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Danish Defence

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Title: Danish Defence  
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Subject: Military of the European Union, Military of Greece, Latvian National Armed Forces, Military of Slovakia, Slovenian Armed Forces
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Danish Defence

on_(Denmark)" id="whe_lnki_68" title="Defence Estates & Infrastucture Organisation (Denmark)">Defence Estates & Infrastructure Organisation ((Danish): Forsvarets Bygnings- og etablissementstjeneste (FBE))
  • Danish Armed Forces Health Services ((Danish): Forsvarets Sundhedstjeneste (FSU))
  • Royal Danish Defence College ((Danish): Forsvarsakademiet (FAK))
  • Home Guard Command ((Danish): Hjemmeværnskommandoen (HJVK))
  • Defence Intelligence Service ((Danish): Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste (FE)) (intl. abb: DDIS)
  • Judge Advocate Corps ((Danish): Forsvarets Auditørkorps (FAUK))
  • Defence Internal Auditor ((Danish): Forsvarets Interne Revision (FIR))
  • Emergency Management Agency ((Danish): Beredskabsstyrelsen (BRS)) (intl. abb: DEMA)
  • Administration of Conscientious Objector ((Danish): Militærnægteradministrationen (MNA))
  • Special forces

    Current deployments

    Current deployment of Danish forces:


    Technically all Danish 18-year-old males are conscripts (37,897 in 2010), and 53% (2010) were considered suitable for duty.[11] There is no need for all of them so only a few of them serve (4200 in 2012). Between ninety-six and ninety-nine percent of the conscripts have been volunteers in the past three years.[12] There were additionally 567 female volunteers in 2010, who pass training on "conscript-like" conditions.[13]

    Conscripts in the Danish Defence (army, navy and air force) generally serve four months,[14][15] except:

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