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List of state highways in Vermont

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Title: List of state highways in Vermont  
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List of state highways in Vermont

Standard markers for state-maintained (left) and locally maintained (right) state highways in Vermont.
Highway names
Interstates: Interstate X (I-X)
US Routes: U.S. Route X (US X)
State: Vermont Route X (VT Route X, VT X)
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State highways in Vermont

The following is a list of state highways in Vermont as designated by the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans). The classification of these state highways fall under three primary categories: Interstate Highways, U.S. Highways, and Vermont routes. Routes in Vermont are abbreviated as "VT #" by VTrans and also abbreviated as "VT Route #" and "Route #" in common usage. A small number of minor state highways, typically bypassing old alignments or short connector routes, are instead assigned names and unsigned four-digit numbers beginning with 9. Most state highways are maintained by VTrans; however, portions of some routes and some entire routes are maintained by local governments, such as towns or cities, instead. These town-maintained routes are internally called "state-designated town highways" and are typically designated as "class 1 town highways".

Prior to 1995, Vermont used the standard circular highway shield to sign all of its routes, which had black numerals on a white circle over a black background. In 1995, Vermont introduced a new shield for state-maintained highways—a green shield with the word "Vermont" at the top. The circular highway shield continues to be used for locally maintained routes.[1] Some state-maintained routes are still signed with the circular highway shield, but they are being converted to the newer Vermont shield as signs are replaced. Recent guide sign replacement projects along Vermont's Interstate Highways include the newer green shields to indicate Vermont state routes, as the older guide signs used the circular shield.

According to Vermont's 2012 Fact Book[2] the state spent $547 million in 2011. Less than half ($206 million) on preservation and maintenance. 28% of the roads remain in "very poor" condition. The book estimates $100 million would be required to reduce that to 25%.[3]

The VTrans report to the legislature in 2012 appeared to disagree, stating that the goal of 25% in poor condition had been met.[3]

A report by the Burlington Free Press on 11% of the roads found that signage was inadequate, often not warning drivers of dangerous curves; striping was inadequate, having been scraped off by winter snowplowing. Therefore, sides of the road could not be seen at night. Speed limit signs were placed near villages but nowhere else; guardrails were unpredictably placed. A spokesperson for VTrans agreed, citing fiscal restraints.[3]

Troopers investigating accidents are not required to record road conditions which may have contributed to an accident.[3]


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  • Vermont routes 3
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    • Routes 101–200 3.2
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Interstate Highways

Route Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus
Interstate 89 Hartford (New Hampshire state line) QC 133 at Highgate (Canadian border)
Interstate 91 Guilford (Massachusetts state line) A-55 at Derby Line (Canadian border)
Interstate 93 Waterford (New Hampshire state line) I-91 south of St. Johnsbury
Interstate 189 US 7 in South Burlington I-89 in South Burlington

U.S. Highways

Route Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus
U.S. Route 2 Alburgh (New York state line) Guildhall (New Hampshire state line)

U.S. Route 2 Business
US 2 in Montpelier US 2 / VT 12 in Montpelier
U.S. Route 4 Fair Haven (New York state line) Hartford (New Hampshire state line)

U.S. Route 4 Business
US 4 in West Rutland US 4 / US 7 in Rutland
U.S. Route 5 Guilford (Massachusetts state line) QC 143 at Derby Line (Canadian border)

U.S. Route 5 Alternate (St. Johnsbury)
US 5 in St. Johnsbury US 5 in St. Johnsbury

U.S. Route 5 Alternate (Derby Line)
US 5 in Derby Line Derby Line village limits

U.S. Route 5 Alternate (Newport)
US 5 in Newport US 5 in Newport
U.S. Route 7 Pownal (Massachusetts state line) I-89 in Highgate

U.S. Route 7 Alternate
US 7 in Burlington US 2 / US 7 in Burlington
U.S. Route 302 US 2 near Montpelier Wells River (New Hampshire state line)

Vermont routes

All routes in Vermont are designated by the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans). Most are also owned and maintained by VTrans, but some are partially or wholly owned and maintained by the towns it passes through instead. Routes maintained by VTrans are classified by the agency as "state-maintained highways" and signed using Vermont's green route shields. Routes maintained by the town are classified as "town-maintained routes" and signed using the national circular highway shield.

