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List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Vermont


List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Vermont

This is a list of bridges and tunnels on the National Register of Historic Places in the U.S. state of Vermont.[1]

Name Image Built Listed Location County Type
Arlington Green Covered Bridge Arlington Covered Bridge 1852 1973-08-28 Arlington
Bennington Town lattice truss
Bartonsville Covered Bridge (destroyed) 1871 1973-07-02 Rockingham
Windham Town lattice trusses, destroyed in 2011 by flash flooding from Hurricane Irene.[2]
Bedell Covered Bridge (destroyed) 1866 1975-05-28 Newbury
Orange Burr arch truss
Bennington Falls Covered Bridge 1889 1973-08-28 Bennington
Bennington Town lattice truss
Best's Covered Bridge Best's Covered Bridge 1973-07-02 Windsor
Bloomfield-Nulhegan River Route 102 Bridge 1937 1991-11-14 Bloomfield
Essex Pratt through truss
Bowers Covered Bridge Bowers Covered Bridge 1973-08-28 Windsor
Windsor Tied Arch, washed 200 feet downstream in 2011 in Hurricane Irene flooding and is being rebuilt[3]
Bradley Covered Bridge 1878 1977-06-13 Lyndon
Caledonia queenpost truss
Braley Covered Bridge ca. 1904 1974-06-13 Randolph
Orange multiple Kingpost truss
Bridge 12 Bridge 12 1929 2007-12-20 Enosburg
Franklin Parker through truss
Bridge 15 1928 2008-8-19 Sharon
Windsor Parker through truss
Bridge 19 1928 2007-09-28 Brookline
Windham Camelback through truss
Bridge 22 Bridge 22 2010-11-30 Bradford
Bridge 26 Bridge 26 1908 2006-06-07 Weybridge
Addison Riveted lattice truss
Bridge 31 1928 2006-08-09 Waterbury
Washington Parker through truss
Bridge 4 2009-11-5 Poultney
Bridge 6 Bridge 6 1928 2007-12-20 Johnson
Lamoille Pratt through truss
Bridge 9 Bridge 9 1928 2007-12-20 Sheldon
Franklin Parker through truss
Bridge No. 27 1918 2006-01-11 Berlin
Washington Warren pony truss
Bridgewater Corners Bridge 1928 1992-10-29 Bridgewater
Windsor Pratt Through Truss Bridge
Brown Covered Bridge 1880 1974-01-21 Shrewsbury
Rutland Town lattice truss
Burrington Covered Bridge Burrington Covered Bridge 1974-06-13 Lyndon
Caledonia queenpost truss
Cedar Swamp Covered Bridge 1864, 1865 1974-09-10 West Salisbury
Addison Town lattice truss
Centre Covered Bridge Centre Covered Bridge 1872, 1873 1974-06-20 Lyndon
Caledonia Paddleford truss
Chamberlin Mill Covered Bridge Chamberlin Mill Covered Bridge 1881 1974-07-30 Lyndon
Caledonia queenpost truss
Cilley Covered Bridge Cilley Covered Bridge 1883 1974-09-10 Tunbridge
Orange multiple Kingpost truss
Coburn Covered Bridge 1851 1974-10-09 East Montpelier
Washington queenpost truss
Colburn Bridge 1899 1990-10-11 Pittsford
Rutland Masonry arch bridge
Cold River Bridge 1928 1991-11-14 Clarendon
Rutland Parker through truss
Columbia Covered Bridge 1912 1976-12-12 Lemington
Essex Howe truss
Comstock Covered Bridge Comstock Covered Bridge 1883 1974-11-19 Montgomery
Franklin Town lattice truss
Cooley Covered Bridge Cooley Covered Bridge 1849 1974-01-24 Pittsford
Rutland Town lattice truss
Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge 1866 1976-11-21 Windsor
Windsor Town lattice truss
Creamery Covered Bridge Creamery Covered Bridge 1879 1973-08-28 Brattleboro
Windham Town lattice truss
Dean Covered Bridge Dean Covered Bridge ca. 1840 1974-09-10 Brandon
Rutland Town lattice truss
Depot Covered Bridge Depot Covered Bridge ca. 1840 1974-01-21 Pittsford
Rutland Town lattice truss
Douglas & Jarvis Patent Parabolic Truss Iron Bridge Douglas & Jarvis Patent Parabolic Truss Iron Bridge 1887 1974-03-21 Highgate Falls
Franklin Parabolic Truss Iron
East Fairfield Covered Bridge ca. 1865 1974-11-19 East Fairfield
Franklin queenpost truss
East Putney Brook Stone Arch Bridge 1902 1976-12-12 East Putney
Windham Masonry arch
East Shoreham Covered Railroad Bridge 1897 1974-06-13 Shoreham
Fairfax Covered Bridge 1974-11-05 Fairfax
Franklin Town lattice trusses
Fisher Covered Railroad Bridge Fisher Covered Railroad Bridge 1908 1974-10-01 Wolcott
