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Alief Independent School District


Alief Independent School District

Alief Independent School District
Logo of Alief Independent School District
Preparing Students for Tomorrow -- Caring for Them Today
4250 Cook Rd.
Houston, Texas[1]

ESC Region 4[2]
District information
Type Independent school district
Grades Pre-K through 12
Superintendent H. Chambers[2]
Schools 46 (2009-10)[1]
District ID 4807830[1]
Students and staff
Students 45,768 (2010-11)[2]
Teachers 3,080.77 (2009-10)[1] (on full-time equivalent (FTE) basis)
Student-teacher ratio 14.8 (2009-10)[1]
Other information
TEA District Accountability Rating for 2011-12 Recognized[3]
Website Alief ISD
Alief Independent School District headquarters

Alief Independent School District is a school district that is based in southwest Houston, Texas, United States.

Alief ISD, which covers 36.6 square miles (94.8 km2) of land, covers a small portion of southwest Houston and parts of unincorporated Harris County. In Houston, Alief ISD serves the Alief community, almost all of the district of Westchase, Keegan's Glen, Leawood, Ashford Park, Bellaire West, and Royal Oaks Country Club. It also serves a small portion of Brays Oaks. In unincorporated Harris County, Alief ISD serves Wingate, portions of the Mission Bend CDP, and Enclave Crescent Park Village [39]. The Alief ISD area is a part of the Houston Community College System tax base.


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      • High schools 5.1.1
      • Middle schools 5.1.2
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LeRoy Crump Stadium

In 1894, Jacamiah Seaman Daughtery founded the town of Dairy. Until 1906, Addicks, Barker, and Dairy constituted a single School District. From 1906 to 1917, Alief was a Common School District known as Dairy School District #46. In 1917, the district was renamed Alief (since the community was renamed after Alief Ozelda Magee, its postmistress). Alief had only one school until a separate elementary school, Alief Elementary School (now Youens Elementary School), was built in 1964. Bonds passed in the 1960s caused the first modern campuses to open.[4]

In 2011 the Brays Oaks district expanded.[5] A small portion of Alief ISD became a part of the district.[6]


As of the 2010-2011 school year, the appraised valuation of property in the district was $10,678,843,000.[2] The maintenance tax rate was $0.113 and the bond tax rate was $0.022 per $100 of appraised valuation.[2]

Academic achievement

In 2011, the school district was rated "recognized" by the Texas Education Agency.[3] Thirty-five percent of districts in Texas in 2011 received the same rating.[7] No state accountability ratings will be given to districts in 2012.[8] A school district in Texas can receive one of four possible rankings from the Texas Education Agency: Exemplary (the highest possible ranking), Recognized, Academically Acceptable, and Academically Unacceptable (the lowest possible ranking).

Historical district TEA accountability ratings[3]

  • 2011: Recognized
  • 2010: Recognized
  • 2009: Academically Acceptable
  • 2008: Academically Acceptable
  • 2007: Academically Acceptable
  • 2006: Academically Acceptable
  • 2005: Academically Acceptable
  • 2004: Academically Acceptable

School uniforms

Students in elementary, intermediate, and middle schools are required to wear school uniforms.[9]

List of schools

Grades K through 4 are considered to be elementary school, 5 to 6 intermediate school, 7 through 8 middle school and 9 through 12 high school. Each house in the district is assigned to an elementary school, an intermediate school, and a middle school. Alief ISD has an alternative elementary zoning boundary set for bilingual students, as some Alief ISD elementary schools do not offer bilingual programs.

High school attendance is chosen by a computer lottery, which can result in the student going to Alief Elsik High School, Alief Hastings High School or Alief Taylor High School.[10] High school students may apply to attend Alief Kerr High School, a magnet school, or they can apply to the newest school Alief Early College High School , which in combination with HCC, provides students the chance to get their associate degree at the same time as their diploma.

Secondary schools

High schools

There are 2 high schools in Houston and 2 in unincorporated Harris County. Regular


Middle schools

Alief Middle School

There are 4 middle schools in Houston and 2 in unincorporated Harris County.

  • Jack Albright Middle School [40] (unincorporated area)
Located on the corner of Winkleman Drive and Alief Clodine, west of Hwy. 6 in Harris County, the school is named for Dr. Jack Albright, a local United Methodist minister, because of his commitment to the community and to education. The school serves students in grades 7 and 8. Its mascot is Warriors, colors are Green, Gold, & Red and its slogan is "Albright Warriors never rest until they are the best." On May 14, 2002 Falcon Construction Group was awarded a contract to add ten classrooms under the design of Dansby & Miller Architects.

Primary schools

Intermediate schools

Budewig Intermediate School

There are 6 intermediate schools in Houston and 1 in unincorporated Harris County (Houston).

  • Gary P. Budewig Intermediate School [45] (Houston)
  • Ivena C. Klentzman Intermediate School [46] (Houston)
  • Helen Mata Intermediate School [47] (Houston)
  • Judith G. Miller Intermediate School [48] (Houston)
  • L. C. Owens Intermediate School [49] (Houston)
  • J. W. Youngblood Intermediate School [50] (Houston)

Elementary schools

Outley Elementary School
Youens Elementary School

There are 20 elementary schools in Houston and 5 in unincorporated Harris County.

  • Deborah Brown Alexander Elementary School [51] (Houston) (Opened 1984)
  • Betty Roberts Best Elementary School [52] (Houston) (Opened 1991)
  • Sylvester B. Boone Elementary School [53] (Houston)
  • Audrey Judy Bush Elementary School [54] (Houston) (Opened 1997)
  • Velma G. Chambers Elementary School [55] (Houston)
  • Chancellor Elementary School [56] (Houston, bilingual students zoned to Chancellor go to Youens ES)
  • Margaret Collins Elementary School [57] (Houston) (Opened 1998)
  • Cummings Elementary School [58] (Houston, bilingual students zoned to Cummings go to Kennedy ES)
  • Charlette Taylor Hearne Elementary School [59] (Unincorporated area)
  • Talmadge Heflin Elementary School [60] (Houston, bilingual students zoned to Heflin go to Hearne ES)
  • Howard J. Hicks Elementary School [61] (Unincorporated area) (Opened 1996)
  • David Kent Holmquist Elementary School [62] (Unincorporated area, Opened Fall 2007 [63])
  • Gladys Birdwell Horn Elementary School [64] (Houston) (Opened 2005)
  • Michael Kennedy Elementary School [65] (Houston)
  • Mildred Rickard Landis Elementary School [66] (Houston) (Opened 1989)
  • Liestman Elementary School [67] (Houston)
  • Viola Mahanay Elementary School [68] (Houston, bilingual students zoned to Mahanay go to Hearne ES)
  • A. J. Martin Elementary School [69] (Houston)
  • David Outley, Sr. Elementary School [70] (Houston, bilingual students zoned to Outley go to Youens ES) (Opened 1993)
  • Willard L. Petrosky Elementary School [71] (Unincorporated, bilingual students zoned to Petrosky go to Rees ES)
  • Flem Rees Elementary School [72] (Unincorporated)
  • Douglas Smith Elementary School [73] (Houston)
  • Ruth Conner Sneed Elementary School [74] (Houston) (Opened 1990)
  • Cynthia Youens Elementary School [75] (Houston, formerly Alief Elementary School)

Alternative schools

There is one alternative school in Houston.

  • Alief Learning Center [76] (Houston)

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