Five routes in the system have both state- and town-maintained sections. Although maintenance along these routes varies by area, VTrans considers state and town-maintained highways that bear the same signed number as one continuous route.

Designations shaded in gray are no longer active.

Routes 1–100

Route Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Notes and former routings
Vermont Route 2A St. George US 2 / US 7 in Colchester
Vermont Route 2B US 2 in Danville US 2 in St. Johnsbury
Vermont Route 3 US 4 Business in Rutland US 7 in Pittsford
Vermont Route 4A US 4 in Fair Haven US 4 Business in West Rutland
Vermont Route 5A US 5 in Burke VT 105 in Charleston
Vermont Route 7A US 7 in Bennington US 7 in Dorset
Vermont Route 7B US 7 in Wallingford US 7 in Clarendon
Vermont Route 8 MA 8 / VT 100 at Readsboro (Massachusetts state line) VT 9 in Searsburg
Vermont Route 8A MA 8A at Whitingham (Massachusetts state line) VT 112 in Whitingham Entirely town-maintained
Vermont Route 9 NY 7 at Bennington (New York state line) NH 9 at Brattleboro (New Hampshire state line)
Vermont Route 10 VT 103 in Chester VT 106 in Springfield
Vermont Route 10A I-91 / US 5 in Norwich NH 10A at Norwich (New Hampshire state line)
Vermont Route 11 VT 7A in Manchester NH 11 at Springfield (New Hampshire state line)
Vermont Route 12 NH 12 at Weathersfield (New Hampshire state line) VT 15A / VT 100 in Morrisville
Vermont Route 12A VT 12 in Randolph VT 12 in Northfield
Vermont Route 14 US 4 / US 5 in Hartford VT 100 in Newport
Vermont Route 15 US 2/ US 7 in Winooski US 2 in Danville
Vermont Route 15A VT 12 / VT 100 in Morrisville VT 15 in Morrisville
Vermont Route 16 VT 15 in Hardwick VT 5A in Westmore Portion east of US 5 in Barton is town-maintained
Vermont Route 17 NY 185 at Addison (New York state line) VT 100 in Waitsfield
Vermont Route 18 NH 18 at Waterford (New Hampshire state line) US 2 in St. Johnsbury
Vermont Route 19 No current route 1935 – early 1950s
Vermont Route 22A NY 22A at Fair Haven (New York state line) US 7 in Ferrisburg
Vermont Route 23 VT 125 in Middlebury VT 17 in Weybridge Entirely town-maintained
Vermont Route 25 NH 25 at Bradford (New Hampshire state line) US 302 in Orange
Vermont Route 25A US 5 in Fairlee NH 25A at Fairlee (New Hampshire state line)
Vermont Route 25B VT 25 in Bradford US 5 in Bradford
Vermont Route 26 VT 102 in Lemington NH 26 at Lemington (New Hampshire state line)
Vermont Route 30 US 5 / VT 9 in Brattleboro US 7 in Middlebury
Vermont Route 30A No current route 1935–mid-1940s
Vermont Route 30B No current route 1935–mid-1960s
Vermont Route 31 Washington CR 25 at Wells (New York state line) VT 30 in Poultney
Vermont Route 35 VT 30 in Townshend VT 11 in Chester Entirely town-maintained
Vermont Route 36 VT 78 in Swanton VT 108 in Bakersfield Portion north of St. Albans Bay State Park is town-maintained
Vermont Route 38 Northwest State Correctional Facility in St. Albans town US 7 in St. Albans city
Vermont Route 44 VT 106 in Reading US 5 in Windsor
Vermont Route 44A US 5 in Weathersfield VT 44 in Windsor
Vermont Route 53 VT 73 in Brandon US 7 in Salisbury Entirely town-maintained
Vermont Route 56 No current route 1950s – by 1986
Vermont Route 58 VT 118 in Montgomery VT 5A in Brownington Portion west of VT 100 is town-maintained
Vermont Route 62 I-89 in Berlin US 302 in Barre
Vermont Route 63 I-89 in Berlin VT 14 in Barre
Vermont Route 64 VT 12 in Northfield VT 14 in Williamstown
Vermont Route 65 VT 12 in Brookfield VT 14 in Brookfield
Vermont Route 66 VT 12 in Randolph VT 14 in Randolph
Vermont Route 67 NY 67 at Shaftsbury (New York state line) VT 7A in Shaftsbury
Vermont Route 67A VT 7A in Bennington VT 67 in North Bennington

