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The modern Summer Olympic Games have been held every four years since the first Games in 1896 and Olympic records are recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in each event. The athletics events, which take place at each Games, are divided into four groups: track events (including sprints, middle- and long-distance running, hurdling and relays), field events (including javelin, discus, hammer, pole vault, long and triple jumps), road events (such as walks and the marathon) and combined events (the heptathlon and the decathlon).[1] Women compete in 23 athletics events during the Games,[2] and men compete in 24; while 21 of the events are the same for both men and women, men exclusively compete in the 50 km walk, the women's combined event is the heptathlon while the men compete in the decathlon, and the short distance hurdles for women is contested over 100 m, ten metres shorter than the men's event.[1]

Some Olympic records have been broken but later rescinded by the IOC. In 1988, Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson broke the Olympic and World record in the 100 metres, but was subsequently disqualified after it was discovered that he had used anabolic steroids to enhance his performance. His record was expunged and the gold medal was instead awarded to American Carl Lewis.[3] Hungarian athlete Robert Fazekas broke the Olympic record in the men's discus in 2004 but was later stripped of both his gold medal and the record after it was deemed that he had "committed an anti-doping rule violation".[4][5]

The longest standing modern Olympic athletics record is Bob Beamon's achievement in the men's long jump at the 1968 Summer Olympics.[6] The jump, at 8.90 m (29 ft 2 in), also broke the existing world record by 55 cm (22 in), and stood as the world record for 23 years until Beamon's compatriot, Mike Powell, jumped farther in the 1991 World Championships in Athletics in Tokyo.[7] During the 2012 Games, six men's and five women's records were broken.

Note, only those events currently competed for and recognised by the IOC as Summer Olympic events are listed.[8]

Men's records

♦ denotes a performance that is also a current world record. Statistics are correct as of the end of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

List of Men's Olympic records in athletics
Event Record Name Nation Games Date Ref(s)
100 metres 9.63  Bolt, UsainUsain Bolt  Jamaica (JAM) 2012 London [9]
200 metres 19.30  Bolt, UsainUsain Bolt  Jamaica (JAM) 2008 Beijing [10]
400 metres 43.49  Johnson, MichaelMichael Johnson  United States (USA) 1996 Atlanta [11]
800 metres ♦1:40.91  Rudisha, DavidDavid Rudisha  Kenya (KEN) 2012 London [12]
1,500 metres 3:32.07  Ngeny, NoahNoah Ngeny  Kenya (KEN) 2000 Sydney [13]
5,000 metres 12:57.82  Bekele, KenenisaKenenisa Bekele  Ethiopia (ETH) 2008 Beijing [14]
10,000 metres 27:01.17  Bekele, KenenisaKenenisa Bekele  Ethiopia (ETH) 2008 Beijing [15]
Marathon 2:06:32  Wanjiru, SamuelSamuel Wanjiru  Kenya (KEN) 2008 Beijing [16]
110 metres hurdles 12.91  Xiang, LiuLiu Xiang  China (CHN) 2004 Athens [17]
400 metres hurdles ♦46.78  Young, KevinKevin Young  United States (USA) 1992 Barcelona [18][19]
3,000 m steeplechase 8:05.51  Kariuki, JuliusJulius Kariuki  Kenya (KEN) 1988 Seoul [20]
4×100 m relay ♦36.84  Nesta Carter
Michael Frater
Yohan Blake
Usain Bolt
 Jamaica (JAM) 2012 London [21]
4×400 m relay 2:55.39  Merritt, LaShawnLaShawn Merritt
Angelo Taylor
David Neville
Jeremy Wariner
 United States (USA) 2008 Beijing [22]
20 km walk 1:18:46  Ding, ChenChen Ding  China (CHN) 2012 London [23]
50 km walk 3:35:59  Kirdyapkin, SergeySergey Kirdyapkin  Russia (RUS) 2012 London [24]
High jump 2.39 m  Austin, CharlesCharles Austin  United States (USA) 1996 Atlanta [25]
Long jump 8.90 m  Beamon, BobBob Beamon  United States (USA) 1968 Mexico City [6]
Pole vault 5.97 m  Lavillenie, RenaudRenaud Lavillenie  France (FRA) 2012 London [26]
Triple jump 18.09 m  Harrison, KennyKenny Harrison  United States (USA) 1996 Atlanta [27]
Shot put 22.47 m  Timmermann, UlfUlf Timmermann  East Germany (GDR) 1988 Seoul [28]
Discus throw 69.89 m  Alekna, VirgilijusVirgilijus Alekna  Lithuania (LTU) 2004 Athens [29]
Hammer throw 84.80 m  Litvinov, SergeySergey Litvinov  Soviet Union (URS) 1988 Seoul [30]
Javelin throw 90.57 m  Thorkildsen, AndreasAndreas Thorkildsen  Norway (NOR) 2008 Beijing [31]
Decathlon 8893 pts  Šebrle, RomanRoman Šebrle  Czech Republic (CZE) 2004 Athens [32]

