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List of Ministers-President of Saxony

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Title: List of Ministers-President of Saxony  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Saxony, History of Saxony, Wilhelm Buck, Manfred Freiherr von Killinger, Erich Zeigner
Collection: History of Saxony, Lists of Political Office-Holders in Germany
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List of Ministers-President of Saxony

Leaders of the Government (Vorsitzende des Gesamtministeriums) in the Kingdom of Saxony from 1831 to 1918 and Ministers-President (Ministerpräsidenten) of the Free State of Saxony since 1918 are listed below.

Ministers-President of the Kingdom of Saxony

Ministers-President of the Free State of Saxony

Political Party:


Portrait Name
Term of Office Political Party
Took Office Left Office Days
Richard Lipinski
15 November 1918 21 January 1919 67 Independent Social Democrats
Georg Gradnauer
21 January 1919 4 May 1920 469 Social Democrats
Wilhelm Buck
4 May 1920 21 March 1923 1051 Social Democrats
Erich Zeigner
21 March 1923 29 October 1923 222 Social Democrats
Rudolf Heinze
Reichskommissar 2 German People's Party
29 October 1923 31 October 1923
Alfred Karl Fellisch
31 October 1923 4 January 1924 65 Social Democrats
Max Heldt
4 January 1924 26 June 1929 2000 Social Democrats
(until 1926)
Old Social Democrats
(from 1926)
Wilhelm Bünger
26 June 1929 18 February 1930 237 German People's Party
Walther Schieck
6 May 1930 10 March 1933 1039 German People's Party
Manfred Freiherr von Killinger
Reichkomissar 56 National Socialist German Workers' Party
10 March 1933 5 May 1933
Ministerpräsidenten 664
5 May 1933 28 February 1935
Martin Mutschmann
Reichsstatthalter 4385 National Socialist German Workers' Party
5 May 1933 7 May 1945
Ministerpräsidenten 3721
28 February 1935 7 May 1945
Rudolf Friedrichs
4 July 1945 13 June 1947 709 Social Democratic Party of Germany
(until 1946)
Socialist Unity Party of Germany
(from 1946)
Max Seydewitz
31 July 1947 23 July 1952 1819 Socialist Unity Party of Germany
From 23 July 1952 until 8 November 1990, Free State of Saxony was abolished.
Kurt Biedenkopf
(born 1930)
8 November 1990 18 April 2002 4179 Christian Democratic Union of Germany
Georg Milbradt
(born 1945)
18 April 2002 28 May 2008 2232 Christian Democratic Union of Germany
Stanislaw Tillich
(born 1959)
28 May 2008 Incumbent 2759 Christian Democratic Union of Germany

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