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Nuestra Belleza México 2009

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Title: Nuestra Belleza México 2009  
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Subject: List of Nuestra Belleza México states, Nuestra Belleza México 2012, Nuestra Belleza Jalisco, List of Nuestra Belleza México titleholders, Nuestra Belleza México
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Nuestra Belleza México 2009

Nuestra Belleza México 2009
Date September 20, 2009
Presenters Ernesto Laguardia, Sebastian Rulli, Marisol González, Alma Saint Martín
Entertainment Ana Bárbara, Alexander Acha, Telefunka
Venue Centro de Convenciones Yucatán Siglo XXI, Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico
Broadcaster Televisa
Entrants 34
Placements 15
Withdraws Hidalgo, Tabasco
Returns Estado de México, Quintana Roo, Tlaxcala
Winner Ximena Navarrete[1]

The 16th annual Nuestra Belleza México pageant, was held at the Centro de Convenciones Yucatán Siglo XXI of Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico on September 20, 2009. It was the second time back to back victories in Nuestra Belleza México history: Ximena Navarrete from Jalisco was crowned by outgoing Nuestra Belleza México titleholder Karla Carrillo. She was the third Jalisciense to win this Title. Thirty-four contestants competed for the national title. Navarrete later competed in Miss Universe 2010 and won the Universal Title.

The Nuestra Belleza Mundo México title was won by Anabel Solís from Yucatán, who later competed in Miss World 2010. Solís was crowned by outgoing Nuestra Belleza Mundo México titleholder Perla Beltrán. She is the first and only Yucateca and second red hair to win this Title.

The Recognition "Corona al Mérito 2009" was for Lilián Villanueva, Nuestra Belleza Internacional México 2000 and Reina Internacional de las Flores 2000.



Final Results Contestant
Nuestra Belleza México 2009
Nuestra Belleza Mundo México 2009
Suplente / 1st Runner-up
2nd Runner-up
3rd Runner-up
Top 10
Top 15

Special Awards

Award Contestant
Miss Top Model
Contestants' Choice
Miss Talent
Miss Sports
Academic Award
Fuller Beauty Queen
Steps to Fame
Personality Fraiche
Miss Sensodyne Whitening
Best National Costume


Background Music

  • Opening Number: "Medley of the host State" by Contestants
  • Swimsuit Competition: "Desechable" by Telefunka
  • Intermediate: "Rompiendo Cadenas" by Ana Bárbara
  • Intermediate: "Mujeres" by Alexander Acha
  • Evening Gown Competition: Telefunka
  • Crowning Moment: "Nuestra Belleza México" (Official Theme)


State Contestant Age Height Hometown
Aguascalientes Abigail González Márquez 23 1.74 Aguascalientes
Baja California Ana Sofía García Gallegos 21 1.78 Mexicali
Baja California Sur Giovanna Martínez Uriarte 22 1.72 La Paz
Campeche Laura Rodríguez Toraya 19 1.78 Escárcega
Chiapas Claudia Espinosa Gómez 23 1.73 Catazajá
Chiapas Mildreth Jiménez León 20 1.71 Cintalapa
Chihuahua Daniela Muñoz Grijalva 23 1.72 Chihuahua
Coahuila Abril Alejandra Rodríguez Fernández 22 1.75 Saltillo
Colima Giannina Giselle Huerta Dueñas 23 1.75 Colima
Distrito Federal Jacqueline Tostado Madrid 22 1.72 Mexico City
Durango Marcela Maynez Núñez 19 1.70 Gómez Palacio
Estado de México Mercedes Gutiérrez Mares 23 1.75 Toluca
Guanajuato Clementina Velázquez Mojica 19 1.78 León
Guerrero Ana Rosa Manrique Aguirre 21 1.77 Tlapehuala
Jalisco Sandra Luz Vargas Plazola 22 1.77 Puerto Vallarta
Jalisco Jimena "Ximena" Navarrete Rosete 21 1.74 Guadalajara
Michoacán Itzel García Rojas 22 1.69 Apatzingán
Morelos Anaiza Aguilar Macedo 21 1.70 Cuernavaca
Nayarit Viridiana Torrijos Valencia 18 1.75 Tepic
Nuevo León Adriana Graciela Treviño Peralta 23 1.74 Monterrey
Oaxaca Denise Mendiola Chávez 19 1.74 Oaxaca
Puebla Andrea Castro Téllez 20 1.72 Puebla
Querétaro Alejandra Cabral Cabrera 21 1.72 Querétaro
Querétaro Paulina Cabrera Balderas 23 1.75 Querétaro
Quintana Roo Daniela Díaz Rodríguez 22 1.71 Chetumal
San Luis Potosí Sarahí Carrillo Garza 21 1.77 San Luis Potosí
Sinaloa Gabriela Quintero Martínez 18 1.77 Los Mochis
Sonora Gabriela Bórquez Lacy 19 1.79 Cd. Obregón
Sonora Lorena Camargo Miranda 22 1.73 Cd. Obregón
Tamaulipas Ana Karén Gonzáles Abdala 20 1.72 Nuevo Laredo
Tlaxcala Stephanie López Rosas 22 1.72 Apizaco
Veracruz Fabiola Pinal Montesinos 21 1.74 Córdoba
Yucatán Anabel Solís Sosa 21 1.80 Mérida
Zacatecas Verónica Llamas Sánchez 22 1.72 Nochistlán


