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Netherlands Antilles at the 1968 Summer Olympics

Netherlands Antilles at the Olympic Games

Flag of the Netherlands Antilles
IOC code  AHO
NOC Nederlands Antilliaans Olympisch Comité
Website (English)
At the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City
Competitors 5 in 2 sports
Medals Gold
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Independent Olympic Athletes (2012)
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The Netherlands Antilles competed at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Mexico. Five competitors, three men and two women, took part in four events in two sports.[1]


  • Results by athlete 1
    • Fencing 1.1
    • Weightlifting 1.2
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Results by athlete


  • Women's foil — First round: 6th place in group B with 1 win and 4 losses (did not advance)
  1. lost to  Antonella Ragno (ITA)
  2. defeated  Lidia Sakovics (HUN)
  3. lost to  Marie Depetris (FRA)
  4. lost to  Janet Wardell (GBR)
  5. lost to  Kamila Składanowska (POL)
  • Women's foil — First round: 6th place in group E with 1 win and 5 losses (did not advance)
  1. lost to  Clara Stahl-lencic (ROU)
  2. lost to  Pilar Roldán (MEX)
  3. lost to  Galina Gorokhova (URS)
  4. lost to  Heidi Schmid (FRG)
  5. defeated  Colette Flesch (LUX)
  6. lost to  Sylvia San Martín (ARG)
  • Men's sabre — First round: 6th place in group E with 1 win and 5 losses (did not advance)
  1. lost to  Claude Arabo (FRA)
  2. lost to  Tibor Pézsa (HUN)
  3. lost to  Paul Wischeidt (FRG)
  4. lost to  Jozef Nowara (POL)
  5. lost to  John Andru (CAN)
  6. defeated  Juan Frecia (ARG)


  • Middleweight
  1. Press: 132.5 kg
  2. Snatch: 117.5 kg
  3. Jerk: 150.0 kg
  4. Total: 400.0 kg (→ 16th place)
  • Light-heavyweight
  1. Press: 142.5 kg
  2. Snatch: 115.0 kg
  3. Jerk: 162.5 kg
  4. Total: 420.0 kg (→ 17th place)


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