Women's records

♦ denotes a performance that is also a current world record. Statistics are correct as of the end of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

List of Women's Olympic records in athletics
Event Record Name Nation Games Date Ref(s)
100 metres 10.62  Griffith-Joyner, FlorenceFlorence Griffith-Joyner  United States (USA) 1988 Seoul [33]
200 metres ♦21.34  Griffith-Joyner, FlorenceFlorence Griffith-Joyner  United States (USA) 1988 Seoul [34][35]
400 metres 48.25  Pérec, Marie-JoséMarie-José Pérec  France (FRA) 1996 Atlanta [36]
800 metres 1:53.43  Olizarenko, NadezhdaNadezhda Olizarenko  Soviet Union (URS) 1980 Moscow [36]
1,500 metres 3:53.96  Ivan, PaulaPaula Ivan  Romania (ROU) 1988 Seoul [36]
5,000 metres 14:40.79  Szabo, GabrielaGabriela Szabo  Romania (ROU) 2000 Sydney [36]
10,000 metres 29:54.66  Dibaba, TiruneshTirunesh Dibaba  Ethiopia (ETH) 2008 Beijing [37]
Marathon 2:23:07  Gelana, TikiTiki Gelana  Ethiopia (ETH) 2012 London [36]
100 metres hurdles 12.35  Pearson, SallySally Pearson  Australia (AUS) 2012 London [38]
400 metres hurdles 52.64  Walker, MelaineMelaine Walker  Jamaica (JAM) 2008 Beijing [39]
3,000 m steeplechase ♦8:58.81  Galkina-Samitova, GulnaraGulnara Galkina-Samitova  Russia (RUS) 2008 Beijing [40]
4×100 m relay ♦ 40.82  Tianna Madison
Allyson Felix
Bianca Knight
Carmelita Jeter
 United States (USA) 2012 London [41]
4×400 m relay ♦3:15.17  Ledovskaya, TatyanaTatyana Ledovskaya
Olga Nazarova
Mariya Pinigina
Olga Bryzgina
 Soviet Union (URS) 1988 Seoul [42]
20 km walk ♦1:25:02  Lashmanova, ElenaElena Lashmanova  Russia (RUS) 2012 London [43]
High jump 2.06 m  Slesarenko, YelenaYelena Slesarenko  Russia (RUS) 2004 Athens [25]
Long jump 7.40 m  Joyner-Kersee, JackieJackie Joyner-Kersee  United States (USA) 1988 Seoul [44]
Pole vault 5.05 m  Isinbayeva, YelenaYelena Isinbayeva  Russia (RUS) 2008 Beijing [40][45]
Triple jump 15.39 m  Mbango Etone, FrançoiseFrançoise Mbango Etone  Cameroon (CMR) 2008 Beijing [46]
Shot put 22.41 m  Slupianek, IlonaIlona Slupianek  East Germany (GDR) 1980 Moscow [28]
Discus throw 72.30 m  Hellmann, MartinaMartina Hellmann  East Germany (GDR) 1988 Seoul [29]
Hammer throw 78.18 m  Lysenko, TatyanaTatyana Lysenko  Russia (RUS) 2012 London [47]
Javelin throw 71.53 m  Menéndez, OsleidysOsleidys Menéndez  Cuba (CUB) 2004 Athens [36]
Heptathlon ♦7291 pts  Joyner-Kersee, JackieJackie Joyner-Kersee  United States (USA) 1988 Seoul [36]
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