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List of children of the Presidents of the United States


List of children of the Presidents of the United States

This is a list of children of U.S. Presidents, including stepchildren, adopted children, and alleged illegitimate children. All full names with married names are given.

Presidential children have been studied individually, and as a class. As individuals, they are more often notable in their own right than most individuals: They disproportionately circulate amongst political and social leaders and the wealthier classes, and they are more likely to be scrutinized as part of celebrity culture. Additionally, as individuals they frequently have significant influence on other notable family members. So, for instance, a child who may appear otherwise non-notable as an individual may, in fact, have had a significant influence on the child's parent: acting as a sounding board, or having behavioral issues that affected the parent's beliefs or performance.

As a class, the children of presidents have also occasioned significant study. Study has generally followed two paths: The issue of what access and inclusion within the circles of power does to individuals' lives, aspirations, and outcomes;[1] and the issue of their influence on society and politics.[2]


Martha Washington

No children together. The following were raised by Washington as his own:
Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
John Parke Custis
nickname: Jacky
1751–1781 Eleanor Calvert Stepson; father was Daniel Parke Custis

Father of:

Martha Parke Custis
nickname: Patsy
1756–1773 not married Stepdaughter; father was Daniel Parke Custis
Eleanor Curtis Eleanor Parke Custis
nickname: Nelly
1779–1852 Lawrence Lewis Adopted daughter; daughter of stepson John Parke Custis
George Washington Parke Custis
nickname: Wash
1781–1857 Mary Lee Fitzhugh Legal ward; son of stepson John Parke Custis

Father of:

John and Abigail Adams

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Abigail Adams
nickname: Nabby or Amelia
July 14, 1765 – Aug. 15, 1813 William Stephens Smith Mother of:
  • William Steuben Smith
  • John Adams Smith
  • Thomas Hollis Smith
  • Caroline Amelia Smith
John Adams John Quincy Adams July 11, 1767 – February 23, 1848 Louisa Catherine Johnson 6th President of the United States, see below at John Quincy and Louisa Adams
Susanna Adams Dec. 28, 1768 – Feb. 4, 1770 no spouse Affectionately called "Suky", died aged three.
Charles Adams Charles Adams May 29, 1770 – Nov. 30, 1800 Sarah Smith Father of:
  • Susanna Boylston (1796 – 1884)
  • Abigail Louisa Smith (1798 – 1836)
Thomas Boylston Adams Sep. 15, 1772 – Mar. 13, 1832 Ann Harrod  
Elizabeth Adams July 11, 1777 no spouse stillborn

Thomas Jefferson

with Martha Jefferson

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Patsy Randolph Martha Washington Jefferson
nickname: Patsy
Sep. 27, 1772 – Oct. 10, 1836 Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr.

Mother of:

Jane Randolph Jefferson Apr. 3, 1774 – Sep. 1775 no spouse cause of death Heart-Attack
unnamed son May 28 – June 14, 1777 no spouse died in infancy
Mary Jefferson
nickname: Polly or Maria
Aug. 1, 1778 – Apr. 17, 1804 John Wayles Eppes Mother of Francis Wayles Eppes VII (1801 – 1881)
Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson (I) Nov. 3, 1780 – Apr. 15, 1781 no spouse died of an unspecified illness
Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson (II) May 8, 1782 – Oct. 13, 1784 no spouse died of "teething, worms, and whooping cough"

with Sally Hemings

Alleged children with Sally Hemings; see Jefferson DNA data
Child Lifetime Spouse Children
Thomas Jefferson Hemings
nickname: Tom
1790 – 1879 Jemima Price Father of:
Harriet Hemings (I) 1795 – 1797 no spouse died of unknown causes
Edy Hemings 1796 no spouse died in infancy
William Beverly Hemings 1798 – 1899 Darek Joseph one daughter, unknown name
Thenia Hemings 1799 – 1802 no spouse died in early childhood
Harriet Hemings (II) 1801 – unknown unknown  
James Madison Hemings 1805 – 1877 Mary Hughes McCoy  
Thomas Eston Hemings 1808 – 1856 Julia Ann Isaacs Father of John Wayles Jefferson (1835 – 1892)

