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List of plantations in Alabama

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Title: List of plantations in Alabama  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: History of slavery in Alabama, Belle Mina, Alpine (plantation), Elm Bluff Plantation, List of plantations in Mississippi
Collection: Plantations in Alabama
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of plantations in Alabama

This is a list of plantations and/or plantation houses in the U.S. state of Alabama that are National Historic Landmarks, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, listed on the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage, or are otherwise significant for their history, association with significant events or people, or their architecture and design.[1][2][3][4][5]

Color key Historic register listing
National Historic Landmark
National Register of Historic Places
Contributing property to a National Register of Historic Places historic district
Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage
Alabama Century and/or Heritage Farm (Alabama Department of Agriculture)
Not listed on national or state register
Historic register/
Reference number
Name Image Locality County Notes
85002925 Aduston Hall Gainesville
Sumter Built from 1844–46 for Amos Travis, a native of Georgia. It is a major contributing property to the Gainesville Historic District.
94000689 Allen Grove Old Spring Hill
Marengo Built for John Gray Allen, a native of North Carolina, in 1857 by David Rudisill, it is part of the Plantation Houses of the Alabama Canebrake MPS.
Alpine Alpine
Talladega Built for Nathaniel Welch, a native of Virginia, by Almarion Devalco Bell in 1858.
93000598 Altwood Faunsdale
Marengo Built in 1836 for Richard Henry Adams and Anna Carter Harrison, both natives of Virginia.
70000103 Arlington Birmingham
Jefferson Built from 1845–50 for William S. Mudd, a native of Kentucky. The plantation was in the community of Elyton prior to the American Civil War. It was used as a headquarters by federal troops during the war. The plantation and community were eventually absorbed by Birmingham, a city that Mudd helped establish after the war.
94000690 Atkins' Ridge Greensboro
Hale Built for John Atkins, a native of Virginia, in 1840.
94000686 Augusta Sledge House Newbern
Hale Built in the cottage orné style in 1855. It was razed during the 21st century.
73000337 Barton Hall Cherokee
Colbert Listed as a National Historic Landmark, this house is considered to be an "unusually sophisticated Greek Revival style plantation house". It was completed in 1849 by Armstead Barton, a native of Tennessee.
94000698 Battersea Prairieville
Hale One of several contiguous Vaughan family plantations. The Vaughans were natives of Petersburg, Virginia. The main house began as a log house during the 1820s, but was expanded and completed circa 1845.
72000164 Belle Mina Belle Mina
Limestone One of the earliest plantation houses with a monumental portico in the state, Belle Mina was built from 1826-35 for Alabama's second governor, Thomas Bibb. Bibb was a native of Amelia County, Virginia.
82002003 Belle Mont Tuscumbia vicinity
Colbert Built between 1828 and 1832 for Dr. Alexander W. Mitchell, a native of Virginia. Considered by architectural scholars to be a clear example of Thomas Jefferson's influence upon the architecture of the early United States.
Belvoir Pleasant Hill vicinity
Dallas This plantation was established in 1825 by Reuben Saffold II, a native of Wilkes County, Georgia. The current main house was built circa 1845.
94000692 Bermuda Hill Prairieville
Hale Although the exact builder is unclear, the house was built circa 1845. The property was owned by William W. Manning, a native Montgomery, who sold it in 1845 to his brother-in-law, William Weeden, a native of Madison County.
82002014 Boligee Hill Boligee
Hale Built 1840,
Now known as Myrtle Hill.
94000685 Borden Oaks Greensboro
Hale Built 1835–37
86001544 Bride's Hill Wheeler
Lawrence Built 1830
74000396 Buena Vista Prattville
Autauga Built c.1822–1844
Bullard Plantation Perdue Hill
Monroe Built 1858-59
93000763 Cedar Crest Faunsdale
Marengo Built 1850
93000599 Cedar Grove Plantation Faunsdale
Marengo Built 1848
93000600 Cedar Haven Faunsdale
Marengo Built 1850, destroyed during 1990s.
Chasley Farms Franklin
Monroe Built 1835, rare intact plantation complex.
84000384 Cherokee Plantation Fort Payne
DeKalb Built 1821, with later expansions.
85002924 Colgin Hill Gainesville
Sumter Built 1832
Cook Hill Camden vicinity
Wilcox Built 1839, an I-house.
95000147 Countryside Camden
Wilcox Built 1855, also known as the Tait-Ervin House
89000310 Creekwood Creek Stand
Macon Built 1850
Crumptonia Crumptonia
Dallas Built 1855
93000601 Cuba Plantation Faunsdale
Marengo Built 1850
87001552 Davidson Plantation Centreville
Bibb Built for Samuel Wilson Davidson, a native of North Carolina, in 1837.
