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Indore Junction BG

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Title: Indore Junction BG  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Gandhinagar, Guwahati, Akola, Dewas, Chittorgarh, Surajpur, Village on Wheels, Rau, Rajputana-Malwa Railway, Malwa Express
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Indore Junction BG

Indore Junction
Indian Railway Station
The Main Entrance of the Station
Station statistics
Address Siyaganj, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Connections Taxi Stand, Auto Stand
Platforms 5
Tracks 8
Parking Available
Baggage check Not Available
Other information
Opened 1921
Electrified 2012
Station code INDB
Owned by Indian Railways
Fare zone Western Railway
Waiting Room, Dormitory/Retiring Rooms, Baggage Room, Refreshment, ATM

Indore Junction BG (Hindi: इंदौर जंक्शन बी जी, Urdu:اندور جنکشن بڑی لائن, Marathi:इंदूर विशाल, Gujarati:ઇન્દોર જંકશન બી.જી.) (Station Code : INDB), is the main railway junction station of Indore City in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Structure and Location

The railway station of Indore Junction BG is located on Broad Gauge line. It consists of 4 main railway platforms.The Ujjain-Indore route and Indore Junction were recently electrified. It is well sheltered and furnished meeting up the passengers all the needs as follows:

  • 10 Reservation Class Waiting Rooms
  • 6 General Waiting Rooms
  • 3 AC SPECIAL Waiting Room
  • 35 Reserved Computerised Ticket Counter
  • 14 Un-Reserved Computerised Ticket Counters
  • 10 Local manual and Un-Reserved Ticket Counter
  • 6 ATMs and Banking Facility provided by State Bank of Indore

, State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, Bank of Rajasthan & State Bank of Travancore.

  • E-ticket Cafe
  • Internet Cafe
  • 7 Food Plaza
  • 5 Railway Restaurants
    • Two in platform no.1 (MG).
    • One in platform no.2 (MG),
    • One in platform no.3 (BG),
    • One in platform no.4 (BG),
    • One in platform no.5 (BG).
  • Coaching Centre of Railways
  • STD telephone booths
  • 8 Emergency Exit Doors
  • 12 Shop Cum. Complex
  • Toilets and Sanitation
  • Post Office
  • Shopping Complex
  • Railway Garden
  • Gumsel House
  • Rain Basera (Mini Waiting Rooms)
  • Emergency Lockers

The Station is located 1 km away from the city centre. It is an ISO CERTIFIED STATION OF INDIA.


The Indore Junction BG is a broad gauge station so is the name. Its route is connected with Ujjain Junction to the north west, Indore Mhow to the south, Dewas Junction to the north and Khandwa Junction to the south east. Within state, it is well connected to Bhopal, Ujjain, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Katni, Khandwa, Ratlam and Bina. It is also well connected with some of the major cities of India such as

, Chandigarh

, Kacheguda (Hyderabad)

Indore still lacks direct trains for the states of

There are always talks by the rail authorities to launch the direct services to these states but are never approved in the rail budget.

Important Trains

The following trains run from Indore Jn. BG :

Super Fast Trains

  • 12228/12227 Indore -Mumbai Duronto Express (Friday & Sunday/Thursday & Saturday)
  • 12415/12416 Indore - Hazrat Nizamuddin Intercity Express (Daily)
  • 12465/12466 Ranthambore Express between Indore and Jodhpur (Daily)
  • 12913/12914 Indore Tri Shatabdi Express between Indore and Nagpur (Sunday/Tuesday)
  • 12919/12920 Malwa Express between Indore and Jammu Tawi (Daily)
  • 12923/12924 Indore - Nagpur Express (Tuesday/Thursday)
  • 12962/12961 Avantika Express between Indore and Mumbai (Daily)
  • 12973/12974 Indore - Jaipur Express (Monday, Saturday/Monday, Saturday)
  • 22185/22186 Indore - Bhopal AC Double Decker Intercity Express (Daily)
  • 22187/22188 Indore - Bhopal AC Double Decker Non - Stop Express
  • 22911/22912 Indore - Howrah Shipra Express (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday/Monday, Wednesday, Saturday)

Mail/Express Trains

  • 11125/11126 Indore - Gwalior Intercity Express (Daily)
  • 11471/11472 Indore - Jabalpur Express (Daily)
  • 11701/11702 Indore - Jabalpur Intercity Express (Monday, Wednesday & Friday/Monday, Wednesday & Friday)
  • 11703/11704 Indore - Rewa Intercity Express (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday/Sunday, Thursday & Saturday)
  • 14317/14318 Indore - Dehradun Express (Sunday, Saturday/Sunday, Saturday)
  • 16325/16326 Ahilyanagari Express between Indore and Trivandrum (Monday/Monday)
  • 19301/19302 Indore - Bangalore Express (Sunday/Thursday)
  • 19309/19310 Shanti Express between Indore and Gandhinagar (Daily)
  • 19311/19312 Indore - Pune Express (Monday, Thursday, Friday/Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)
  • 19313/19314 Indore - Patna Express (Wednesday/Saturday)
  • 19323/19324 Indore - Bhopal Intercity Express (Daily)
  • 19703/19704 Indore - Kota Intercity Express (Daily)
  • 21125/21126 Indore - Bhind Express (Tuesday, Friday, Saturday / Monday, Thursday, Saturday)

Express Trains

  • 19321/19322 Indore - Rajendra Nagar Via. Faizabad Express (Tuesday/Saturday)
  • 19325/19326 Indore - Amritsar Express (Tuesday, Friday/Monday, Friday)
  • 19711/19712 Indore - Jaipur Express Via. Ajmer (Daily)
  • 19657/19658 Indore - Udaipur City Express (Daily)