Lamoille Louvered Mointor Type
Flint Covered Bridge Flint Covered Bridge 1845 1974-09-10 Tunbridge
Orange queenpost truss
Follett Stone Arch Bridge Historic District ca. 1894, ca. 1910 1976-12-12 Townshend Windham
Foundry Bridge 1889 2007-07-11 Tunbridge
Orange Warren pony truss
Fuller Covered Bridge Fuller Covered Bridge 1890 1974-12-23 Montgomery
Franklin Town lattice trusses
Gates Farm Covered Bridge 1897 1974-11-19 Cambridge
Lamoille Timber Burr arch truss
Gifford Covered Bridge 1974-07-30 East Randolph
Orange multiple Kingpost truss
Gilead Brook Bridge 1928 1990-10-11 Bethel
Windsor Warren deck truss bridge
Gold Brook Covered Bridge Emilys Bridge ca. 1844 1974-10-01 Stowe
Lamoille timber Howe truss
Gorham Covered Bridge Gorham Covered Bridge 1841 1974-02-12 Proctor
Rutland Town lattice truss
Gould's Mill Bridge Gould's Mill Bridge 1929 2006-02-01 Springfield
Windsor Baltimore through truss
Great Eddy Covered Bridge 1833 1974-09-06 Waitsfield
Washington Burr truss
Green River Covered Bridge Green River Covered Bridge ca. 1870, ca. 1875 1973-08-28 Guilford
Windham Town lattice truss
Greenbanks Hollow Covered Bridge Greenbanks Hollow Covered Bridge 1974-06-13 Danville
Caledonia queenpost truss
Grist Mill Covered Bridge 1974-06-13 Cambridge
Lamoille Timber Burr arch truss
Hall Covered Bridge Hall Covered Bridge 1867 1973-08-28 Bellows Falls
Windham Town lattice truss
Halpin Covered Bridge 1974-09-10 Middlebury
Addison Town Lattice Truss
Hammond Covered Bridge 1842 1974-01-21 Pittsford
Rutland Town lattice truss
Hectorville Covered Bridge Hectorville Covered Bridge ca. 1860, ca. 1890 1974-11-20 Montgomery
Franklin Town lattice truss
Disassembled and stored awaiting restoration
Henry Covered Bridge ca. 1835 1973-08-28 Bennington
Bennington Town lattice truss
Holmes Creek Covered Bridge ca 1870 1974-09-06 Charlotte
Chittenden king post with tied arch
Hopkins Covered Bridge Hopkins Covered Bridge 1875 1974-11-20 Enosburg
Franklin Town lattice truss
Howe Covered Bridge Howe Covered Bridge 1879 1974-09-10 Tunbridge
Orange multiple Kingpost truss
Hutchins Covered Bridge Hutchins Covered Bridge 1883 1974-12-30 Montgomery
Franklin Town lattice trusses
Iron Bridge at Howard Hill Road Iron Bridge at Howard Hill Road 1890; replaced 2007 1982-09-09 Cavendish
Windsor Pratt through truss
Jaynes Covered Bridge Jaynes Covered Bridge ca. 1877 1974-10-01 Waterville
Jeffersonville Bridge Jeffersonville Bridge 1931 1991-11-14 Cambridge
Lamoille Parker through truss
Kendron Brook Bridge ca. 1810 1992-08-27 Woodstock
Windsor Masonry arch bridge
Kidder Covered Bridge Kidder Covered Bridge ca. 1870 1973-07-02 Grafton
Windham Queenpost through truss
Kingsbury Covered Bridge 1904 1974-07-30 East Randolph
Orange multiple Kingpost truss
Kingsley Covered Bridge ca. 1870 1974-02-12 Clarendon
Rutland Town lattice truss
Lamoille River Route 15-A Bridge 1928 1991-11-14 Morristown
Lamoille Pratt through truss; bridge dismantled in 2007
Larkin Covered Bridge Larkin Covered Bridge 1902 1974-07-30 Tunbridge
Orange multiple kingpost truss
Lincoln Covered Bridge Lincoln Covered Bridge 1877 1973-08-28 Woodstock
Windsor Pratt truss system
Longley Covered Bridge Longley Covered Bridge 1863 1974-12-30 Montgomery
Franklin Town lattice trusses
Lower Cox Brook Covered Bridge 1872 1974-10-15 Northfield
Washington queenpost truss
Marble Bridge 1915 1991-11-14 Proctor
Rutland Reinforced concrete bridge
Martin Covered Bridge Martin Covered Bridge 1890 1974-10-09 Marshfield
Washington Single span queenpost truss
Martin's Mill Covered Bridge Martin's Mill Covered Bridge ca. 1880 1973-08-28 Hartland
Windsor Town lattice truss
Medburyville Bridge ca. 1896 1990-11-08 Wilmington
Windham Warren through truss
Middlebury Gorge Concrete Arch Bridge 1924 1991-11-14 Middlebury
Addison Concrete arch bridge
Middlesex-Winooski River Bridge 1928 1991-11-14 Middlesex
Washington Pratt through truss bridge