93001517 Dellet Plantation Claiborne
Monroe Built c.1835–40
Dicksonia Lowndesboro
Lowndes Built 1830–56, burned 1939. Rebuilt 1940, burned 1964.
Drish Plantation Tuscaloosa
Tuscaloosa Built 1837,
remodeled 1855.
House is only remnant of plantation, long overtaken by city growth.
99000250 Dry Fork Plantation Coy
Wilcox Built 1832–34
Eden Carlowville vicinity
Dallas Built 1830
73000367 Edgewood Montgomery
Montgomery Built 1821
Elm Bluff Elm Bluff
Dallas Built 1845
91001483 Elm Ridge Plantation Greensboro
Hale Built c.1836
99000793 Everhope Plantation Eutaw
Greene Built 1852–53
92000630 Fairhope Plantation Uniontown
Perry Built c.1857
93000602 Faunsdale Plantation Faunsdale
Marengo Built 1844. Extant slave quarters still on property.
97001166 Forks of Cypress Florence
Lauderdale Built 1830,
struck by lightning
and burned 1966.
72000167 Gaineswood Demopolis
Marengo Built 1843–61
79000402 Glennville Plantation Pittsview vicinity
Russell Built 1840s, contributing property to the Glennville Historic District.
80000735 Glenn-Thompson Plantation Pittsview
Russell Built 1837
78000488 Glencairn Greensboro
Hale Built 1835
Grace-Chesnut House Oak Hill vicinity
Wilcox Built 1852, an I-house.
82001617 Grassdale Eutaw
Greene Built c.1820.
80000364 Grey Columns Tuskegee
Macon Built 1854
87001784 Alfred Hatch Place at Arcola Arcola
Hale Built 1856
94000694 Hawthorne Prairieville
Hale Built 1818–1862
85000452 Hawthorne Pine Apple
Wilcox Built 1854
Dr. William Hughes Plantation Aliceville vicinity
Pickens Built from 1845–50, known for its extremely elaborate interior plasterwork. It was razed in 1939.
93001012 Idlewild Talladega vicinity
Talladega Built 1843
Ingleside Aliceville
Pickens Built 1849
70000101 Ivy Green Tuscumbia
Colbert Built 1820
Kenan Plantation Selma vicinity
Dallas Built c.1840
90001318 Kenworthy Hall Kenworthy Hall in 2011. Marion
Perry Built 1858–60
76000327 Kirkwood Eutaw
Greene Built 1858
Lakewood Livingston
Sumter Built 1840
Lee Haven Livingston vicinity
Sumter Built 1840, an I-house.
84000751 Liberty Hall Camden
Wilcox Built 1855
Magnolia Crest Burkville vicinity
Lowndes Built 1840s
76000355 Magnolia Green Seale vicinity
Russell Built 1840
73000345 Magnolia Grove Greensboro
Hale Built 1840
76000328 Magnolia Hall Greensboro
Hale Built c. 1855, contributing property to the Greensboro Historic District
73000356 Marengo Lowndesboro
Lowndes Built 1847, contributing property to Lowndesboro Historic District.
82002010 Marshall's Grove Selma
Dallas Built 1840
McMillan Plantation Orrville vicinity
Dallas Built 1858
73000356 Meadowlawn Lowndesboro
Lowndes Built 1853, contributing property to Lowndesboro Historic District.
Melrose McShan vicinity
Pickens Built 1840
88003123 Merry Oaks Sandy Ridge
Lowndes Built 1860
89000314 Millwood Greensboro
Hale Built 1830
Mollette Plantation Orrville vicinity
Dallas Two-story main house built for William Page Mollette, a native Beaufort District, South Carolina in 1835.
10000523 Moore-Webb-Holmes Plantation Marion vicinity
Perry Established 1819
73000331 Montebrier Brierfield
Bibb Built 1853
Moseley Grove Orrville vicinity
Dallas Built 1857
Moss Hill Pine Apple vicinity
Wilcox Built 1845, an I-house.
Mount Ida Sylacauga vicinity
Talladega Built 1833–59,
struck by lightning
and burned 1956.
Mountain Spring Plantation Sylacauga
Talladega Built 1842, also known as the Oden-Bledsoe-Kelly Plantation. Recorded by the HABS.
72000163 Noble Hall Auburn
Lee Built 1854
80000686 Oak Grove Greensboro
Hale Built 1824, destroyed 1980s.
76000319 The Oaks Tuscumbia vicinity
Colbert Built 1818
The Oaks Selma
Dallas Built c.1850
Oak Manor Livingston vicinity
Sumter Built 1860, now ruinous.
