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Nathaniel Bannister

Nathaniel Bannister
Born Nathaniel Harrington Bannister
(1813-01-13)January 13, 1813
Delaware, United States
Died November 2, 1847(1847-11-02) (aged 34)
New York City, New York, United States
Occupation Actor and playwright
Language English
Spouse Amelia Greene

Nathaniel Harrington Bannister (January 13, 1813 – November 2, 1847) was an American actor and playwright, one of the better American playwrights of his day.

Bannister wrote over 40 plays, including the very popular Putnam, the Iron Son of '76 (1844) about the American Revolutionary War hero Israel Putnam which played for 78 consecutive nights in New York at the Bowery Theatre (produced by Thomas S. Hamblin), an astounding success for its time.[1][2] The bulk of Bannister's many works, only some of which were published, are historical dramas.

Bannister was born in Delaware (some sources report Maryland) in 1813, and made his first appearance on stage in Baltimore at age 16 in the role of Young Norval. He died in poverty in New York on November 2, 1847.[3][4][5][6][7]

Bannister was married to actress Amelia Greene, who was previously married to John Augustus Stone.[8][9][10]


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Plays (incomplete list)

  • Rathanemus (1835, New Orleans)
  • Gaulantus the Gault (1836)
  • The Destruction of Jerusalem (1837)
  • England's Iron Days (1837)
  • The Gentleman of Lyons, or the Marriage Contract (1837)
  • The Maine Question (1839)
  • Titus Andronicus (1839, adaptation)
  • Old English Ironsides
  • Robert Emmett
  • Murrell, the Land Pirate
  • Roman Slaves
  • Two Spaniards
  • Caius Silius
  • Psammetichus, or the Twelve Tribes of Egypt (written for Edwin Forrest)
  • The Wandering Jew
  • Washington
  • Infidelity
  • Gustavani
  • San Antonia
  • Tis Freedom's Call
  • Adventures of a Sailor
  • The Serpent's Glen
  • The Midnight Murder
  • Surrender of Lord Cornwallis
  • Chief of the McIvor
  • Texas and Freedom
  • Life in New Orleans
  • The Three Brothers: Or Crime Its Own Avenger (one act)
  • Putnam, the Iron Son of '76 (1844)[3]

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