James and Dolley Madison

No children together, but raised the older of Dolley's 2 sons from her first marriage:
Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
John Payne Todd John Payne Todd 1792 – 1852 no spouse raised by James Madison; father was John Todd, Jr.
William Temple Todd July 4 – Oct. 24, 1793 no spouse died in infancy

James and Elizabeth Monroe

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Elizabeth Kortright Monroe Dec. 5, 1786 – 1835 George Hay  
James Spence Monroe May 1799 – Sep. 28, 1801 no spouse died of unknown causes
Maria Hester Monroe 1803 – 1850 Samuel Laurence Gouverneur  

John Quincy and Louisa Adams

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
George Washington Adams Apr. 12, 1801 – Apr. 30, 1829 none  
John Adams II July 4, 1803 – Oct. 23, 1834 Mary Catherine Hellen  
unnamed son 1806 no spouse  
Charles Adams Charles Francis Adams Aug. 18, 1807 – Nov. 21, 1886 Abigail Brown Brooks

Father of:

Louisa Catherine Adams 1811 – 1812 no spouse died from "winter illness"

Andrew and Rachel Jackson

No biological children together, adopted two:
Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Andrew Jackson, Jr. Dec. 4, 1808 – 1865 Sarah Yorke adopted at birth; biological son of Severn Donelson
Lyncoya Jackson c. 1811 – 1828 no spouse adopted Creek Indian orphan,[3] died of tuberculosis
Andrew and Rachel also served as guardians to eight children:
Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
John Samuel Donelson before 1817 – 1817 unknown Orphaned nephews of Rachel, sons of Samuel Donelson who died in 1804
Andrew Jackson Donelson Andrew Jackson Donelson 1799–1871 Emily Tennessee Donelson
Elizabeth Martin Randolph
Daniel Smith Donelson Daniel Smith Donelson 1801–1863 Margaret Donelson
Andrew Jackson Hutchings 1812–1841 Mary Coffee Orphaned grandnephew of Rachel
Caroline Butler before 1817 – 1817 unknown Orphaned children of family friend Edward Butler
Eliza Butler unknown unknown
Edward Butler unknown unknown
Anthony Butler unknown unknown

Martin and Hannah Van Buren

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Abraham Van Buren Nov. 27, 1807 – Mar. 15, 1873 Angelica Singleton  
John Van Buren John Van Buren Feb. 10, 1810 – Oct. 13, 1866 Elizabeth Van der Poel  
Martin Van Buren, Jr. Dec. 20, 1812 – Mar. 19, 1855 no spouse  
Winfield Scott Van Buren [4] 1814  
Smith Thompson Van Buren Jan. 16, 1817 – 1876 Ellen King James
Henrietta Eckford Irving
7 children between 2 wives
unnamed daughter [5] (stillborn,
date unknown)

William Henry Harrison

with Anna Harrison

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Elizabeth Bassett Harrison
nickname: Betsy
1796 – 1846 John Cleves Short  
John Cleves Symmes Harrison 1798 – 1830 Clarissa Pike 6 children
Lucy Singleton Harrison 1800 – 1826 David K. Estes 4 children
William Henry Harrison, Jr. 1802 – 1838 Jane Findlay Irwin 2 children
John Harrison John Scott Harrison 1804 – 1878 Lucretia Knapp Johnson 3 children
Elizabeth Ramsey Irwin 10 children, including Benjamin Harrison (1833 – 1901)
Benjamin Harrison 1806 – 1840 Louisa Smith Bonner  
Mary Raney  
Mary Symmes Harrison 1809 – 1842 John Henry Fitzhugh Thornton  
Carter Bassett Harrison 1811 – 1839 Mary Anne Sutherland  
Anna Tuthill Harrison 1813 – 1865 William Henry Harrison Taylor  
James Findlay Harrison 1814 – 1819 no spouse died of unknown causes

with a slave

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Dilsia 1809 – before 1900 Unknown Daughter conceived by one of his slaves.[6]

