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List of political parties in Greenland

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Title: List of political parties in Greenland  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Siumut, Inuit Ataqatigiit, Politics of Greenland, Democrats (Greenland), Greenlandic home rule referendum, 1979
Collection: Greenland-Related Lists, Lists of Political Parties by Country, Political Parties in Greenland
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of political parties in Greenland

This is a list of political parties in Greenland. Greenland has a multi-party system.

Active parties

Party Abbr. Ideology Political position Leader Government/Opposition MPs
(Parliament of Greenland)
(Parliament of the Kingdom of Denmark)
(Social Democrats)
S Social democracy
Third way
Greenlandic independence
Kim Kielsen Government 11 1
(Greenland's Social-liberal Party)
D Liberalism[1]
Social liberalism[2]
Economic liberalism[3]
Greenlandic Commonwealth Unionism[4]
Andreas Uldum Government 4 0
(Liberal Party of Greenland)
A Liberal conservatism[8][9][10]
Market liberalism
Nordic agragarianism
Greenlandic unionism
Right-wing Knud Kristiansen Government 2 0
Inuit Community
(Community of the People)
Inuit Ataqatigiit
IA Democratic socialism[11][12]
Greenlandic independence[12][13]
Left-wing nationalism
Sara Olsvig Opposition 11 1
Naleraq Party
(Point of Orientation Party)
Partii Naleraq
PN Far Left
Hans Enoksen Opposition 3 0
Inuit Party
Partii Inuit
PI Eco-socialism
Left-wing nationalism
Far left
Nikku Olsen Unrepresented 0 0

Dissolved parties


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