Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung discography

Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung discography

The EAV at the Donauinselfest in 2005
Studio albums 15
Live albums 1
Compilation albums 10
EPs 1
Singles 43

The Austrian band Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung released fourteen studio albums, one live album, one extended play and forty-one singles since their foundation in 1978.

Chart performance

Studio albums

Year Title Translation of the Title Chart positions
1978 1. Allgemeine Verunsicherung 1st General Uncertainty
1981 Café Passé Café Passé
1983 Spitalo Fatalo Hospitalo Fatalo 5
1984 À la Carte À la Carte 11
1985 Geld oder Leben! Your Money or Your Life! 1 10 3
1987 Liebe, Tod & Teufel Love, Death & Devil 1 3 1
1990 Neppomuk's Rache Neppomuk's Revenge 1 2 3
1991 Watumba! Watumba! 1 17 15
1994 Nie wieder Kunst Never Art Again 1 40 17
1997 Im Himmel ist die Hölle los! In Heaven, All Hell Has Broken Loose! 1 37 20
1998 Himbeerland Raspberryland 2 55 30
2000 Austropop in Tot-Weiss-Tot 3 Austropop in Dead-White-Dead 12
2003 Frauenluder Woman Slut 1 90
2007 Amore XL Love XL 1 46 83
2010 Neue Helden braucht das Land The Country Is in Need of New Heroes 1 26 34


Year Title Translation of the Title Chart positions Album
1979 "Ihr Kinderlein kommet" "O Come, Little Children" no album
1981 "Alpen-Punk" "Alpine Punk" Café Passé
"Oh, nur Du" "Oh, Only You"
1982 "Total verunsichert" "Totally Insecure" Spitalo Fatalo
1983 "Der Alpen-Rap" "The Alpine Rap" 6 36 13
"Afrika – Ist der Massa gut bei Kassa" "Africa – If the Massa Is in the Money" 6
1984 "Die Braut und der Matrose" "The Bride and the Sailor" À la Carte
"Go, Karli, Go!" "Go, Karli, Go!" 6
"Schweine-Funk" "Pig Funk"
"Liebelei" "Flirtation"
1985 "Ba-Ba-Banküberfall" "Ba-Ba-Bankrobbery" 4 7 Geld oder Leben!
"Märchenprinz" "Prince Charming" 1 16
1986 "Heiße Nächte in Palermo" "Hot Nights in Palermo" 3 16
"Fata Morgana" "Fata Morgana" 11 27
1987 "Küss die Hand, schöne Frau" "Kiss the Hand, Pretty Lady" 1 2 2 Liebe, Tod & Teufel
1988 "An der Copacabana" "At the Copacabana" 2 11 8
"Burli" "Boy" 24 41
"Kann denn Schwachsinn Sünde sein...?" "Can Imbecility Be a Sin...?" 10 25 24 Kann denn Schwachsinn Sünde sein...?
1989 "Es steht ein Haus in Ostberlin" 1 "There Is a House in East Berlin" Neppomuk's Rache
1990 "Ding Dong" "Ding Dong" 1 7 4
"Samurai" "Samurai" 2 10 17
"Einer geht um die Welt" "One Goes for a Tour Around the World" 26
1991 "S'Muaterl" "The Gammer"
"Jambo" "Jambo" 6 30 26 Watumba!
1992 "Hip Hop" "Hip Hop" 27 77
"Insp. Tatü" "Inspector Ding-a-Ling"
1994 "300 PS (Auto...)" "300 HP (Car...)" 5 Nie wieder Kunst
1995 "Einmal möchte ich ein Böser sein" "I Want to Be a Bad Guy for Once" 17
"Flugzeug" "Aeroplane"
"Cinderella" "Cinderella"
1997 "Schau wie's schneit" "Look How It's Snowing" 17 Im Himmel ist die Hölle los!
"Blöd" "Stupid"
"Bongo Boy" "Bongo Boy" 32
1998 "Der Wein von Mykonos" 2 "The Wine from Mykonos" 8 Himbeerland
"Die Pille für den Mann" 2 "The Pill for Men"
1999 "Hasta la Vista" "Hasta la Vista" 35
"3 weiße Tauben" "3 White Doves" 31
2000 "Ba-Ba-Ballamann" "Ba-Ba-Ballamann" (refers to Ballermann 6) no album
2004 "God Bless America" "God Bless America" 24 100 Jahre EAV - Ihr habt es so gewollt!!
2010 "Neue Helden (braucht das Land)" "(The Country Is in Need Of) New Heroes" 38 Neue Helden braucht das Land

Non-German singles

  • 1983: Alp-Rapp (Swedish version of "Der Alpen-Rap")
  • 1986: Ba-Ba-Bankrobbery (English version of "Ba-Ba-Banküberfall", peaked at #63 on the UK Singles Chart)

Compilation albums

Year Title Translation of the Title Chart positions Note
1985 Das Beste aus guten und alten Tagen The Best from Good and Old Days out of print
1988 Kann denn Schwachsinn Sünde sein...? Can Imbecility Be a Sin...? 2 13 15 including many rare songs
1989 Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung First General Uncertainty released in East Germany only
1995 Live Kunst-Tour 95 Live Art Tour 95 12 live album
1996 The Grätest Hitz The Greatest Hits 10 61
2000 Let's Hop – Das Allerbeste, aber feste Let's Hop – The Very Best, Yet Solid 9 67 including new versions of old songs
2004 The Very Best of E.A.V. The Very Best of E.A.V.
2005 100 Jahre EAV... Ihr habt es so gewollt!! 100 Years of EAV... You Asked for It!! 4 40 78 including new versions of old songs
Platinum Kolläktschn Platinum Collection 41 including many rare songs
2009 Best of Austropop Best of Austropop
The Essential The Essential

Extended plays

Year Title Translation of the Title Chart positions Note
2008 "Mei herrlich" "How Delightful" only as a download


  • 1 = released under the alias Ossi Ostborn (roughly translated: "Easterner Eastborn", but the name also sounds phonetically like Ozzy Osbourne), the song refers to the reunification of East Germany and West Germany
  • 2 = released under the alias The Himbeer Teddies ("The Raspberry Teddies"), the songs satirize the style of music Schlager
  • 3 = released under the alias Klaus Eberhartinger & Die Gruftgranaten ("Klaus Eberhartinger & The Tomb Bombshells"), the album parodies several Austropop hit songs
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