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WordPerfect Office

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Title: WordPerfect Office  
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Subject: Email, Spreadsheet, WordPerfect, Wine (software), Quattro Pro, Software versioning, Paradox (database), Corel Linux, List of office suites, Comparison of office suites
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WordPerfect Office

Corel WordPerfect Office
Developer(s) Corel Corporation
Initial release 1994
Stable release X6 (16) / April 26, 2012
Written in C++[1]
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Office suite
License Proprietary

WordPerfect Office is an office suite developed by Corel Corporation. As of April 2012, the latest version is WordPerfect Office X6 (representing 16), which is available in four editions: Standard, Professional, Legal, and Home & Student.

Its predecessor was WordPerfect Suite, assembled by Novell in 1994 and sold to Corel in 1996.

Borland Office

Borland Office for Windows (1993)

It includes WordPerfect 5.2, Quattro Pro 1.0, Paradox 1.0 for Windows.

Borland Office 2.0 for Windows (1994)

It includes WordPerfect 6.0, Paradox 4.5, Quattro Pro 5.0 for Windows.

Novell Perfect Office for Windows 3.1x (1994)

It includes WordPerfect 6.1, Quattro Pro 6.0, Presentations 3.0, InfoCentral 1.1. Professional version also includes Paradox 5.0.

Corel WordPerfect Suite

Corel WordPerfect Suite for DOS (1997)

Released on 1997-02-18, [2] it includes WordPerfect 6.2, Quattro Pro 5.6, Presentations 2.1, Shell 4.0c for DOS, Corel Editor 3.1 for DOS, Stairway Software's ScreenExtender Special Edition and MergeMaster, 1,000 fonts. CD-ROM also includes WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows 3.1, 200 photos, 125 fonts and 10,000 clipart images.

This is the last edition released for the DOS platform.

Corel WordPerfect Suite for Windows 3.1x (1996)

Corel's first release of WordPerfect was a patched & rebadged version of Novell Perfect Office. This version included WordPerfect 6.1, Quattro Pro 6.0, and Presentations 6.0 and was released on 1996-05-08.[3]

Corel WordPerfect Suite 7 (32-bit: 1996, 16-bit: 1997)

Shortly after the release of Corel WordPerfect Suite, Corel introduced WordPerfect Suite 7, for Windows 95. This edition included Corel WordPerfect 7, Corel Quattro Pro 7, Corel Presentations 7, Envoy 7 Viewer, CorelFLOW 3, 150 TrueType fonts, and more than 10,000 clipart images. It came bundled with Sony PCs.[4]

The original edition of Corel WordPerfect Suite 7 would not run on Windows NT, and Corel indicated that it was compatible with Windows 95 only. In Q1-1997, Corel introduced the "NT-enabled" version that ran under both Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.51 or higher, which also increased compatibility with Windows 98/ME and could be run on Windows XP.[5] Informally known as "Service Pack 2", the installation routine and code-base were so different from the original release that licensees had to purchase a replacement CD-ROM from Corel and could not directly upgrade an existing installation from an earlier, non-"NT-enabled" edition. (It required uninstalling the original version completely then installing the "NT-enabled" version). This update was not made available as a download to users of the original versions.

Construction Edition was released on 1997-02-24.[6]

Medical Edition was released in 1997-03-17.[7] It includes 32-bit versions of Corel WordPerfect 7, Corel Quattro Pro 7 and Corel Presentations 7; Envoy 7, InfoCentral 7, Desktop Application Director, Corel Barista, QuickTasks, Paradox 7, CorelFLOW 3, CorelDRAW 6 (illustration module), Corel A to Z, Netscape Navigator, Quick View Plus, IBM VoiceType Control, 10,000 clipart images, 200 photos, 59 instructional demos, Corel Screen Saver, Sidekick 95, Dashboard 95, Corel Time Line, 1,000 fonts, Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary 3.0, Stedman's Plus Spell Checker 4.0, 20 QuickTasks (23 Corel WordPerfect 7 templates) for health care, Template and style guides for research paper submissions, 20 medical master templates for Corel Presentations 7, 30 medical image watermarks, additional medical clipart and medical illustration images, Additional QuickConnect Internet links to National Library of Medicine, Corel Medical Series web page and Corel Photo Studio.

Corel WordPerfect Suite 7 for Windows 3.1x was released on 1997-08-25.[8] This version included 16-bit editions of WordPerfect 7, Quattro Pro 7, and Presentations 7, but did not have all of the new features that the 32-bit versions of these programs had.

Corel WordPerfect Suite 8

Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 was released in 1997-06-17.[9] It included Corel WordPerfect 8, Corel Quattro Pro 8, Corel Presentations 8, Corel Barista, Corel Photo House, Corel Versions, Desktop Application Director, Envoy 7 Viewer, Netscape Navigator 3.0, Bitstream Font Manager, 10,000 clipart images, 1000 fonts, 200 photos, Corel WordPerfect Suite Software Development Kit.

