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Södertörn University

Södertörn University
Södertörns högskola
Established 1996
Type public
Rector Prof. Moira von Wright
Students 12 578 (2013) [1]
94 (2013) [2]
Location Södertörn, Sweden
Campus Flemingsberg

Södertörn University[3] (Swedish: Södertörns högskola, abbreviated as SH) is a public university (högskola) located in Flemingsberg, which is located in Huddinge Municipality, and the larger area called Södertörn, in Stockholm County, Sweden.[4] In 2013, it had about 13 000 full-time students. The campus area ("Universitetsområdet") in Flemingsberg hosts the main campus of SH, several departments of the Karolinska Institutet, and the School of Technology and health of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). The Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge (formerly Huddinge Hospital), is also located there.


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Södertörn University was established in 1996 following a parliamentary decision in 1995.The expansion of higher education in the southern parts of Stockholm had then been investigated for a long time. The background was that the transition to higher education was low in the southern parts of Stockholm, unemployment were high and segregation problems tended to be large. Stockholm University did not consider it appropriate to increase the number of students of Stockholm University and a university in Södertörn should be independent and not part of the University of Stockholm. Karolinska Institutet have already relocated their dental education to Flemingsberg. Even KTH and Stockholm University conducted some operations in Flemingsberg and Novum Research Park were under construction.

At the schools's inception in 1996, there were around 1,000 students. The school had operations in Södertälje, Flemingsberg and Haninge. Initially the Vice-Principal of Stockholm University were also Principal of Södertörn University, but in January 1, 1997, Per Thullberg was pointed as the schools Principal and the school also attained the right to award their own degrees. In 2002 the main building Moa Building opened in Flemingsberg which also received the Concrete Products Outdoor Environment Prize in 2003. With the new facilities the teacher education program were moved from Södertälje to Flemingsberg. In spring 2006, also the university's board operations decided to moved from Haninge campus to campus Flemingsberg until autumn 2008 and phase out Södertälje campus where tuition already had stopped.

Södertörn University applied to the government to become a university (universitet) in 2002. The application is not yet treated. In 2004 Södertörn University applied together with Karolinska Institutet and the KTH to get an approval of creating a

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Famous people from Södertörn University

Notable faculty

1 January 1997 – 31 December 2002: Per Thullberg
2003-30 June 2010: Ingela Josefson
1 July 2010-: Moira von Wright[26]


The Södertörn University Library building was designed by Christer Malmström, arkitektkontor AB, and has received one of Sweden's most prestigious prizes for architecture, the Kasper Salin-prize.[25] The 11 000 square metre building contains the library's collection, examination rooms, study areas and has 700 study spaces. The library was opened 2004.

Södertörn University Library

  • Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES)[18]
  • The Academy of Public Administration[19]
  • Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge[20]
  • ENTER forum for research on entrepreneurship[21]
  • The Institute of Contemporary History (SHI)[22]
  • The Stockholm Centre on Health of Societies in Transition (SHOHOST)[23]
  • Maritime Archaeological Research Institute at Södertörn University[24]

Centres Arna's or the institution's primary purpose is for them to bring to university, the academic added value by focusing a scientifically interesting field that lies at the intersection of traditional disciplines. This way the university wish to create a creative meeting place for staff and students.

Institutes and research centers

Södertörn University carries out research in the humanities, social sciences, science, environment, technology and educational science.[17]


Archeology, archival science, biology, English, aesthetics, ethnology, philosophy, business studies, gender studies, geography, history, intellectual history, international health, international relations, journalism, art, science, literature, teacher education, media technology, environmental science, media and communication science, culinary arts, economics, public law, education, practical knowledge, psychology, rhetoric, social work, sociology, political science, Swedish, tourism, science, development and international cooperation.[16]


  • Department of Historical and Contemporary Studies[12]
  • Department of Culture and Education[13]
  • Department of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies[14]
  • School of Social Sciences[15]

Södertörn University's four academic schools:[11]


In 2013 Södertörn University had 12 578 students of which 6 984 were full-time students.[10]

At the end of 2013 Södertörn University was awarded the task of providing the basic training programme for the police. It will run as contract education and will cover five semesters of full-time study, including a six-month traineeship at a police authority. The first 180 police cadets started their education at Södertörn University in January 2015.[9]


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