  •  Tamaulipas - Melissa Solano was the original winner of Nuestra Belleza Tamaulipas 2009. The Suplente/1st Runner-up, Ana Karen González was who represented Tamaulipas in Nuestra Belleza México 2009. Melissa Solano was dethroned from the band and crown without clarifying the causes.


Returning States


Historical Significance

  • Jalisco won the Nuestra Belleza México back to back 2008 and 2009 (second in Nuestra Belleza México's History)
  • Yucatán won the Nuestra Belleza Mundo México title for the first time.
  • Zacatecas was the Suplente/1st Runner-up for the first time.
  • For the second time a Titleholders were dethroned to the title (Verónica Llamas, Nuestra Belleza Zacatecas 2009 and Melissa Solano Nuestra Belleza Tamaulipas 2009).
  • This was the last time the delegates made an opening singing a medley of the host State.
  • Estado de México and Quintana Roo return to competition after two years (2007) and Tlaxcala after five years (2004).
  • Jalisco placed for sixth consecutive year in the Top 5.
  • Sinaloa placed for second consecutive year in the Top 5.
  • Jalisco and Nuevo León placed for seventh consecutive year.
  • Sonora placed for fourth consecutive year.
  • Chiapas placed for third consecutive year.
  • Aguascalientes, Baja California, Querétaro and Sinaloa placed for second consecutive year.
  • Estado de México returned to making calls to the semifinals after six years (2003), Zacatecas after four years (2005), Coahuila after three years (2006), Chihuahua, Distrito Federal and Yucatán after two years (2007).
  • States that were called to the semifinals last year and this year failed to qualify were Baja California Sur, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí and Tabasco.
  • For the fourth time Ernesto Laguardia hosted Nuestra Belleza México, and for the first time with Marisol González, Alma San Martín and Sebastian Rulli.
  • Sinaloa won Miss Top Model for second time (before 2008).
  • Zacatecas won Contestants' Choice for the first time.
  • Chihuahua won Miss Talent for the first time.
  • Querétaro won Miss Sports for the first time.
  • Jalisco won the Academic Award for the first time and Fuller Beauty Queen for second time (before 2008).
  • Nuevo León won the Steps to Fame Award for the first time.
  • Coahuila won Personality Fraiche Award for the firs time.
  • Yucatán won Best National Costume for third time (before 2001 and 2007) and Sensodyne Waitening Award for the first time.
  • The host delegate, Anabel Solís from Yucatán, won the Nuestra Belleza Mundo México title.
  • Yucatán (Anabel Solís) is the higher delegate in this edition (1.81 m).
  • Michoacán (Itzel García) is the lower delegate in this edition (1.70 m).

Contestants Notes


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