta Marchetti April 3, 2011 (2011-04-03)
4 "La bufala delle bufale" The hoax of the hoaxes Elisabetta Marchetti April 3, 2011 (2011-04-03)
5 "Genitori e figli" Parents and children Elisabetta Marchetti April 7, 2011 (2011-04-07)
6 "L'amico del giaguaro" The friend of the jaguar Elisabetta Marchetti April 7, 2011 (2011-04-07)
7 "Il coraggio della paura" The courage of the fear Elisabetta Marchetti April 14, 2011 (2011-04-14)
8 "Le promesse si mantengono" Promises must be kept Elisabetta Marchetti April 14, 2011 (2011-04-14)
9 "Se mi lasci non vale" If you leave me, it's not worth Elisabetta Marchetti April 21, 2011 (2011-04-21)
10 "In volo" In Flight Elisabetta Marchetti April 21, 2011 (2011-04-21)
11 "La notte più fredda dell'anno" The coldest night of the year Elisabetta Marchetti April 25, 2011 (2011-04-25)
12 "Il mio Natale sei tu" You're my Christmas Elisabetta Marchetti April 25, 2011 (2011-04-25)
13 "Luna nuova" New Moon Elisabetta Marchetti April 28, 2011 (2011-04-28)
14 "La prima volta" The first time Elisabetta Marchetti April 28, 2011 (2011-04-28)
15 "Il desiderio più grande" The greatest desire Elisabetta Marchetti May 5, 2011 (2011-05-05)
16 "Problema di coppia" Couple problem Elisabetta Marchetti May 5, 2011 (2011-05-05)
17 "Che notte quella notte!" What night that night! Elisabetta Marchetti May 8, 2011 (2011-05-08)
18 "Questione di cuore" Matter of heart Elisabetta Marchetti May 8, 2011 (2011-05-08)
19 "La verità ti fa male lo so" The truth hurts You, I Know Elisabetta Marchetti May 12, 2011 (2011-05-12)
20 "Tra color che son sospesi" Among those who are suspended Elisabetta Marchetti May 12, 2011 (2011-05-12)
21 "Da che parte stai?" Which side are you on? Elisabetta Marchetti May 15, 2011 (2011-05-15)
22 "Quello che le donne vogliono davvero" What women really want Elisabetta Marchetti May 15, 2011 (2011-05-15)
23 "La fuga" The escape Elisabetta Marchetti May 19, 2011 (2011-05-19)
24 "Due proposte di matrimonio" Two marriage proposals Elisabetta Marchetti May 19, 2011 (2011-05-19)
25 "Festa di addio" Farewell party Elisabetta Marchetti May 26, 2011 (2011-05-26)
26 "Matrimonio in bianco" Wedding in white Elisabetta Marchetti May 26, 2011 (2011-05-26)

Season 8

This season is now airing in Italy, the list below will be complete after the announcements of all episodes.
air date
1 "Chi trova un amico..." Who finds a friend... Elisabetta Marchetti March 3, 2013 (2013-03-03)
2 "Nel sole" In the Sun Elisabetta Marchetti March 3, 2013 (2013-03-03)
3 "Dolcissima Bianca" Sweet Bianca Elisabetta Marchetti March 5, 2013 (2013-03-05)
4 "I ricordi non si vendono" Memories are not on sale Elisabetta Marchetti March 5, 2013 (2013-03-05)
5 "Visite notturne" Night visits Elisabetta Marchetti March 10, 2013 (2013-03-10)
6 "Colpo di fulmine" Love at first sight Elisabetta Marchetti March 10, 2013 (2013-03-10)
7 "La falsaria involontaria" Elisabetta Marchetti March 17, 2013 (2013-03-17)
8 "I Martini non si arrendono" Elisabetta Marchetti March 17, 2013 (2013-03-17)
9 "Amore a prima vista" Elisabetta Marchetti March 24, 2013 (2013-03-24)
10 "Sensi di colpa" Elisabetta Marchetti March 24, 2013 (2013-03-24)
11 "Occupazione a oltranza" Elisabetta Marchetti March 31, 2013 (2013-03-31)
12 "Le bugie hanno le gambe corte" Elisabetta Marchetti March 31, 2013 (2013-03-31)
13 "Unità di crisi" Elisabetta Marchetti April 7, 2013 (2013-04-07)
14 "La pesca miracolosa" Elisabetta Marchetti April 7, 2013 (2013-04-07)
15 "Premio di consolazione" Elisabetta Marchetti April 14, 2013 (2013-04-14)
16 "Una giornata al mare" Elisabetta Marchetti April 14, 2013 (2013-04-14)
17 "Vita da cani" Elisabetta Marcherti April 21, 2013 (2013-04-21)
18 "Paura di volare" Elisabetta Marchetti April 21, 2013 (2013-04-21)
19 "Notti bianche" Elisabetta Marchetti April 28, 2013 (2013-04-28)
20 "L'interrogatorio" Elisabetta Marchetti April 28, 2013 (2013-04-28)
21 "Casale vendesi" Elisabetta Marchetti May 5, 2013 (2013-05-05)
22 "La grande sfilata" Elisabetta Marchetti May 5, 2013 (2013-05-05)
23 "Baci proibiti" Elisabetta Marchetti May 12, 2013 (2013-05-12)
24 "New York, New York" Elisabetta Marchetti May 12, 2013 (2013-05-12)
25 "La notte dei desideri" Elisabetta Marchetti May 19, 2013 (2013-05-19)
26 "Lieti eventi in casa Martini" Elisabetta Marchetti May 19, 2013 (2013-05-19)

Season 9

air date
1 "Dall'America con amore" From America With Love Elisabetta Marchetti March 16, 2014 (2014-03-16)
2 "La ra-gazza ladra" The Thieving Ra-Magpie Elisabetta Marchetti March 16, 2014 (2014-03-16)
3 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
4 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
5 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
6 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
7 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
8 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
9 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
10 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
11 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
12 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
13 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
14 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
15 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
16 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
17 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
18 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
19 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
20 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
21 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
22 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
23 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
24 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
25 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)
26 "TBA" TBA 2014 (2014)


In the season 1999/2000, Un medico in famiglia won two awards as best fiction [fiction=Italian TV Series] and as best TV program of the year. In the same season, Un medico in famiglia won Telegatto (lit. Telecat) as best Italian TV Series.

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