John Tyler

with Letitia Tyler

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Mary Tyler 1815 – 1848 Henry Lightfoot Jones  
Robert Tyler 1816 – 1877 Elizabeth Priscilla Cooper  
John Tyler III 1819 – 1896 Martha Rochelle  
Letitia Tyler
nickname: Letty
1821 – 1907 James Allen Semple no children
Elizabeth Tyler
nickname: Lizzie
1823 – 1850 William Nevison Waller  
Anne Contesse Tyler 1825 no spouse died in infancy
Alice Tyler 1827 – 1854 Henry Mandeville Denison  
Tazewell Tyler 1830 – 1874 Nannie Bridges  

Alleged child with a slave

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
John Dunjee John William Dunjee 1833 – 1903 Lydia Ann Taylor allegedly the son of John Tyler; unproven as of 2011[7]

with Julia Tyler

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Gardie Tyler David Gardiner Tyler
nickname: Gardie
1846 – 1927 Mary Morris Jones  
John Alexander Tyler
nickname: Alex
1848 – 1883 Sarah Griswold Gardiner  
Julia Gardiner Tyler 1849 – 1871 William H. Spencer  
Lachlan Tyler 1851 – 1902 Georgia Webb Powell  
Lyon Tyler Lyon Gardiner Tyler 1853 – 1935 Anne Baker Tucker Father of:
  • John Tyler
  • Elizabeth Gilmour Tyler
  • Julia Gardiner Tyler
Sue Ruffin Father of:
  • Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr.
  • Harrison Ruffin Tyler
  • Henry Tyler
Robert Fitzwalter Tyler 1856 – 1927 Fannie Glenn at least 3 children
Pearl Tyler 1860 – 1947 William Munford Ellis  

James and Sarah Polk

No natural children
Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Marshall Tate Polk, Jr. 1831 – 1884 Evalina McNeal Bills Legal ward; nephew, son of brother Marshall Tate Polk

Zachary and Margaret Taylor

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Anne Margaret Mackall Taylor 1811 – 1875 Robert Crooke Wood Mother of 4 children, including John Taylor Wood (1830 – 1904)
Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor
nickname: Knox or Knoxie
1814 – 1835 Jefferson Finis Davis died from malaria as a newlywed
Octavia Pannel Taylor 1816 – 1820 no spouse died from malaria
Margaret Smith Taylor 1819 – 1820 no spouse died from malaria
Mary Elizabeth Taylor
nickname: Betty
1824 – 1909 William Wallace Smith Bliss  
Philip Pendelton Dandridge  
Richard Taylor Richard Taylor 1826 – 1879 Louise Marie Myrthe Bringier  

Millard and Abigail Fillmore

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Millard Powers Fillmore 1828 – 1889 no spouse  
Mary Abigail Fillmore
nickname: Abby
1832 – 1854 no spouse Served as Acting First Lady during her mother's illness

Franklin and Jane Pierce

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Franklin Pierce, Jr. 1836 no spouse died in infancy
Franklin Robert Pierce 1839 – 1843 no spouse died of typhus fever
Benjamin Pierce with his mother Jane Benjamin Pierce 1841 – 1853 no spouse died in train accident in front of his parents, weeks before his father was inaugurated

James Buchanan

No natural children
Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Mary Elizabeth Speer Lane 1826 – 1855 George Washington Baker Adopted daughter;
niece (daughter of sister Jane Buchanan and Elliot Tole Lane)
Harriet Lane Harriet Rebecca Lane 1830 – 1903 Henry Elliott Johnston Adopted daughter;
niece (daughter of sister Jane Buchanan and Elliot Tole Lane);
served as Acting First Lady

Mother of:

  • James Buchanan Johnston
  • Henry Elliott Johnston

Abraham and Mary Lincoln

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Robert Lincoln Robert Todd Lincoln 1843 – 1926 Mary Eunice Harlan Father of:
Eddie Lincoln Edward Baker Lincoln
nickname: Eddie
1846 – 1850 no spouse died of "chronic consumption"
Willie Lincoln William Wallace Lincoln
nickname: Willie
1850 – 1862 no spouse died from typhoid fever
Tad Lincoln Thomas Lincoln
nickname: Tad
1853 – 1871 no spouse died from tuberculosis

