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Germany–Romania relations


Germany–Romania relations

Germany-Romania relations



Germany–Romania relations are foreign relations between Germany and Romania. Germany has an embassy in Bucharest. Romania has an embassy in Berlin

Country Comparison

Germany Romania
Populations 80,716,000 19,043,767
Area 357,168  km² (137,847 sq mi) 238,391 km² (92,043 sq mi)
Population density 226/km2 (583/sq mi) 80/km² (207/sq mi)
Capital Berlin Bucharest
Largest city Berlin Bucharest
Government Federalism, Parliamentary system, Republic Unitary semi-presidential republic
First Leader Alexandru Ioan Cuza
Current Leader Traian Băsescu
Official languages German Romanian
Main religions
GDP (nominal) $3.820 t billion ($47,201 per capita) $171.401 billion ($8,029 per capita)
GDP (PPP) $3.621 billion ($44,741 per capita) $274.070 billion ($12,838 per capita)
Military expenditures $2.164 billion (1.4% of GDP)


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