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20 Kilometres Race Walk

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Title: 20 Kilometres Race Walk  
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Subject: List of Malaysian records in athletics, Hassanine Sebei, Baljinder Singh, List of African Championships in Athletics records, Central American and Caribbean junior records in athletics
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20 Kilometres Race Walk

20 kilometre race walk
The men's 20 km race walk at the 2005 World Championships in Athletics
Men's records
World Vladimir Kanaykin 1:17:16 (2007)
Women's records
World Elena Lashmanova 1:25:02 (2012)

The 20 kilometre race walk is an Olympic athletics event that is competed by both men and women. The racewalking event is competed as a road race. Athletes must always keep in contact with the ground and the supporting leg must remain straight until the raised leg passes it. (20 kilometres is 12.4274 miles)

World records

The men's world record for the 20 km race walk is held by Vladimir Kanaykin, through his race of 1:17:16 in Saransk in 2007. The women's world record of 1:25:02 was set by Elena Lashmanova, another Russian athlete, at the 2012 London Olympics.

Olympic medalists


Games Gold Silver Bronze
1956 Melbourne
 Leonid Spirin (URS)  Antanas Mikėnas (URS)  Bruno Junk (URS)
1960 Rome
 Volodymyr Holubnychy (URS)  Noel Freeman (AUS)  Stan Vickers (GBR)
1964 Tokyo
 Ken Matthews (GBR)  Dieter Lindner (EUA)  Volodymyr Holubnychy (URS)
1968 Mexico City
 Volodymyr Holubnychy (URS)  José Pedraza (MEX)  Nikolay Smaga (URS)
1972 Munich
 Peter Frenkel (GDR)  Volodymyr Holubnychy (URS) (GDR)
1976 Montreal
 Daniel Bautista (MEX) (GDR)  Peter Frenkel (GDR)
1980 Moscow
 Maurizio Damilano (ITA)  Pyotr Pochenchuk (URS)  Roland Wieser (GDR)
1984 Los Angeles
 Ernesto Canto (MEX)  Raúl González (MEX)  Maurizio Damilano (ITA)
1988 Seoul
 Jozef Pribilinec (TCH)  Ronald Weigel (GDR)  Maurizio Damilano (ITA)
1992 Barcelona
 Daniel Plaza (ESP)  Guillaume LeBlanc (CAN)  Giovanni De Benedictis (ITA)
1996 Atlanta
 Jefferson Pérez (ECU)  Ilya Markov (RUS)  Bernardo Segura (MEX)
2000 Sydney
 Robert Korzeniowski (POL)  Noé Hernández (MEX)  Vladimir Andreyev (RUS)
2004 Athens
 Ivano Brugnetti (ITA)  Paquillo Fernández (ESP)  Nathan Deakes (AUS)
2008 Beijing
 Valeriy Borchin (RUS)  Jefferson Pérez (ECU)  Jared Tallent (AUS)
2012 London
 Chen Ding (CHN)  Erick Barrondo (GUA)  Wang Zhen (CHN)


Games Gold Silver Bronze
2000 Sydney
 Wang Liping (CHN)  Kjersti Plätzer (NOR)  María Vasco (ESP)
2004 Athens
 Athanasia Tsoumeleka (GRE)  Olimpiada Ivanova (RUS)  Jane Saville (AUS)
2008 Beijing
 Olga Kaniskina (RUS)  Kjersti Plätzer (NOR)  Elisa Rigaudo (ITA)
2012 London
 Elena Lashmanova (RUS)  Olga Kaniskina (RUS)  Qieyang Shenjie (CHN)

World Championships medalists


Games Gold Silver Bronze
1983  Ernesto Canto (MEX)  Jozef Pribilinec (TCH)  Yevgeniy Yevsyukov (URS)
1987  Maurizio Damilano (ITA)  Jozef Pribilinec (TCH)  Josep Marín (ESP)
1991  Maurizio Damilano (ITA)  Mikhail Shchennikov (URS)  Yevgeniy Misyulya (URS)
1993  Valentí Massana (ESP)  Giovanni De Benedictis (ITA)  Daniel Plaza (ESP)
1995  Michele Didoni (ITA)  Valentí Massana (ESP)  Yevgeniy Misyulya (BLR)
1997  Daniel García (MEX)  Mikhail Shchennikov (RUS)  Mikhail Khmelnitskiy (BLR)
1999  Ilya Markov (RUS)  Jefferson Pérez (ECU)  Daniel García (MEX)
2001  Roman Rasskazov (RUS)  Ilya Markov (RUS)  Viktor Burayev (RUS)
2003  Jefferson Pérez (ECU)  Paquillo Fernández (ESP)  Roman Rasskazov (RUS)
2005  Jefferson Pérez (ECU)  Paquillo Fernández (ESP)  Juan Manuel Molina (ESP)
2007  Jefferson Pérez (ECU)  Paquillo Fernández (ESP)  Hatem Ghoula (TUN)
2009  Valeriy Borchin (RUS)  Wang Hao (CHN)  Eder Sánchez (MEX)
2011  Valeriy Borchin (RUS)  Vladimir Kanaykin (RUS)  Luis Fernando López (COL)
2013  Aleksandr Ivanov (RUS)  Chen Ding (CHN)  Miguel Ángel López (ESP)


Games Gold Silver Bronze
1999  Liu Hongyu (CHN)  Wang Yan (CHN)  Kerry Saxby-Junna (AUS)
2001  Olimpiada Ivanova (RUS)  Valentina Tsybulskaya (BLR)  Elisabetta Perrone (ITA)
2003  Yelena Nikolayeva (RUS)  Gillian O'Sullivan (IRL)  Valentina Tsybulskaya (BLR)
2005  Olimpiada Ivanova (RUS)  Ryta Turava (BLR)  Susana Feitor (POR)
2007  Olga Kaniskina (RUS)  Tatyana Shemyakina (RUS)  María Vasco (ESP)
2009  Olga Kaniskina (RUS)  Olive Loughnane (IRL)  Liu Hong (CHN)
2011  Olga Kaniskina (RUS)  Liu Hong (CHN)  Anisya Kirdyapkina (RUS)
2013  Yelena Lashmanova (RUS)  Anisya Kirdyapkina (RUS)  Liu Hong (CHN)


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