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Fencing at the 1968 Summer Olympics

At the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, eight events in fencing were contested. Men competed in both individual and team events for each of the three weapon types (épée, foil and sabre), but women competed only in foil events.[1]


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Medal summary

Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's épée  Gyözö Kulcsar
Hungary (HUN)
 Grigory Kriss
Soviet Union (URS)
 Gianluigi Saccaro
Italy (ITA)
Men's team épée  Hungary (HUN)
Csaba Fenyvesi
Zoltan Nemere
Pál Schmitt
Gyözö Kulcsar
Pal Nagy
 Soviet Union (URS)
Grigory Kriss
Iosif Vitebsky
Aleksei Nikanchikov
Yuri Smolyakov
Viktor Modzalevsky
 Poland (POL)
Bogdan Andrzejewski
Michał Butkiewicz
Bogdan Gonsior
Henryk Nielaba
Kazimierz Barburski
Men's foil  Ion Drîmbă
Romania (ROU)
 Jenö Kamuti
Hungary (HUN)
 Daniel Revenu
France (FRA)
Men's team foil  France (FRA)
Daniel Revenu
Gilles Berolatti
Christian Noël
Jean-Claude Magnan
Jacques Dimont
 Soviet Union (URS)
German Sveshnikov
Yuri Sharov
Vasili Stankovich
Viktor Putyatin
Yuri Sisikin
 Poland (POL)
Witold Woyda
Zbigniew Skrudlik
Ryszard Parulski
Egon Franke
Adam Lisewski
Men's sabre  Jerzy Pawłowski
Poland (POL)
 Mark Rakita
Soviet Union (URS)
 Tibor Pézsa
Hungary (HUN)
Men's team sabre  Soviet Union (URS)
Vladimir Nazlymov
Viktor Sidyak
Eduard Vinokurov
Mark Rakita
Umar Mavlikhanov
 Italy (ITA)
Wladimiro Calarese
Michele Maffei
Cesare Salvadori
Pierluigi Chicca
Rolando Rigoli
 Hungary (HUN)
Tamás Kovács
Janos Kalmar
Peter Bakonyi
Miklos Meszena
Tibor Pézsa
Women's foil  Elena Novikova-Belova
Soviet Union (URS)
 Pilar Roldán
Mexico (MEX)
 Ildikó Újlaky-Rejtő
Hungary (HUN)
Women's team foil  Soviet Union (URS)
Aleksandra Zabelina
Tatyana Samusenko
Elena Novikova-Belova
Galina Gorokhova
Svetlana Tširkova
 Hungary (HUN)
Lidia Dömölki-Sakovics
Ildikó Bóbis
Ildikó Újlaky-Rejtő
Maria Jarmy
Paula Marosi-Foldesi
 Romania (ROU)
Ecaterina Iencic-Stahl
Ileana Gyulai-Drimba-Jenei
Maria Vicol
Olga Orban-Szabo
Ana Dersidan-Ene-Pascu

Medal table

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Soviet Union (URS) 3 4 0 7
2  Hungary (HUN) 2 2 3 7
3  Poland (POL) 1 0 2 3
4  France (FRA) 1 0 1 2
 Romania (ROU) 1 0 1 2
6  Italy (ITA) 0 1 1 2
7  Mexico (MEX) 0 1 0 1

Participating nations

A total of 275 fencers (217 men and 58 women) from 34 nations competed at the Mexico City Games:[1]


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