Andrew and Eliza Johnson

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Martha Johnson 1828 – 1901 David Trotter Patterson  
Charles Johnson 1830 – 1863 no spouse  
Mary Johnson 1832 – 1883 Daniel Stover  
William Brown
Robert Johnson 1834 – 1869 no spouse died after suicide
Andrew Johnson, Jr. 1852 – 1879 Bessie May Kumbaugh  

Ulysses and Julia Grant

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Frederick Grant Frederick Dent Grant 1850 – 1912 Ida Marie Honoré Father of:
Buck Grant Ulysses S. Grant, Jr.
nickname: Buck
1852 – 1929 Frances Josephine Chaffee Father of 5 children, including Ulysses Simpson Grant IV (1893 – 1977)
America Workman Will no children
Nellie and Jesse Grant, with Julia Grant and Frederick Dent Ellen Wrenshall Grant
nickname: Nellie
1855 – 1922 Algernon Charles Frederick Sartoris Mother of:
  • Grant Grenville Edward Sartoris (1875 – 1876)
  • Algernon Edward Sartoris (1877 – 1907)
  • Vivien May Sartoris (1879 – 1933)
  • Rosemary Alice Sartoris (1880 – 1914)
Frank Hatch Jones  
Jesse Root Grant 1858 – 1934 Elizabeth Chapman Father of two, including Chapman Grant (1887 – 1983)
Lillian Burns

Rutherford and Lucy Hayes

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Sardis Birchard Austin Hayes 1853 – 1926 Mary Nancy Sherman  
James Webb Cook Hayes 1856 – 1934 Mary Otis Brinkerhoff Miller  
Rutherford Platt Hayes 1858 – 1927 Lucy Hayes Platt  
Joseph Thompson Hayes
nickname: Jody
1861 – 1863 no spouse died of dysentery
George Crook Hayes 1864 – 1866 no spouse died of scarlet fever
Frances Hayes
nickname: Fanny
1867 – 1950 Harry Eaton Smith  
Scott Russell Hayes 1871 – 1923 Maude Anderson  
Manning Force Hayes 1873 – 1874 no spouse died in infancy

James and Lucretia Garfield

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Eliza Arabella Garfield
nickname: Trot
1860 – 1863 no spouse died of diphtheria in infancy
Hal Garfield Harry Augustus Garfield
nickname: Hal
1863 – 1942 Belle Hartford Mason  
James Garfield James Rudolph Garfield 1865 – 1950 Helen Newell Father of:
  • John Newell Garfield (1892–1931)
  • Newell Garfield (1895–1975)
  • Rudolph Hills Garfield (1899–1946)
Mollie, James, Hal, Irvin, and Abram Garfield Mary Garfield
nickname: Mollie
1867 – 1947 Joseph Stanley-Brown  
Irvin McDowell Garfield 1870 – 1951 Susan Emmons  
Abram Garfield 1872 – 1958 Sarah Granger Williams  
Helen Grannis Matthews  
Edward Garfield 1874 – 1876 no spouse died of whooping cough

Chester and Ellen Arthur

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
William Lewis Arthur 1860 – 1863 no spouse died of "convulsions"
Chester Alan Arthur II 1864 – 1937 Myra Townsend  
Rowena Graves
Ellen Herndon Arthur
nickname: Nell
1871 – 1915 Charles Pinkerton  

Grover Cleveland and Maria Halpin

See also section on Grover and Frances Cleveland
Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Oscar Folsom Cleveland 1874 – 1947 unknown alleged illegitimate child; adopted as "James E. King" into the family of James King in 1879

Benjamin Harrison

with Caroline Harrison

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Russell Benjamin Harrison 1854 – 1936 May Angeline Saunders born Russell Farnum Lord Harrison

Father of 2, including William Henry Harrison (1896 – 1990)

Mamie McKee Mary Scott Harrison
nickname: Mamie
1858 – 1930 James Robert McKee served as acting First Lady
unnamed daughter 1861 no spouse died in infancy

with Mary Harrison

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Elizabeth Harrison Walker 1897 – 1955 James Blaine Walker