Professional version was released on 1997-08-28.[10] It included Corel WordPerfect 8, Corel Quattro Pro 8, Corel Presentations 8, CorelCENTRAL 8 with Netscape Communicator, Corel Paradox 8, Corel Time Line Corel WEB.SiteBuilder 8, Deluxe 2 CD, 1998 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia from Grolier Inc., Envoy 7 Viewer/Printer Driver, 10,000 clipart images, 1000 fonts, more than 200 photos.

Legal edition was released on 1998-05-12.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Personal Edition was added to WordPerfect Suite 8 Academic Edition[11]

Amnesty program was offered for unlicensed user to upgrade to Corel WordPerfect Suite 8[12]

WordPerfect Family Pack included Task Manager, Corel WordPerfect 8, Corel Quattro Pro 8, Corel Print House Magic 4, Corel Photo House 3, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 9, Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia 1999, free six-month subscription to Clipart Center.[13]

Free version of Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 OEM (North America, English version) announced, which included interactive advertising, Corel WordPerfect 8, Corel Quattro Pro 8 and Corel Presentations 8.[14]

Corel WordPerfect Office

2000 (9.0)

Preview version was released on 1998-11-16.[15]

Final version was released in 1999-05-25.[16] It includes WordPerfect 9, Quattro Pro 9, Presentations 9, Paradox 9, CorelCENTRAL 9, Trellix 2, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.[17]

Voice Powered Edition includes Dragon NaturallySpeaking 3.0.[18]

Selected international versions of WordPerfect Office 2000 included Philips newest generation of FreeSpeech.[19]

WordPerfect Law Office 2000 was released on 1999-12-20.[20] It includes WordPerfect 9, Quattro Pro 9, Corel Presentations 9, CorelCENTRAL 9, Paradox 9, Trellix 9, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 4.0-WP, HotDocs 5.1, DEAL PROOF SE, WestCiteLink 2.2, Amicus Attorney IV Organizer Edition, NexLaw 9, Lexicon from BLACK’s Law Dictionary (6th Ed), The Pleading Expert.

Small Business Edition was released on 2000-01-31.[21] It includes WordPerfect 9, Quattro Pro 9, Corel Presentations 9, CorelCENTRAL 9, Peachtree First Accounting, Norton AntiVirus 2000, Corel Print Office 2000 Special Edition, Trellix 2, Online Merchant software, Internet PostageAmigo 2000, WordPerfect Office 2000 Software Developer's Kit, Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Linux version was released on 2000-03-10.[22] Standard Edition includes WordPerfect 9, Quattro Pro 9, Corel Presentations 9, CorelCENTRAL 9, Netscape Navigator, WordPerfect Office 2000 user guide and clipart manual, Adobe Acrobat Reader, over 100 TrueType and PostScript Type 1 fonts, 1,200+ clipart images, 20+ photos, 30-day free installation support. Deluxe Edition added Paradox 9, Netscape Communicator, 1,000 True Type and PostScript Type 1 fonts, over 12,000 clipart images, 200+ photos, Railroad Tycoon II - Gold Edition Limited Version and demo games by Loki Games, a Linux bean-filled Penguin.

Linux version was included with Maxspeed Thin Systems.[23]

WordPerfect Family Pack 2 included WordPerfect 9, Quattro Pro 9, Corel Print House 5, Corel Photo House 5, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 10, Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia 2000, free three-month subscription to the Clipart Center, National Geographic Trip Planner Platinum 2000.[24]

WordPerfect Family Pack 3 included Task Manager, WordPerfect 9, Quattro Pro 9, Corel Print House 5, Corel Photo House 5 Compton's Interactive World Atlas, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 11, McAfee VirusScan, and CYBERsitter 2000 Internet content filter.[25]

2002 (10.0)

Released in 2001-05-01.[26]

Standard Edition includes WordPerfect 10, Quattro Pro 10, Corel Presentations 10, CorelCENTRAL 10 Personal Information Manager, Macromedia Flash, The Pocket Oxford Dictionary, Net2Phone. Professional Edition adds Paradox 10 and Dragon NaturallySpeaking 5.0.[27]

WordPerfect Family Pack 4 included WordPerfect 10, Quattro Pro 10, Picture Publisher Digital Camera Edition, Task Manager, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Essentials, McAfee VirusScan, Avery DesignPro, Britannica Ready Reference Encyclopedia.[28]

11 (11.0)

Released in 2003-04-16.[29]

Education was released in 2003-07-31.[30] It includes WordPerfect 11, Quattro Pro 11, Presentations 11, Paradox.

Support for Windows 98 users was extended following Microsoft's decision to offer extended support for Windows 98 through June 2006.[31]

12 (12.0)

Released in 2004-04-27.[32] This is the last version supporting Windows NT 4.0.

New features include Workspace Manager, Compatibility Toolbars, Upgrade Installation for WordPerfect Office 10 and higher, WordPerfect OfficeReady Browser.