Express/Passenger Trains

Fast Passenger Trains

  • 59387/59388 Indore - Nagda Passenger (Daily)
  • 59389/59390 Indore - Bhopal Passenger (Daily)

Passenger Trains

  • 52967/52968 Indore - Mhow Passenger
  • 59379/59380 Indore - Maksi Passenger
  • 59307/59308 Indore - Ujjain Passenger

New trains waiting to be flagged off

  • Indore - Chandigarh Express (Weekly)

Suburban Trains

Indore Suburban Railway System

The Indore Suburban Railway is a commuter rail system serving the Indore Metropolitan Region. It is operated by Indian Railways' zonal Western Railways (WR). It has the highest passenger density of any urban railway system in Madhya Pradesh. The trains plying on its routes are commonly referred to as local trains or simply as locals.

Indore is the centre of an extensive radial commuter railway network which is serving the surrounding metropolitan area. In contrast to the more developed regional network in Ratlam, only two rail lines currently cross Indore: the Metre gauge route passes through the city centre with services running between the northern and southern suburbs, and between the more distant towns of Ujjain in the north and Khandwa on the south.


The railway station of Indore is always "un-touched" in every railway budget. Despite of heavy passenger traffic, there are no actions on demands of the people such as starting new services:

  • Indore-New Delhi Rajdhani Express (via. Nagda, Kota) 4 days a Week (Indore Rajdhani)
  • Indore-Chandigarh/Kalka Express Bi-Weekly (via. Bhopal)
  • Indore-Lucknow Daily Super Fast Express (via. Maksi-Guna)
  • Indore-Gorakhpur Bi-Weekly Express (via. Bhopal-Kanpur)
  • Indore-Howrah BI Weekly AC cum Non AC Duronto (via. Bhopal, Khandwa, Bhusawal)
  • Indore-Bikaner Bi-Weekly Express
  • Indore-Kolhapur (via. Vasai Road, Kalyan) Tri Weekly Express
  • Indore-Madgaon Express Tri-Weekly (via. Ratlam)
  • Indore-Bangalore SuperFast Tri weekly Express(via. Ratlam)
  • Indore-Mysore SuperFast Express (via. Ratlam-Surat) Weekly
  • Indore-Tirunelveli Super Fast Express Weekly
  • Indore- Kanyakuamri SuperFast (via. Ratlam, Madgon, Mangalore,Trivandrum ) Weekly
  • Indore-Chennai Superfast Express (Via. Bhopal)
  • Indore-Tirupati SuperFast Weekly
  • Indore-Secunderabad Superfast Express (Via. Bhopal) (Daily)
  • Indore-Puri SuperFast (Via. Ujjain, Bhopal, Katni) Bi Weekly
  • Indore-Guwahati Supefast Express (Via. Bhopal, Jabalpur) Bi Weekly
  • Indore-Bhopal-Lucknow --- Indore Mail / Lucknow Mail
  • Indore-Bhopal Jan Shatabdi Express
  • Indore-Rewa Express Daily (via. Bhopal - Bina - Katni)
  • Indore-Ambikapur Tri-Weekly Express (via. Bhopal - Nagpur - Raipur - Bilaspur)
  • Indore-Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express
  • Indore-Hazrat Nizamuddin Tri-Weekly Garib Rath Express
  • Indore-Varanasi Express (via. Jabalpur) Tri Weekly
  • Indore-Bandra Terminus Superfast Express (Tri Weekly) <<< Should run as a backup for avantika and should have more concentration on SL coach)
  • Indore - Pune - Jabalpur Superfast Express (via. Bhopal, Nagpur) : on RSA

22138 Indore - Pune Weekly Superfast Express via. Bhopal, Nagpur (Sunday morning), 22139 Pune - Jabalpur Bi-Weekly SuperFast via. Nagpur (Monday & Wednesday morning), 22140 Jabalpur - Pune Bi-Weekly SuperFast (Tuesday & Thursday morning), 22137 Pune - Indore Weekly SuperFast via. Nagpur (Saturday morning)

While few trains needs extension and Change in frequency such as:

  • Indore-Amritsar Express should run Tri-Weekly (via. Guna) and Tri-Weekly (via. Bhopal - Jhansi)
  • Ujjain-Indore-Dehradun Ujjaini Express should be extended to Indore as a Superfast train and run Daily instead of Bi -Weekly as Indore-Dehradun Express and Bi-Weekly as Ujjain-Dehradun Express.
  • Indore-Jaipur Express should run Daily.
  • Indore-Pune Express should run Daily.
  • Indore-Howrah Shipra Express should run with a pantry car and additional coaches.
  • Indore-Gandhinagar Shanti Express should be converetd to Superfast and also should be extended till Veraval and Bhuj on alternate days and 5 More Sleeper Coaches and 1-3A and 1-2A should be increased
  • Indore-Nagpur Tri Shatabi should run daily and alternate days should run via. Ujjain and Maksi

Other stations in Indore

The city of Indore has 9 other railway stations which are:

Station Name Station Code Railway Zone Total Platforms
Indore Junction MG INDM West Central Railway 4
Indore Lakshmibai Nagar ILBN Western Railway 3
Indore Rajendra Nagar RJQ Western Railway 3
Indore Lokmanya Nagar ILN Western Railway 2
Indore Mhow MHOW Western Railway 2
Indore Rau RAU Western Railway 2
Indore New Rajendra Nagar Terminus RNT Western Railway 2
Indore Saifi Nagar SFN Western Railway 1
Indore Patalpani PTP Western Railway 1


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