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Interstate 70 in Indiana


Interstate 70 in Indiana


Route information
Length: 156.60 mi[1] (252.02 km)
Existed: 1956 (completed in 1992) – present
Major junctions
West end: I-70 / US 40 at Illinois state line
  I-74 / I-465 in Indianapolis
I-65 in Indianapolis
I-465 / I-69 in Indianapolis
East end: I‑70 / US 35 at Ohio state line
Highway system


SR 69 SR 70

In the U.S. state of Indiana, Interstate 70 (I-70) travels east–west across the state passing through the capital of Indianapolis. I-70 crosses from Illinois into Indiana near Terre Haute and departs into Ohio at Richmond. It covers 156.60 miles (252.02 km) in Indiana, paralleling U.S. Route 40 (US 40), the old National Road.

I-70 shield in the state of Indiana


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Route description

The Indiana portion of I-70 begins at the Illinois state line west of Terre Haute. Heading east, I-70 crosses the Wabash River soon after entering the state. US 40 travels concurrent with I-70 briefly before breaking off and traveling north of the interstate into the center of the city. The interstate crosses through the south side of Terre Haute, where it has an interchange with US 41/US 150. Just outside the city to the east, I-70 passes near Terre Haute International Airport before continuing onward to the east-northeast through rural lands towards Indianapolis. This stretch of I-70 does not have any interchanges with any significant cities until it reaches the Indianapolis metropolitan area, but it does pass within proximity of Greencastle.

Entering the Indianapolis area, I-70 passes through the southern reaches of Plainfield in Hendricks County, home to many logistics and warehousing companies. Shortly thereafter, it enters Marion County and the City of Indianapolis, passing just to the south of the Indianapolis International Airport, where the freeway now serves as the passenger terminal's main vehicular access point. Just beyond the airport, I-70 has an interchange with the I-465 beltway for the first of two times. Curving northeast, then east, the interstate then crosses the White River, passing just south of Lucas Oil Stadium and downtown Indianapolis before reaching I-65.

Westbound sign for the north split between I-65 and I-70

Turning north, the next section of I-70 along the east side of downtown Indianapolis travels concurrent with I-65. The two major interchanges at either end of this concurrency are often referred to as the "North Split" and the "South Split", forming the eastern leg of a section of freeways and surface streets locally known as the "Inner Loop" (as opposed to the "Outer Loop" of the I-465 beltway). The north split is also called the "Spaghetti Bowl" due to the visual complexity of the overlapping freeways, ghost ramps, and overpasses that were originally intended as a connection to a never-built portion of I-69. Upon leaving I-65 at the north split, I-70 reaches a maximum width of ten lanes (five in each direction) as it departs downtown Indianapolis toward the east-northeast. On the east side of town, I-70 again intersects with the I-465 beltway before departing the city, county, and metro area in a nearly due-east direction towards Ohio.

The portion of I-70 east of Indianapolis has been designated as the "Anton Tony Hulman, Jr. Memorial Way". Tony Hulman is most known for rescuing the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1945 and making the Indianapolis 500 popular. This stretch of I-70 does not have any interchanges with any significant cities until it reaches Richmond, but it does pass within proximity of both Greenfield and New Castle. On the northwest side of Richmond, US 35 joins I-70 and remains on the freeway as both routes jointly cross into Ohio. It also has an interchange with US 27 providing access to Richmond south of the interstate. On the east side of Richmond, US 40 intersects with I-70 immediately to the west of the Ohio state line.

Changes in the route

Between 2003 and 2005, I-70 was rebuilt about 1,000 feet (300 m) south of its original alignment on the western edge of Indianapolis. This reconstruction was done to allow expansion of runways at Indianapolis International Airport.[2]

Exit list

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Popular culture

  • The sign to I-70 in Indianapolis is shown at the beginning of the intro for One Day at a Time.


