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Paleontology in Hawaii

The location of the state of Hawaii

Paleontology in Hawaii refers to paleontological research occurring within or conducted by people from the U.S. state of Hawaii. The Hawaiian islands began to form as a result of volcanic activity about 5 million years ago. Due to their young age and igneous geology they preserve very few fossils. Most such remains are creatures like relatively recent corals and molluscs that lived in the area when sea levels were higher than they are today. Overall the state has seen very little paleontological research within its borders. According to author Marian Murray prior to the 1974 publication of the second edition to her book Hunting for Fossils most of the little research on Hawaii's fossils record had already gone out of print. She recommended that would-be amateur fossil hunters in Hawaii consult staff of a local museum for clues on where to hunt due to the rarity of fossils and the lack of easily accessible information on them.[1]


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The oldest of the Hawaiian islands is algae, coral, foraminiferans, and molluscs. Hawaii's terrestrial fossil record includes Quaternary bird remains preserved in sand dunes and sinkholes.[2] Additionally, fragmentary plant remains have been preserved in some of the volcanic deposits of Oahu.[4]


Annie Montague Alexander was born in Honolulu on December 29, 1867.

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