Vermont Route 67A Connector
No current route 1974–2004
Vermont Route 68 No current route 1950s – by 1985
Vermont Route 73 VT 74 in Shoreham VT 100 in Rochester Portion west of VT 22A in Orwell is town-maintained
Vermont Route 73A No current route late 1940s – by 1981
Vermont Route 74 Fort Ticonderoga – Larrabees Point ferry in Shoreham VT 30 in Cornwall
Vermont Route 78 US 2 in Alburgh VT 105 in Sheldon
Vermont Route 100 MA 8 at Stamford (Massachusetts state line) VT 105 in Newport
Vermont Route 100A VT 100 in Plymouth US 4 in Bridgewater
Vermont Route 100B VT 100 in Moretown US 2 in Middlesex
Vermont Route 100C VT 15 in Johnson VT 100 in Hyde Park

Routes 101–200

Route Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Notes and former routings
Vermont Route 101 VT 100 in Troy VT 105 in Troy
Vermont Route 102 US 2 in Guildhall VT 114 / VT 253 in Canaan
Vermont Route 103 US 5 in Rockingham US 7 in Clarendon
Vermont Route 103A No current route by 1948 – by 1960
Vermont Route 104 VT 15 in Cambridge VT 105 in St. Albans
Vermont Route 104A Georgia VT 104 in Fairfax
Vermont Route 104B No current route 1930s – late 1950s
Vermont Route 105 US 7 in St. Albans Bridge Street at Bloomfield (New Hampshire state line)
Vermont Route 105A VT 105 in Richford Chemin de la Vallée-Missiquoi at Richford (Canadian border)
Vermont Route 106 VT 11 in Springfield US 4 in Woodstock
Vermont Route 107 VT 100 in Stockbridge VT 14 in Royalton
Vermont Route 108 VT 100 in Stowe QC 237 at Berkshire (Canadian border)
Vermont Route 109 VT 108 in Cambridge VT 118 in Belvidere
Vermont Route 110 VT 14 in Royalton US 302 in Barre
Vermont Route 111 VT 105 in Derby VT 114 in Brighton
Vermont Route 112 MA 112 at Halifax (Massachusetts state line) VT 100 in Whitingham
Vermont Route 113 VT 110 in Chelsea East Thetford Road at Thetford (New Hampshire state line)
Vermont Route 113A No current route 1935–mid-1970s
Vermont Route 114 US 5 in Lyndon Main Street at Canaan (New Hampshire state line)

Vermont Route 114 Alternate
VT 114 in Island Pond VT 105 in Island Pond
Vermont Route 115 No current route by 1938 – by 1967
Vermont Route 116 US 7 in Middlebury US 2 in South Burlington
Vermont Route 116A No current route by 1948 – by 1973
Vermont Route 117 VT 2A / VT 15 in Essex US 2 in Richmond
Vermont Route 118 VT 100 in Eden VT 108 in Berkshire
Vermont Route 119 VT 142 in Brattleboro NH 119 at Brattleboro (New Hampshire state line)
Vermont Route 120 VT 105 in Sheldon VT 108 in Berkshire
Vermont Route 121 VT 11 in Londonderry Bridge Street at Rockingham (New Hampshire state line) Entirely town-maintained
Vermont Route 122 US 5 in Lyndon VT 16 in Glover

