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List of plantations in Mississippi

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Title: List of plantations in Mississippi  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: List of plantations in Georgia (U.S. state), List of plantations in North Carolina, Plantation economy, List of plantations in South Carolina, Slave breeding in the United States
Collection: Plantations in Mississippi
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of plantations in Mississippi

This is a list of plantations and/or plantation houses in the U.S. state of Mississippi that are National Historic Landmarks, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, listed on a heritage register, or are otherwise significant for their history, association with significant events or people, or their architecture and design.[1][2][3]

Color key Historic register listing
National Historic Landmark
National Register of Historic Places
Contributing property to a National Register of Historic Places historic district
Not listed on national or state register
NRHP reference number Name Image Locality County Notes
Annandale Plantation Madison
Madison Built from 1857–59 by Margaret Louisa Thompson Johnstone. It burned down in 1924.
74001047 Auburn 1936 HABS photo Natchez
71000448 Beauvoir Beauvoir Biloxi
Harrison The last residence of Jefferson and Varina Davis.
78001576 Bedford Plantation Natchez Adams
93000145 Blantonia Lorman Jefferson
Brierfield Plantation Davis Bend
Warren Built 1847 by Jefferson Davis adjacent to his older brother's Hurricane Plantation. Destroyed by fire in 1931.
83000949 Cherry Grove Plantation Natchez Adams
82003089 China Grove Plantation Natchez Adams
80002193 Cliffs Plantation Natchez Adams
85002721 Clifton Howard
87000543 Desert Plantation Woodville Wilkinson
72000684 Dunleith Natchez
77000786 Evergreen Plantation Grenada
82003121 Forest Home Centreville Wilkinson
80002229 Forestdale Plantation Pachuta
79003380 Glen Mary Natchez Adams
89002322 Glenfield Plantation Natchez Adams County Built in two distinct architectural periods 1797-1840s, this English Gothic estate rest on the original 150 acres Spanish land grant and witnessed a civil war skirmish on the grounds with a bullet hole through the original door denoting this fact.
99000499 Glenwild Grenada
96001313 Holly Grove Bolton Hinds
Hurricane Plantation Davis Bend
Warren Built 1827 by Joseph Davis, older brother of Jefferson Davis. All primary structures except for the library pavilion (pictured) were burned in 1862 by Federal troops.
82000569 Laurel Hill Plantation Natchez Adams
91001893 Lenoir Plantation House Prairie
86000331 Lochinvar Pontotoc
96000180 Long Moss Canton
69000079 Longwood Longwood Natchez
07000648 McGehee Plantation Senatobia
96000189 Theodore L. McGehee Plantation House Summit
82003101 McNair Plantation Raymond
01000946 Meadow Woods Plantation House Starkville
74002253 Melrose Melrose Natchez
82004630 Miller Plantation Olive Branch
73001001 Monmouth 1972 HABS photo Natchez
02000354 Dossey A. Outlaw Plantation Starkville
80002227 Lang Plantation Langsdale
94001305 Prairie Plantation Clarksdale
80002221 Riverside Plantation Enterprise Clarke
83000970 Salisbury Plantation Woodville Wilkinson
00001400 Sedgewood Plantation Canton
89000207 Selma Plantation Natchez Adams
71000454 Springfield Plantation Fayette Jefferson
73001004 Waverley Waverley West Point
Weir Springs Grenada
Grenada 1840, Knight-Weir, demolished
71000447 Windsor Port Gibson Claiborne Ruins of a plantation house built 1859–61 for Smith Coffee Daniell II. It was three-and-a-half-stories high, then topped by a large cupola. It was one of the largest antebellum mansions ever built in the South. It burned down on February 17, 1890.
78001605 Woodland Plantation Church Hill Jefferson
85001168 Wyolah Plantation Church Hill Jefferson

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