Grover and Frances Cleveland

See also section on Grover Cleveland and Maria Halpin
Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Ruth Cleveland Ruth Cleveland
nickname: Baby Ruth
1891 – 1904 no spouse died of diphtheria
Esther Cleveland Esther Cleveland 1893 – 1980 William Sydney Bence Bosanquet First Presidential child to be born in the White House.
Mother of Philippa Ruth Bosanquet (1920 – 2010)
Marion Cleveland 1895 – 1977 William Stanley Dell  
John Harlan Amen
Richard Folsom Cleveland
nickname: Dick
1897 – 1974 Ellen Douglas Gailor  
Jessie Maxwell Black
Francis Grover Cleveland 1903 – 1995 Alice Erdman

William and Ida McKinley

Child Lifetime Notes
Katie McKinley Katherine McKinley
nickname: Katie
1871 – 1875 died of typhoid fever
Ida McKinley 1873 died in infancy

Theodore Roosevelt

with Alice Roosevelt

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Alice Roosevelt Alice Lee Roosevelt
nickname: Princess Alice
1884 – 1980 Nicholas Longworth IV Mother of Paulina Longworth (1925 – 1957)

with Edith Roosevelt

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Ted Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.
nickname: Ted
1887 – 1944 Eleanor Butler Alexander Father of:
Kermit Roosevelt Kermit Roosevelt 1889 – 1943 Belle Wyatt Willard Father of:
Ethel Roosevelt Ethel Carow Roosevelt 1891 – 1977 Richard Derby Mother of:
  • Richard Jr. (1914 – 1922)
  • Edith Roosevelt Derby (1917 – 2008)
  • Sarah Alden (1920 – 1999)
  • Judith Quentin Derby (1923 – 1973)
Archie Roosevelt Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt
nickname: Archie
1894 – 1979 Grace Lockwood Father of:
Quentin Roosevelt Quentin Roosevelt
nickname: Quentyquee or Quinikins
1897 – 1918 no spouse died in combat in World War I

William and Helen Taft

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Robert Taft Robert Alphonso Taft 1889 – 1953 Martha Wheaton Bowers Father of:
Helen Taft with her father Helen Herron Taft Manning 1891 – 1987 Frederick Johnson Manning Mother of:
  • Helen Taft Manning (1921– 2013)
  • Caroline Manning (1925– present)
Charles Taft with his father Charles Phelps Taft II 1897 – 1983 Eleanor Kellogg Chase Father of:
  • Eleanor Kellogg Taft
  • Sylvia Howard Taft
  • Lucia Chase Taft
  • Cynthia Herron Taft
  • Rosalyn Rawson Taft
  • Seth Chase Taft (1922 – 2013)
  • Peter Rawson Taft III

Woodrow and Ellen Wilson

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Margaret Wilson Margaret Woodrow Wilson
nickname: Nistha
1886–1944 no spouse Served as acting First Lady for a brief period
Jessie Wilson Jessie Woodrow Wilson 1887–1933 Francis Bowes Sayre  
Eleanor Wilson Eleanor Randolph Wilson 1889–1967 William Gibbs McAdoo  

Warren G. Harding

No proven biological children

with Florence Harding

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Marshall Eugene DeWolfe
nickname: Pete
1880–1915 Esther Naomi Neely stepson from Florence's first marriage, to Henry Athenton DeWolfe

with Nan Britton

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Elizabeth Ann Britton
nickname: Emma or Ann
1919–2005 Henry Edward Blaesing allegedly the daughter of Warren G. Harding; unproven as of 2011[8]

Calvin and Grace Coolidge

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
John Coolidge John Coolidge 1906–2000 Florence Trumbull Father of:
  • Cynthia Coolidge Jeter (1933–1989)
  • Lydia Coolidge Sayles (1939–2001)
Calvin Coolidge Calvin Coolidge, Jr. 1908–1924 no spouse Died of blood poisoning

Herbert and Lou Hoover

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Herbert Clark Hoover, Jr. 1903–1969 Margaret Ava Watson Served as Under Secretary of State (October 4, 1954 - February 5, 1957) in the Eisenhower Administration. Variously named as "Herbert Hoover, Jr.,"[9] "Herbert Charles Hoover,"[10] and "Herbert Clark Hoover."[11]
Allan Hoover 1907–1993 Margaret Coberly  

