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List of Ultras of Central America

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Title: List of Ultras of Central America  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Central America-related lists, Buddhism in Central America, Central American crisis, Central American music, Central Highlands (Central America)
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List of Ultras of Central America

The following is a sortable table of the 22 ultra-prominent mountain peaks of Central America. This article defines Central America as the seven nations of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Topographic elevation is the vertical distance above the reference geoid, a precise mathematical model of the Earth's sea level as an equipotential gravitational surface. Topographic prominence is the elevation difference between the summit and the highest or key col to a higher summit. Topographic isolation is the minimum great circle distance to a point of higher elevation.

This article defines a significant summit as a summit with at least 100 meters (328.1 feet) of topographic prominence, and a major summit as a summit with at least 500 meters (1640.4 feet) of topographic prominence. An ultra-prominent summit is a summit with at least 1500 meters (4921.3 feet) of topographic prominence.

Of these 22 ultra-prominent summits of Central America, 7 are located in Honduras, 6 in Guatemala, 4 in El Salvador, 3 in Costa Rica, 2 in Nicaragua, and 1 in Panama. Cerro El Pital straddles the border between Honduras and El Salvador.

Most prominent summits

The 22 ultra-prominent mountain peaks of Central America

Rank Mountain Peak Country Province Elevation Prominence Isolation
1 Volcán Tajumulco[1] PB  Guatemala San Marcos !B2147483647 4220 m
13,845 ft
!B2147483647 3980 m
13,058 ft
!B2147483647 722 km
448 mi
2 Chirripó Grande[2] PB  Costa Rica Cartago
San José
!B2147483647 3819 m
12,530 ft
!B2147483647 3726 m
12,224 ft
!B2147483647 864 km
537 mi
3 Montaña de Santa Bárbara PB  Honduras Santa Bárbara !B2147483647 2744 m
9,003 ft
!B2147483647 2084 m
6,837 ft
!B2147483647 74 km
46 mi
4 Cerro las Minas[3] PB  Honduras Lempira !B2147483647 2849 m
9,347 ft
!B2147483647 2069 m
6,788 ft
!B2147483647 130 km
81 mi
5 Volcán de Agua PB  Guatemala Escuintla
!B2147483647 3761 m
12,339 ft
!B2147483647 1981 m
6,499 ft
!B2147483647 16 km
10 mi
6 Alto Cuchumatanes PB  Guatemala Huehuetenango !B2147483647 3837 m
12,589 ft
!B2147483647 1877 m
6,158 ft
!B2147483647 65 km
40 mi
7 Volcán Irazú PB  Costa Rica Cartago
San José
!B2147483647 3402 m
11,161 ft
!B2147483647 1872 m
6,142 ft
!B2147483647 48 km
30 mi
8 Montañas Peña Blanca High Point PB  Guatemala Huehuetenango !B2147483647 3518 m
11,542 ft
!B2147483647 1858 m
6,096 ft
!B2147483647 42 km
26 mi
9 Volcán Acatenango PB  Guatemala Chimaltenango
!B2147483647 3975 m
13,041 ft
!B2147483647 1835 m
6,020 ft
!B2147483647 126 km
78 mi
10 Volcán San Miguel PB  El Salvador San Miguel !B2147483647 2131 m
6,991 ft
!B2147483647 1831 m
6,007 ft
!B2147483647 64 km
40 mi
11 Cerro Tacarcuna PB  Panama Darién !B2147483647 1875 m
6,152 ft
!B2147483647 1770 m
5,807 ft
!B2147483647 99 km
61 mi
12 Volcán Atitlán PB  Guatemala Sololá !B2147483647 3537 m
11,604 ft
!B2147483647 1754 m
5,755 ft
!B2147483647 35 km
21 mi
13 Pico Bonito PB  Honduras Atlántida !B2147483647 2450 m
8,038 ft
!B2147483647 1710 m
5,610 ft
!B2147483647 152 km
95 mi
14 Montaña San Ildefonso PB  Honduras Cortés !B2147483647 2242 m
7,356 ft
!B2147483647 1702 m
5,584 ft
!B2147483647 68 km
42 mi
15 Volcán San Cristóbal PB  Nicaragua Chinandega !B2147483647 1745 m
5,725 ft
!B2147483647 1665 m
5,463 ft
!B2147483647 134 km
83 mi
16 Volcán de Santa Ana PB  El Salvador Santa Ana
!B2147483647 2362 m
7,749 ft
!B2147483647 1602 m
5,256 ft
!B2147483647 70 km
44 mi
17 Volcán Concepción PB  Nicaragua Rivas !B2147483647 1610 m
5,282 ft
!B2147483647 1579 m
5,180 ft
!B2147483647 70 km
43 mi
18 Pico Pijol PB  Honduras Yoro !B2147483647 2320 m
7,612 ft
!B2147483647 1578 m
5,177 ft
!B2147483647 66 km
41 mi
19 Volcán de San Vicente PB  El Salvador La Paz
San Vicente
!B2147483647 2182 m
7,159 ft
!B2147483647 1562 m
5,125 ft
!B2147483647 90 km
56 mi
20 Volcán Miravalles PB  Costa Rica Alajuela
!B2147483647 2028 m
6,654 ft
!B2147483647 1533 m
5,030 ft
!B2147483647 103 km
64 mi
21 Cerro el Pital[4] PB  El Salvador
!B2147483647 2730 m
8,957 ft
!B2147483647 1530 m
5,020 ft
!B2147483647 49 km
30 mi
22 Montaña los Comayagua PB  Honduras Comayagua !B2147483647 2407 m
7,897 ft
!B2147483647 1507 m
4,944 ft
!B2147483647 81 km
50 mi


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  1. ^ The summit of Volcán Tajumulco is the highest point of the Republic of Guatemala and all of Central America.
  2. ^ The summit of Chirripó Grande is the highest point of the Republic of Costa Rica.
  3. ^ The summit of Cerro las Minas is the highest point of the Republic of Honduras.
  4. ^ The summit of Cerro el Pital on the international border with Honduras is the highest point of the Republic of El Salvador.

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