Home edition was released in 2004-11-09.[33] It includes Norton Internet Security 2005, WordPerfect 12 – Home Edition, Quattro Pro 12 – Home Edition, WordPerfect OfficeReady Personal Finance, Encyclopædia Britannica Ready Reference 2005, Corel Photobook, Corel PhotoAlbum, Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD v8LE.

Small Business Edition was released in 2005-04-26.[34] It includes Task Manager, WordPerfect Mail, WordPerfect 12, Quattro Pro 12, Presentations 12, Paint Shop Pro 9, WordPerfect OfficeReady (Business Essential Templates, Business Plans Templates), Norton Internet Security 2005, Online Services.

X3 (13.0)

Released in 2006-01-17.[35] This is the last version supporting Windows 98, ME, 2000.

New features include PDF Import and suite-wide Publish to PDF.

Standard Edition includes WordPerfect X3, Quattro Pro X3, Presentations X3, WordPerfect MAIL, Presentations Graphics X3, Pocket Oxford English Dictionary, Legal tools, WordPerfect OfficeReady template.

Professional Edition adds following to Standard Edition: Paradox, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications 6.3, WordPerfect Office Software Developer Kit, a network deployment guide, a template and macro guide, and a VBA programming guide. WordPerfect MAIL is in trial version only.

Student and Teacher Edition includes WordPerfect X3, Quattro Pro X3, Presentations X3, Paradox, Presentations Graphics X3 (raster features only), WordPerfect MAIL trial version, Pocket Oxford English Dictionary, WordPerfect OfficeReady template. Student and Teacher Edition is licensed for use on up to three PCs per single household.

Home Edition includes WordPerfect X3 - Home Edition, Quattro Pro X3 - Home Edition, WordPerfect MAIL trial version, two WordPerfect OfficeReady template collections, Corel Photo Album 6 - Standard Edition, Pinnacle Studio SE, Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD LE v8, and Norton Internet Security 2006.

Small Business Edition includes WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Presentations, Paint Shop Pro, Pocket Oxford English Dictionary, WordPerfect OfficeReady template browser.[36]

X4 (14.0)

Released in 2008-04-16.[37] Minimum operation system requirement was changed to Windows XP, but hardware requirement (except storage) remains the same as X3.

Standard Edition includes following new features:

  • PDF import, export, conversion
  • Opens Microsoft Office 2007 documents (Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007 with WordPerfect X4, Quattro Pro X4, and Presentations X4 respectively.
  • Opens Open Document Format files in WordPerfect X4.
  • Corel Visual Intelligence SE (Starter Edition)
  • WordPerfect Lightning
  • redaction tool integrated directly into WordPerfect X4
  • Updated gallery to include 000 clipart images, 175 photos and 900 TrueType fonts
  • Enhanced tutorial tool and video from

Professional Edition adds Paradox, WordPerfect Office Software Development Kit.

Home and Student Edition includes WordPerfect X4, Quattro Pro X4, Presentations X4, WordPerfect Lightning and Corel Visual Intelligence SE.

Corel Family Pack 2009 includes WordPerfect X4, Quattro Pro X4, Ulead VideoStudio 11 SE, Corel MediaOne.

X5 (15.0)

Released in 2010-03-23.[38]

New features included Mozilla Thunderbird for WordPerfect Office, Nuance PaperPort SE 12, Reference Center.

X6 (16.0)

Released in 2012-04-26.[39]

New features included multiple monitor support, previewing WordPerfect files in Windows Explorer and as attachments in Microsoft Outlook, Bates numbering WordPerfect documents, multiple find and replace capabilities and word search/highlight macros, eBook Publisher, Corel VideoStudio Essentials X4, WinZip, WinZip Courier & ZipSend, BrainStorm training video, WordPerfect Document Viewer for Android.

The major components of Home & Student Edition are:

Standard Edition adds:

Professional Edition adds following to Standard Edition:

  • Paradox, database management program .pdx-files
  • WordPerfect Office Software Development Kit, Including specification of WordPerfect Office file formats and various developer tools.
  • Corel PDF Fusion PDF software

Legal Edition adds following to Standard Edition:

  • Corel Perfect Authority table of authority creator
  • Corel PDF Fusion PDF software

Older applications, no longer included:

Macintosh versions

WordPerfect is the only component of the WordPerfect Office suite that has been released for Mac. Development of the Mac version ended with Version 3.5e, which Corel released as freeware in 1998 before halting development.

Corel (Home) Office

Corel Office (also called Corel Home Office) is designed to be compatible with Microsoft Office. Notable features include multilingual workspace, ribbon user interface, Unicode support.[40] It was based on Ability Office 5,[41] the first and only major release of Ability Office supporting Unicode at the time.

First version was released on 2009-06-17.[42] It includes Corel Write word processor, Corel Calculate spreadsheet, Corel Show presentation software. Corel Office version also includes WinZip 15 Professional, WinZip 15 Courier.

Corel Home Suite

It is a new variant of Corel (Home) Office.

First version was released on 2011-09-28.[43] It includes Corel Office (Corel Write, Corel Calculate, Corel Show), Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe, Corel Paint it!.

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