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes
Anna Roosevelt Anna Eleanor Roosevelt 1906–1975 Curtis Bean Dall Mother of:
Clarence John Boettiger Mother of John Roosevelt Boettiger (1939–present)
James Addison Halsted  
James Roosevelt James Roosevelt
nickname: Jimmy
1907–1991 Betsey Maria Cushing Father of Sara Delano Roosevelt (1932–present)
Romelle Theresa Schneider Father of James Roosevelt, Jr. (1945–present)
Gladys Irene Owens  
Mary Lena Winskill  
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr. (I) 1909 no spouse died as an infant
Elliott Roosevelt Elliott Roosevelt 1910–1990 Elizabeth Browning Donner Father of William Donner Roosevelt (1932–2003)
Ruth Josephine Googins Father of:
  • Ruth Chandler Roosevelt (Lindsley) (1934–present)
  • Elliott "Tony" Roosevelt Jr. (1936–present)
  • David Boynton Roosevelt (1942–present)
Faye Margaret Emerson  
Minnewa Bell  
Patricia Peabody  
Franklin Roosevelt Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr. (II) 1914–1988 Ethel du Pont Father of:
Suzanne Perrin  
Felicia Schiff Warburg  
Patricia Luisa Oakes  
Linda McKay Stevenson  
John Aspinwall Roosevelt 1916–1981 Anne Lindsay Clark Father of:
  • Haven Clark Roosevelt
  • Anne Sturgis "Nina" Roosevelt (1942–present)
  • Sara Delano "Sally" Roosevelt (1946–1960)
  • Joan Lindsay Roosevelt (1952–1997)
Irene Elder Boyd

Harry and Bess Truman

Child Lifetime Spouse Note Place of Birth
Margaret Truman Mary Margaret Truman 1924–2008 Elbert Clifton Daniel, Jr. Mother of:
  • Clifton Truman Daniel (1957–present)
  • William Wallace Daniel (1959–2000)
  • Harrison Gates Daniel (1963–present)
  • Thomas Washington Daniel (1966–present)
Independence, Missouri

Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes Place of Birth
Doud Dwight Eisenhower
nickname: Icky
1917–1921 no spouse died of scarlet fever San Antonio, Texas
John Eisenhower John Sheldon Doud Eisenhower 1922–2013 Barbara Jean Thompson

Father of:

Denver, Colorado
Joanne Thompson

John and Jackie Kennedy

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes Place of Birth
Arabella Kennedy 1956 no spouse stillborn
Caroline Kennedy Caroline Bouvier Kennedy 1957 – present Edwin Arthur Schlossberg currently the United States Ambassador to Japan

Mother of:

Manhattan, New York
John Kennedy John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr.
nickname: John-John
1960 – 1999 Carolyn Jeanne Bessette killed in an airplane crash Georgetown, D.C.
Patrick Bouvier Kennedy 1963 no spouse died after a premature birth Otis Air Force Base, Massachusetts

Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes Place of Birth
Lynda Bird Robb Lynda Bird Johnson 1944–present Charles Spittal Robb Currently the oldest living Presidential child

Mother of:

  • Lucinda Desha Robb (1968–present)
  • Catherine Lewis Robb (1970–present)
  • Jennifer Wickliffe Robb (1978–present)
Washington, D.C.
Luci Johnson Luci Baines Johnson 1947–present Patrick John Nugent Mother of:
  • Patrick Lyndon Nugent (1967–present)
  • Nicole Marie Nugent (1970–present)
  • Rebekah Johnson Nugent (1974–present)
  • Claudia Taylor Nugent (1976–present)
Washington, D.C.
Ian Johnstone Turpin

Richard and Pat Nixon

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes Place of Birth
Tricia Cox Patricia Nixon
nickname: Tricia
1946–present Edward Ridley Finch Cox Mother of Christopher Nixon Cox (1979–present) Whittier, California
Julie Eisenhower Julie Nixon 1948–present Dwight David Eisenhower II Mother of: Washington, D.C.