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External links

Vigo Sugar Creek Township 0.00 0.00 I-70 west / US 40 west – Effingham, St. Louis Illinois state line
1.07 1.72 1 National RoadWest Terre Haute, Terre Haute eastbound exit and westbound entrance
3.40 5.47 3 Darwin Road – West Terre Haute
Terre Haute 6.84 11.01 7 US 41 / US 150 – Terre Haute, Evansville
11.18 17.99 11 US 40 east to SR 42 / SR 46 east – Bloomington, Terre Haute, Riley, Terre Haute International Airport Eastern end of US 40 concurrency; western terminus of SR 46
Clay Posey Township
Jackson Township
22.57 36.32 23 SR 59 – Brazil, Linton
Putnam Cloverdale Township 37.09 59.69 37 SR 243 – Putnamville
Cloverdale 41.11 66.16 41 US 231 – Cloverdale, Greencastle
Morgan Adams Township 50.65 81.51 51 County Road 1100 West
Hendricks Liberty Township 59.21 95.29 59 SR 39 – Belleville, Monrovia
}}Indiana}} Morgan
No major junctions
No major junctions
Hendricks Plainfield 66.22 106.57 66 SR 267 – Plainfield, Mooresville
68.32 109.95 68 Ameriplex Parkway, Ronald Reagan Parkway – Indianapolis International Airport access road Signed as exits 68A (south) and 68B (north) eastbound
Marion Indianapolis 72.75 117.08 69-
I-74 / I-465 / US 36 / US 40 to I-69 Signed as exits 69 (east/south) and 73 (west/north) eastbound and exits 73A (east/south) and 73B (west/north) westbound; exits 68 and 69/73 are connected to each other via collector/distributor lanes
74.53 119.94 75 Sam Jones Expressway to Raymond Street Directional access (eastbound to eastbound and westbound to westbound) only; Raymond Street signed eastbound only
76.38 122.92 77 Holt Road
78.42 126.20 78 Harding Street
79.47 127.89 79A West Street
80.01 128.76 79B Illinois Street, Meridian Street Eastbound exit and westbound entrance for Illinois Street; complete access to Meridian Street
80.72 129.91 80 I-65 south – Louisville Western end of I–65 concurrency
80.77 129.99 110A East Street Westbound exit only
81.01 130.37 83A Fletcher Avenue Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; entrance via Virginia Avenue and Calvary Street
81.51 131.18 111 Washington Street Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
81.69 131.47 83A Ohio Street Westbound exit only
81.78 131.61 83A New York Street, Michigan Street Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
82.20 132.29 83B I-65 north – Chicago Eastern end of I–65 concurrency
84.33 135.72 85 Rural Street south, Keystone Avenue north Signed as exits 85A (south) and 85B (north)
86.20 138.73 87 Emerson Avenue
88.47 142.38 89 Shadeland Avenue Connected to exit 90 via collector-distributor lanes
89.04 143.30 90 I-465 / I-69 / US 31 / US 36 / US 52 / US 421 / SR 37 / SR 67 Signed as exit 89 eastbound
90.38 145.45 91 Post Road
Hancock Mount Comfort 95.61 153.87 96 Mount Comfort Road
Greenfield 103.31 166.26 104 SR 9 – Maxwell, Greenfield
Henry Wayne Township 114.93 184.96 115 SR 109 – Wilkinson, Knightstown
Spiceland TownshipFranklin Township 122.68 197.43 123 SR 3 – New Castle, Spiceland
Dudley Township 130.62 210.21 131 Wilbur Wright Road
Wayne Jackson Township
Harrison Township
136.92 220.35 137 SR 1 – Hagerstown, Connersville, Cambridge City
Center Township 144.88 233.16 145 Centerville Road
Richmond 148.64–
149 US 35 north to SR 38 / Williamsburg Pike – Muncie Signed as exits 149A (east/south) and 149B (west/north); western end of US 35 concurrency
150.67 242.48 151 US 27 (Chester Boulevard) – Winchester
152.24 245.01 153 SR 227 – Union City
155.56 250.35 156 US 40 (National Road) – Lewisburg Signed as exits 156A (west) and 156B (east)
156.60 252.02 I‑70 / US 35 – Dayton, Columbus Ohio state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
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Interstate 70
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