Vermont Route 122 Alternate
US 5 in Lyndon VT 122 in Lyndon
Vermont Route 123 US 5 in Westminster NH 123 at Westminster (New Hampshire state line)
Vermont Route 125 VT 17 in Addison VT 100 in Hancock
Vermont Route 127 Pearl Street in Burlington US 2 / US 7 in Colchester Entirely city and town-maintained
US 2 / US 7 in Colchester VT 2A in Colchester Unsigned

Vermont Route 127 Connector
North Avenue in Burlington VT 127 in Burlington Unsigned
Vermont Route 128 VT 15 in Essex VT 104 in Fairfax
Vermont Route 129 School and Church Streets in Isle La Motte US 2 in Alburgh Portion on Isle La Motte is town-maintained
Vermont Route 130 No current route 1935 – by 1947
Vermont Route 131 VT 103 in Cavendish US 5 in Weathersfield
Vermont Route 132 VT 14 in Sharon US 5 in Norwich Portion west of I-89 in Sharon is town-maintained
Vermont Route 133 VT 30 in Pawlet VT 4A in West Rutland
Vermont Route 139 VT 105 in Richford QC 139 at Richford (Canadian border) Entirely town-maintained
Vermont Route 140 VT 30 in Poultney VT 103 in Mount Holly Portion west of US 7 in Wallingford (except that overlapped with VT 133) is town-maintained
Vermont Route 141 VT 114 in Canaan QC 141 at Canaan (Canadian border)
Vermont Route 142 MA 142 at Vernon (Massachusetts state line) US 5 in Brattleboro
Vermont Route 143 VT 11 in Springfield US 5 in Springfield Entirely town-maintained
Vermont Route 144 VT 22A in Benson VT 30 in Sudbury Entirely town-maintained
Vermont Route 147 VT 114 in Norton QC 147 at Norton (Canadian border)
Vermont Route 149 NY 149 at Pawlet (New York state line) VT 30 in Pawlet
Vermont Route 153 Washington CR 153 at Rupert (New York state line) VT 30 in Pawlet Entirely town-maintained
Vermont Route 155 VT 100 in Weston VT 103 in Wallingford
Vermont Route 191 East of I-91 exit 27 in Derby US 5 in Newport

Routes 201 and up

Route Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Notes and former routings
Vermont Route 207 US 7 in St. Albans VT 235 in Franklin Portion north of VT 78 in Highgate is town-maintained
Vermont Route 214 US 2 in Plainfield VT 14 in East Montpelier
Vermont Route 215 US 2 in Marshfield VT 15 in Walden Entirely town-maintained
Vermont Route 225 US 2 in Alburgh QC 225 at Alburgh (Canadian border) Entirely town-maintained
Vermont Route 232 US 302 in Groton US 2 in Marshfield
Vermont Route 235 VT 120 in Franklin QC 235 at Franklin (Canadian border) Entirely town-maintained
Vermont Route 236 VT 105 in Sheldon VT 120 in Franklin
Vermont Route 242 VT 118 in Montgomery VT 101 in Troy
Vermont Route 243 QC 243 at Troy (Canadian border) VT 105 in Troy
Vermont Route 244 VT 113 in Thetford US 5 in Fairlee
Vermont Route 253 VT 102 / VT 114 in Canaan QC 253 at Canaan (Canadian border)
Vermont Route 279 NY 915G at Bennington (New York state line) VT 9 in Bennington
Vermont Route 289 VT 2A in Essex VT 117 in Essex
Vermont Route 313 NY 313 at Arlington (New York state line) US 7 in Sunderland
Vermont Route 314 US 2 in South Hero US 2 in Grand Isle
Vermont Route 315 VT 153 in Rupert VT 30 in Rupert Entirely town-maintained
Vermont Route 346 US 7 in Pownal NY 346 at Pownal (New York state line)
Vermont Route F-1 No current route unknown
Vermont Route F-2 No current route by 1935 – by 1942
Vermont Route F-3 No current route by 1935 – 1960s
Vermont Route F-4 No current route unknown
Vermont Route F-5 Charlotte–Essex ferry in Charlotte US 7 in Charlotte Entirely town-maintained
Vermont Route F-6 No current route by 1930 – by 1935
Vermont Route F-7 No current route 1927 – by 1930
Vermont Route F-8 No current route by 1926 – by 1935
Vermont Route F-9 No current route by 1927 – mid-1950s
Vermont Route F-9A No current route by 1930 – by 1942
Vermont Route F-10 No current route by 1930 – 1950s
Vermont Route F-10A No current route by 1930 – 1931

