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Israel at the 1968 Summer Olympics


Israel at the 1968 Summer Olympics

Israel at the Olympic Games

Flag of Israel
IOC code  ISR
NOC The Olympic Committee of Israel
Website (Hebrew) (English)
At the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City
Competitors 31 in 4 sports
Flag bearer Gershon Shefa[1]
Medals Gold
Olympic history (summary)
Summer Games
Winter Games

Israel competed at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Mexico.[2]


  • Results by event 1
    • Athletics 1.1
    • Football 1.2
    • Shooting 1.3
    • Swimming 1.4
  • References 2

Results by event


Event Participant Result Ref
50 km walk Shaul Ladany 24th place
Time: 5.1.6.
400 meter women Hana Shezifi 7th in 3rd elimination heat
Time: 56.3
800 meter women Hana Shezifi 6th in 2nd elimination head
Time: 2:09.2


Group C Roster Quarter-final roster Result Ref
Lost in Quarter Final to Bulgaria.


Event Participant Result Ref
50 m Rifle - Prone position: Nehemia Sikra 28th
Henry Herscovici 45th
50 m Pistol Michael Marton 47th
50 m Rifle - Three positions Henry Herscovici 41st
Zelig Shtroh 51st


Gender Event Participant Result Ref
Men's 200 m freestyle Amnon Krauz 5th in 2nd elimination heat
Time: 2:01.6
100 m freestyle Amnon Krauz 6th in 9th elimination heat
Time: 57.2
100 m breaststroke Johan Kende 6th in 5th elimination heat
Time: 1:12.3
200 m breaststroke Gershon Shefa 7th in 3rd elimination heat
Johan Kende 8th in 4th elimination heat
100 m butterfly Abraham Melamed 4th in semi-finals
Time: 59.6
200 m butterfly Abraham Melamed 3rd in 1st elimination heat
Gershon Shefa 5th in 6th elimination heat
Women's 100 m breaststroke Shlomit Nir 3rd in 2nd elimination heat
Time: 1:20.9
200 m breaststroke Shlomit Nir 5th in 3rd elimination heat
100 m butterfly Yvonne Tobis 3rd in 3rd elimination heat
Time: 1:12.0
200 m individual medley Yvonne Tobis 4th in 1st elimination heat
Time: 2:41.0
400 m individual medley Yvonne Tobis 6th in 4th elimination heat


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