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Title: Technikum  
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This page is about the institution ype. For the district of Dunaújváros, see Technikum

Technicum (Russian: те́хникум, tr. tekhnikum, IPA: [ˈtʲexnʲɪkʊm]; Ukrainian: те́хнікум; Polish: technikum) was a Soviet institute of vocational education. A mass-education facility of "special middle education" category 1 step higher than PTU, but aimed to train low and middle level (depending on profile) industrial managers, foremen, coordinators, technical supervisors etc. or specializing in occupations that require skills more advanced than purely manual labor, especially in high-tech occupations (such as electronics). This category remained in use in post-Soviet republics.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union many technicums in CIS countries were renamed to colleges. Though after graduating from technicums students apply for the higher education institutions as freshmen.


A technikum is a vocational high school in the Polish educational system, designed for those who want to start working immediately after finishing their compulsory education.

Examples (in alphabetical order):

  • Technikum Budowlane: Vocational Technical High School of Construction
  • Technikum Ceramiczne: Vocational Technical High School for ceramic industry /ceramic arts
  • Technikum Chemiczne: Vocational Technical High School for chemical industry
  • Technikum Drogowe Zespołu Szkół Budowlanych: Vocational Technical High School of Road Construction
  • Technikum Drzewne: Vocational Technical High School of wood industry
  • Technikum Elektryczne: Vocational Technical High School of Electrical industry
  • Technikum Fryzjerskie: Vocational Technical High School for Hairdressing
  • Technikum Gastronomiczne: Secondary Technical School of Catering (Note: not a cooking school, per se)
  • Technikum Handlowe: Vocational Trade High School
  • Technikum Hodowlane: Vocational Technical High School of Agriculture
  • Technikum Hotelarskie: Vocational Technical High School of Hotel Administration
  • Technikum Informatyczne: Vocational Technical High School of Computer Science
  • Technikum Łączności: Vocational Technical High School of Telecommunications
  • Technikum Mechaniczne: Vocational Technical High School for Mechanics
  • Technikum Plastyczne: Vocational Technical High School for Plastics
  • Technikum Obsługi Turystycznej: Vocational School for tourism/tourism-related enterprise
  • Technikum Uzupełniające dla Dorosłych: Vocational School for Adult Remedial Education
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