Named state highways

These roads are maintained by the state but are not assigned signed route numbers.[4] The majority of them are minor connectors between two signed routes, making them similar to New York's reference routes.

Designation Highway name Southern or western terminus Via Northern or eastern terminus
Vermont Route 9020 Barnet State Highway West of I-91 exit 18 West Barnet Road in Barnet US 5
Vermont Route 9025 Bennington North State Highway VT 7A US 7 exit 2 primary ramps in Bennington US 7
Vermont Route 9030 Berlin State Highway Piper Road Airport Road in Berlin US 302
Vermont Route 9090 Brattleboro State Highway I-91 exit 3 ramps Chesterfield Road in Brattleboro US 5 / VT 9
Vermont Route 9150 Castleton State Highway VT 4A East Huberton Road in Castleton North of US 4 exit 5
Vermont Route 9180 Coventry State Highway Midway between Maxwell and Laramee Roads in Coventry Airport Road US 5 in Newport
Vermont Route 9210 Fair Haven State Highway VT 4A Dutch Avenue and Scotch Hill Road in Fair Haven North of US 4 exit 3
Vermont Route 9240 Fairlee State Highway Terry Hill Road Lake Morey Road in Fairlee US 5
Vermont Route 9270 Ferrisburgh State Highway VT 22A in Vergennes Green Street and New Haven Road US 7 in Ferrisburgh
Vermont Route 9330 Maidstone State Highway VT 102 Lamoureux Road in Maidstone New Hampshire state line
Vermont Route 9360 Middlesex State Highway US 2 Center Road in Middlesex I-89 exit 9 northbound ramps
Vermont Route 9390 Montpelier State Highway I-89 exit 8 Memorial Drive in Montpelier US 2
Vermont Route 9420 Montpelier Junction State Highway Berlin town line Dog River Road in Montpelier Memorial Drive (MSH)
Vermont Route 9430 Newbury State Highway US 5 Newbury Crossing Road in Newbury New Hampshire state line
Vermont Route 9480 Norton State Highway VT 114 Lake View Road in Norton VT 114
Vermont Route 9540 Norwich State Highway VT 10A East River Road in Norwich US 5
Vermont Route 9600 Putney State Highway Kathan Meadow Road Putney Landing Road in Putney US 5
Vermont Route 9630 Quechee State Highway US 4 I-89 exit 1 ramps in Hartford West Stagecoach Road
Vermont Route 9720 St. Albans (South) State Highway US 7 in St. Albans city Interstate Access Road and I-89 exit 19 primary ramps I-89 in St. Albans town
Vermont Route 9730 St. Johnsbury North State Highway I-91 exit 22 southbound ramps Hospital Drive in St. Johnsbury US 5
Vermont Route 9840 Westminster State Highway West of I-91 exit 5 Westminster State Highway in Westminster US 5
Vermont Route 9870 Wilder State Highway Christian Street Bugbee Street in Hartford US 5
Vermont Route 9900 Winhall State Highway Manchester town line Tollgate Road in Winhall VT 11 / VT 30

New England road marking system

A system of interstate routes existed in New England in the 1920s and 1930s. Below are the routes that entered Vermont:

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  • Vermont Statutes regarding Town/State maintained highways
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