93000598 Oak Place Huntsville
Madison Built 1840
73000367 Oakhurst Emelle
Sumter Built 1854
77000212 Oaklawn Huntsville
Madison Built 1844
Odena Plantation Sylacauga
Talladega Built 1835, 1855, 1935. Also known as Oden-Sanford Farm. 3013 Odena Rd S., Sylacauga.
86001157 Orange Vale Talladega vicinity
Talladega Built 1852
76000330 Owen Plantation House Bessemer
Jefferson Built 1838
Patience Plantation Furman vicinity
Wilcox Built 1842
73000356 The Pillars Lowndesboro
Lowndes Built 1856, contributing property to Lowndesboro Historic District.
92000819 Samuel R. Pitts Plantation Pittsview
Russell Built 1846
84000717 Pitts' Folly Uniontown
Perry Built 1852–53
85001501 Pleasant Ridge Canton Bend
Wilcox Built 1842, a brick I-house.
77000209 Pond Spring Wheeler
Lawrence Built 1818–80
94000687 William Poole House Dayton
Marengo Built 1848
86000997 Preuit Oaks Leighton vicinity
Colbert Built 1847
Ramsey-Jones-Bonner House Oak Hill
Wilcox Built 1837–1838, an I-house.
94000697 Randolph Plantation Prairieville
Hale Built 1850
92001844 Reverie Marion
Perry Built c. 1858, contributing property to the West Marion Historic District.
Rocky Hill Castle Courtland vicinity
Lawrence Built 1858–61, destroyed in 1961
93000421 River Bluff Plantation Camden
Wilcox Built 1845
79000384 Riverdale Selma
Dallas Built 1829
93001476 Roseland Plantation Faunsdale
Marengo Built 1835–50s, destroyed in 1980s. Several outbuildings now at Sturdivant Hall.
Rosemary Plantation Millers Ferry vicinity
Wilcox Built c.1858
71000099 Rosemount Forkland
Greene Built in stages from 1832 through the 1850s. Allen Glover, a native of Edgefield District, South Carolina and resident of nearby Demopolis, gave this 3,000-acre (1,200 ha) estate, along with the beginnings of the main house situated upon its star-shaped hill, to his son, Williamson Allen Glover, in the early 1830s.
73000356 Rosewood Lowndesboro vicinity
Lowndes Built 1855, contributing property to Lowndesboro Historic District.
Sandy Hill (Pettway Plantation) Boykin (Gee's Bend)
Wilcox Plantation founded by Joseph Gee, a native of Halifax County, North Carolina, circa 1816 in an Alabama River bend that retains his last name to the present. It passed to his nephews upon his death. They transferred it to their relative, Mark Harwell Pettway, also a native of Halifax County North Carolina, in 1845 in order to settle a $29,000 debt. Pettway brought his family and roughly 100 slaves here in 1846. All of the slaves, except for the cook, made the journey on foot. The main house was built around this time. The main house was razed sometime soon after the last owner sold the property to the Farm Security Administration in 1937. The administration built New Deal type houses and sold the tracks of farmland to what were mostly the impoverished descendants of the former Pettway slaves. The community of Boykin is at the same approximate location as the original "slave village" for the plantation.
74000418 Saunders Hall Town Creek
Lawrence Built 1830
78000494 Spring Villa Opelika
Lee Built 1850
01001411 Stone Plantation Montgomery
Montgomery Built 1852
Stoutenborough Hall Elm Bluff
Dallas Built 1850
91000095 Summers Plantation Opelika
Lee Built 1837
85000451 Sylvan Plantation Tuscaloosa
Tuscaloosa Built 1825
73000346 Tanglewood Akron
Hale Built 1859
Tasso Plantation Orrville vicinity
Dallas Built 1850s
84000618 Thornhill Forkland
Greene Built 1833, portico added c.1850.
98000104 Thornhill Talladega vicinity
Talladega Built 1835
Umbria Sawyerville vicinity
Hale Built 1829–50, burned 1973.
Underwood Plantation Pleasant Hill
Dallas Built 1845, also known as the Green Underwood House and Black Thistle
Wakefield Furman vicinity
Wilcox Built 1840
94000684 Waldwic Gallion
Hale Built 1840–52
86002044 Welch Spring Sylacauga
Talladega Built 1830; Also known as the Welch-Averiett House
74000433 Westwood Uniontown
Perry Built 1836–50
White Columns Plantation Camden vicinity
Wilcox Built 1860, also known as the Tait-Starr Plantation
78000484 Wilson-Finlay House Gainestown
Clarke Built 1846
87000476 Winston Place Valley Head
DeKalb Built 1838
80000683 Woodlands Gosport
Clarke Built 1840
06000183 Woodlane Plantation Eufaula
Barbour Built 1852
Youpon Canton Bend
Wilcox Built 1840

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