Gerald and Betty Ford

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes Place of Birth
Michael Ford Michael Gerald Ford 1950–present Gayle Ann Brumbaugh Father of:
  • Sarah Joyce (1979–present)
  • Rebekah Elizabeth (1982–present)
  • Hannah Gayle (1985–present)
Jack Ford John Gardner Ford
nickname: Jack
1952–present Juliann Felando Father of:
  • Christian Gerald (1997–present)
  • Jonathan August (1999–present)
Steven Ford Steven Meigs Ford 1956–present no spouse East Grand Rapids, Michigan
Susan Bales Susan Elizabeth Ford 1957–present Charles Vance Mother of:
  • Tyne Mary (1980–present)
  • Heather Elizabeth (1983–present)
Washington, D.C.
Vaden Bales

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes Place of Birth
John William Carter
nickname: Jack
1947 – present Juliet Langford Father of: Portsmouth, Virginia
Elizabeth Brasfield  
James Earl Carter III James Earl Carter III
nickname: Chip
1950 – present Caron Griffin Father of James Earl Carter IV Honolulu, Hawaii
Ginger Hodges Father of Margaret Alicia Carter
Becky Payne
Donnell Jeffrey Carter
nickname: Jeff
1952 – present Annette Jene Davis Father of:
  • Joshua Jeffrey Carter
  • Jeremy Davis Carter
  • James Carlton Carter
New London, Connecticut
Amy Carter Amy Lynn Carter 1967 – present James Gregory Wentzel Mother of Hugo James Wentzel (1999–present) Plains, Georgia

Ronald Reagan

with Jane Wyman

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes Place of Birth
Maureen Reagan 1941–2001 John Filippone   Los Angeles, California
David Sills  
Dennis C. Revell  
Michael Reagan 1945–present Pamela Gail Putnam Los Angeles, California
Colleen Sterns Father of:
  • Cameron Reagan (1978–present)
  • Ashley Reagan (1983–present)
Christine Reagan 1947 died shortly after birth

with Nancy Reagan

Child Lifetime Spouse Place of Birth
Patti Davis 1952–present Paul Grilley (1984–1990) Los Angeles, California
Ron Reagan Ron Reagan 1958–present Doria Palmieri Los Angeles, California

Barbara Bush

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes Place of Birth
George W. Bush 1946–present Laura Bush 43rd President of the United States

Father of:

New Haven, Connecticut
Pauline Robinson Bush 1949–1953 died of leukemia
John Bush John E. Bush
nickname: Jeb
1953–present Columba Bush Father of: Midland, Texas
Neil Bush Neil Bush 1955–present Sharon Smith Father of:
  • Lauren Bush (1984–present)
  • Pierce Bush (1986–present)
  • Ashley Bush (1989–present)
Midland, Texas
Maria Andrews  
Marvin Bush Marvin P. Bush 1956–present Margaret Conway Molster Father of:
  • Marshall Bush (1986–present) (adopted)
  • Walker Bush (1989–present) (adopted)
Midland, Texas
Dorothy Koch Dorothy Bush Koch
nickname: Doro
1959–present William LeBlond Mother of:
  • Sam LeBlond (1984–present)
  • Ellie LeBlond (1986–present)
Harris County, Texas
Bobby Koch Mother of:
  • Robert Koch (1993–present)
  • Gigi Koch (1996–present)

Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes Place of Birth
Chelsea Clinton Chelsea Clinton 1980 – present Marc Mezvinsky Mother of:
  • Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky (2014 - present)
Little Rock, Arkansas

Laura Bush

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes Place of Birth
Barbara Bush Barbara Pierce Bush 1981 – present Never married Dallas, Texas
Jenna Hager Jenna Bush Hager 1981 – present Henry Hager Mother of:
  • Margaret Laura Hager (2013 - present)
Dallas, Texas

Barack and Michelle Obama

Child Lifetime Spouse Notes Place of Birth
Malia Obama Malia Ann Obama 1998 – present Never married Chicago, Illinois
Sasha Obama Natasha "Sasha" Obama 2001 – present Never married Youngest living child of any President Chicago, Illinois

Living Presidential children

As of December 2013, 26 presidential children are living. In age order, they are:

The most recent presidential child to die was John Eisenhower, on December 21, 2013.


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