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List of public universities in France by academy


List of public universities in France by academy

This is a list of the eighty-one autonomous public universities in France.,[1] including the one French "university centre",[2] which are distinguished as being state institutes of higher education and research that practice open admissions. The list does not include public institutions that practice competitive admissions, such as Paris Dauphine University, which changed status in 2004, the three national polytechnic institutes,[3] the grandes écoles (among which are the three universities of technology),[4] or private universities, such as the Catholic universities, the Protestant universities, the private secular universities, and the American University of Paris. This list does make mention of university systems related to the public universities, including the historic city university systems[5] and the new centres for research and higher education.[6]

The list is organized by academy because this is how the French educational system is organized.[7] France is divided into thirty-five academies, of which thirty-one host the principal administrative seats of universities. Although the rectors or vice-rectors who head the academies do not have administrative control over the universities, the division into academies is nonetheless important because it governs admissions. Students in France have the right to be admitted to a university in the academy in which they passed the baccalauréat,[8] and in some cases to a university in another specified academy.

Academy of Aix and Marseille

Academy of Amiens

Academy of Besançon

Academy of Bordeaux

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Academy of Caen

Academy of Clermont-Ferrand

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Academy of Corsica

Academy of Créteil

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Academy of Dijon

Academy of French Guiana

Academy of French Polynesia

  • University of French Polynesia (Université de la Polynésie Française)

Academy of Grenoble

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Academy of Guadeloupe

This rectorate is home to the Guadeloupe campus of the University of the French West Indies and Guiana, which is under the Academy of French Guiana.

Academy of Lille

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Academy of Limoges

Academy of Lyon

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Academy of Martinique

This rectorate is home to the Schoelcher campus of the University of the French West Indies and Guiana, which is under the Academy of French Guiana.

Academy of Mayotte

There are no public universities in this vice-rectorate.

Academy of Montpellier

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Academy of Nancy and Metz

  • University of Lorraine

Academy of Nantes

Academy of Nice

Academy of Orléans and Tours

Academy of New Caledonia

Academy of Paris

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  • University of Paris
  • Université Paris-Est
  • Polytechnicum de Marne-la-Vallée
  • Paris IX Dauphine

Academy of Poitiers

Academy of Reims

Academy of Rennes

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Academy of Réunion

Academy of Rouen

Academy of Saint Pierre and Miquelon

There are no universities in this rectorate.

Academy of Strasbourg

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Academy of Toulouse

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Academy of Versailles

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Academy of Wallis and Futuna

There are no public universities in this vice-rectorate.

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