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List of free ports


List of free ports

A free port (porto franco) or free zone (zona franca), sometimes also called a bonded area (US: Foreign-Trade Zone), is a port or other area with relaxed jurisdiction of customs or related national regulations.

Most commonly a free port is a special customs area or small customs territory with generally less strict customs regulations (or no customs duties and/or controls for transshipment). Earlier in history, some free ports like Hong Kong enjoyed political autonomy. Many international airports have free ports, though they tend to be called customs areas, customs zones, or international zones.

A free economic zone (a specific type of special economic zone) may also be called a free port.


  • Free ports and Free Zones by country 1
    • Africa 1.1
      • Libya 1.1.1
      • Liberia 1.1.2
      • Egypt 1.1.3
      • Eritrea 1.1.4
      • Morocco 1.1.5
      • Mauritius 1.1.6
      • Nigeria 1.1.7
    • Asia 1.2
      • China 1.2.1
      • Bahrain 1.2.2
      • Indonesia 1.2.3
      • Iran 1.2.4
      • Israel 1.2.5
      • Japan 1.2.6
      • Thailand 1.2.7
      • Lebanon 1.2.8
      • Malaysia 1.2.9
      • Pakistan 1.2.10
      • Philippines 1.2.11
      • Singapore 1.2.12
      • South Korea 1.2.13
      • Taiwan 1.2.14
      • Turkey 1.2.15
      • United Arab Emirates 1.2.16
    • Europe 1.3
      • Andorra 1.3.1
      • Austria 1.3.2
      • Belarus 1.3.3
      • Croatia 1.3.4
      • Denmark 1.3.5
      • Finland 1.3.6
      • France 1.3.7
      • Germany 1.3.8
      • Georgia 1.3.9
      • Gibraltar 1.3.10
      • Greece 1.3.11
      • Ireland 1.3.12
      • Isle of Man 1.3.13
      • Italy 1.3.14
      • Latvia 1.3.15
      • Lithuania 1.3.16
      • Luxembourg 1.3.17
      • Malta 1.3.18
      • Monaco 1.3.19
      • Portugal 1.3.20
      • Romania 1.3.21
      • Russia 1.3.22
      • Spain 1.3.23
      • Sweden 1.3.24
      • Switzerland 1.3.25
      • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 1.3.26
      • Ukraine 1.3.27
      • United Kingdom 1.3.28
    • The Americas 1.4
      • Argentina 1.4.1
      • The Bahamas 1.4.2
      • Bermuda 1.4.3
      • Brazil 1.4.4
      • Canada 1.4.5
      • Chile 1.4.6
      • Colombia 1.4.7
      • Dominican republic 1.4.8
      • Panama 1.4.9
      • Puerto Rico 1.4.10
      • Uruguay 1.4.11
      • United States 1.4.12
      • Venezuela 1.4.13
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Free ports and Free Zones by country



Misrata Free Zone


Free Port of Monrovia




  1. Tangier Exportation Free Zone
  2. Atlantic Free Zone Kenitra



Registered Free Zones in Nigeria

Although the enabling act came into effect in 1992, the pioneer Free Zone (the Calabar Free Trade Zone) was not fully completed until 1999, and commenced operation after official commissioning in November 2001. Since then, the Free Zones Scheme has been used as a vehicle for industrial and commercial development of the country. Private Sector participation and partnership with the Federal Government and other tiers of government has helped spread the scheme. This has culminated in the establishment of specialised Free Zones and other types of Zones, namely:

1 Calabar Free Trade Zone (CFTZ) CRS Operational Fed. Govt.
2 Kano Free Trade Zone (KFTZ) Kano State Operational Fed. Govt.
3 Onne oil & Gas Free Zone River State Operational Under Parallel Authority
4 Tinapa Free Zone & Tourism Resort CRS Operational Private/Public
5 Snake Island Integrated Lagos Operational Private
6 Maigatari Border Free Zone Jigawa State Operational State
7 LADOL Free Zone Lagos Operational Private
8 Airline Services Export Proc. Zone Lagos State Operational Private
9 ALSCON Export Processing Zone Akwa Ibon Operational Private
10 Ogun Guangdong Free Trade Zone Ogun State Operational Public/ Private
11 Sebore Farms Export Processing Zones Adamawa State Operational Private
12 Ibom Science & Tech. Park Free Zone Akwa Ibom Under Cons. Public/Private
13 Living Spring Free Zone Osun State Under Cons. State
14 Lekki Free Zone Lagos State Under Cons. State/ Private
15 Brass LNG Free Zone Bayelsa Under Cons. Public/Private
16 Abuja Technological Village Free Zone Abuja Under Cons. Public/Private
17 Specialized Railway Industrial FTZ - Kajola Ogun State Under Cons. Public/Private
18 Imo Guangdong FTZ Imo State Under Cons. Public/Private
19 OK Free Trade Zone Ondo & Ogun Under Cons. States/ Private
20 Lagos Free Zone Lagos State Under Cons. Private
21 Kwara Free Zone Kwara State Declaration State Govt.
22 Oluyole Free Trade Zone Oyo State Declaration State Govt.
23 Koko Free Trade Zone Delta State Declaration State Govt.
24 OILSS Logistics Free Zone Lagos Declaration Private
25 Banki Border Free Zone Borno State Declaration State

The introduction of free zones has played a large role in increasing the amount of investment into Nigeria. When all the free zones are fully operational, Nigeria is projected to play a large role in expanding export-driven manufacturing activities in Africa.[1]









  • Port of Laem Chabang
  • Port of Bangkok
  • Port of Chieng Saen
  • Port of Chiang Kong
  • Port of Ranong






South Korea



United Arab Emirates




(member of the European Union)



(member of the European Union)

  • Rijeka, 1723
  • Zadar, 1922-1947 (Porto Franco della città di Zara)


(member of the European Union)


(member of the European Union)

  • Free zone of Lappeenranta (Lappeenrannan Vapaa-alue)
  • Freeport of Hanko (Hangon Vapaasatama)


(member of the European Union)

  • Free Zone of Le Verdon - Port de Bordeaux (Zone franche du Verdon — Port de Bordeaux)


(member of the European Union)

  • Freeport of Bremerhaven (Freihafen Bremerhaven)
  • Freeport of Cuxhaven (Freihafen Cuxhaven), since 1896
  • Freeport of Deggendorf (Freihafen Deggendorf), since 1989
  • Freeport of Duisburg (Freihafen Duisburg), since 1989




(member of the European Union)


(member of the European Union)

Isle of Man


(member of the European Union)


(member of the European Union)


(member of the European Union)



(member of the European Union)


  • Monaco Freeport


(member of the European Union)

  • Free Zone of Madeira - Caniçal (Zona franca da Madeira - Caniçal)


(member of the European Union)



(member of the European Union)


(member of the European Union)


Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

  • Famagusta Free Zone[11]
  • Gemikonağı Free Zone [11]

(The ports of Northern Cyprus are not registered to International Maritime Organization)


  • free port and free economic zone Odessa
    • 1819-1858
    • Trade sea port of Odessa, January 1, 2000 for 25 years

United Kingdom

(member of the European Union)[12]

The Americas


The Bahamas






Dominican republic

  • Mega Port of Punta Caucedo


Puerto Rico

  • Zona Franca Saret


  • Carrasco International Airport (Free Airport)
  • Zona Franca de Montevideo
  • Zona Franca Colonia
  • Zona Franca Rivera

United States


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