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List of pen types, brands and companies

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Title: List of pen types, brands and companies  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Ruling pen, UV marker, Digital pen, Fountain pen, List of stationery topics
Collection: Lists of Brands, Pens, Writing Implements
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List of pen types, brands and companies

The assemblage of a ballpoint pen (Schneider K 15)

This is a list of pen types, brands and companies. A pen is a handheld device used to apply ink to a surface, usually paper, for writing or drawing. Additional types of specialized pens exist that are used in specific types of applications and environments such as in artwork, electronics, digital scanning and spaceflight.


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An assortment of pens for marking compact discs


Lamy Vista rollerball (top) and fountain (bottom) demonstrator pens


Faber-Castell artist pens


A flux pen used for reworks in electronics
Gillot 291 pens with their holder







The tip of a fine point marker


N-trig Active Pens
A diagram of a typical pointed nib pen



A box of Perry & Co. 2301 dip pens


Quill pens and ink



A Stabilo Boss brand highlighter pen, manufactured by Schwan-Stabilo
A Fisher Space Pen Company's AG-7 Astronaut Space Pen in its presentation case





A Wacom-brand digital pen



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