Mill Covered Bridge (Belvidere) Mill Covered Bridge 1890 1974-11-19 Belvidere
Lamoille Queenpost truss
Mill Covered Bridge Mill Covered Bridge (Tunbridge) 1883 1974-07-30 Tunbridge
Orange multiple Kingpost truss
Missisquoi River Bridge Missisquoi River Bridge 1929 1990-10-11 Richford
Franklin Parker through truss bridge
Montgomery Covered Bridge Montgomery Covered Bridge ca. 1877, ca. 1887 1974-10-18 Waterville
Morgan Covered Bridge 1887 1974-11-19 Belvidere
Mount Orne Covered Bridge 1911 1976-12-12 Lunenburg
Essex Howe truss
Moxley Covered Bridge Moxley Covered Bridge 1886, 1887 1974-09-10 Chelsea
Northfield Falls Covered Bridge 1872 1974-08-13 Northfield
Washington Town lattice truss
Old Schoolhouse Bridge ca. 1871 1971-03-31 Lyndon
Orne Covered Bridge Orne Covered Bridge 1974-11-20 Coventry
Orleans Paddleford truss
Ottauquechee River Bridge ca. 1930 1990-10-11 Hartland
Windsor Warren deck truss bridge
Pine Brook Covered Bridge 1855 1974-06-13 Waitsfield
Washington Kingpost truss
Poland Covered Bridge 1887 1974-10-09 Cambridge
Lamoille Timber Burr truss
Power House Covered Bridge 1870 1974-10-09 Johnson
Pulp Mill Covered Bridge ca. 1820 1974-09-10 Middlebury
Addison Burr arch truss
Quechee Gorge Bridge 1911, 1933 1990-10-11 Hartford
Windsor Metal deck truss bridge
Quinlan's Covered Bridge 1849 1974-09-10 East Charlotte
Chittenden Burr arch truss
Red Covered Bridge 1896 1974-10-16 Morristown
Lamoille queenpost truss
Rice Farm Road Bridge Rice Farm Road Bridge 1892 1995-11-07 Dummerston
Windham Warren Through Truss Bridge
River Road Covered Bridge River Road Covered Bridge 1974-11-19 North Troy
Orleans Town Lattice Truss
Sacketts Brook Stone Arch Bridge 1906 1976-12-12 Putney
Sanderson Covered Bridge Sanderson Covered Bridge ca. 1838 1974-06-13 Brandon
Rutland Town Lattice Truss
Scott Covered Bridge Scott Covered Bridge 1870 1973-08-28 Townshend
Windham Town lattice truss
Scribner Covered Bridge 1974-10-01 Johnson
Lamoille Queenpost Truss
Sequin Covered Bridge ca. 1850 1974-09-06 Charlotte
Chittenden Burr arch truss
Silk Covered Bridge ca. 1840 1973-08-28 Bennington
Bennington Town lattice truss
Simpsonville Stone Arch Bridge ca. 1909 1977-04-11 Townshend
Slaughter House Covered Bridge 1872 1974-06-13 Northfield
Washington queenpost truss
South Newfane Bridge 1939 1992-09-08 Newfane
Windham Pratt through-truss bridge
Spaulding Bridge Spaulding Bridge 1905 2006-01-11 Cavendish
Windsor Parker pony truss
Stockbridge Four Corners Bridge 1929 1991-11-14 Stockbridge
Windsor Pratt through truss
Stony Brook Covered Bridge 1899 1974-11-20 Northfield
Washington Kingpost truss
Swanton Covered Railroad Bridge 1898 1973-06-18 Swanton
Franklin Town-Pratt dbl lattice truss
Destroyed by arson 1987
Taftsville Covered Bridge Taftsville Covered Bridge 1836 1973-08-28 Woodstock
Windsor Queenpost through truss
Thetford Center Covered Bridge Thetford Center Covered Bridge 1974-09-17 Thetford
Orange Haupt patent truss
Union Village Covered Bridge Union Village Covered Bridge 1974-09-17 Thetford
Orange multiple Kingpost truss
Upper Cox Brook Covered Bridge 1872 1974-10-01 Northfield
Washington queenpost truss
Upper Falls Covered Bridge Upper Falls Covered Bridge ca. 1870 1973-08-28 Perkinsville
Windsor Town lattice truss
Village Covered Bridge ca. 1877 1974-12-16 Waterville
Warren Covered Bridge 1879, 1880 1974-08-07 Warren
Washington queenpost truss
Waterman Covered Bridge (non-existent... collapsed 1982) 1868 1974-06-13 Johnson
Lamoille Queenpost trusses
West Dummerston Covered Bridge West Dummerston Covered Bridge 1872 1973-05-08 Dummerston
Windham Town lattice truss
West Hartford Bridge 1929 1992-10-29 Hartford
Windsor Parker Through Truss
West Hill Covered Bridge West Hill Covered Bridge 1860, 1890 1974-12-31 Montgomery
Franklin Town lattice
West Milton Bridge 1902 1992-09-08 Milton
Chittenden Double-span through truss
Removed. Moved to site of former Swanton Covered Railroad Bridge.
West Townshend Stone Arch Bridge ca. 1910 1977-04-18 West Townshend
West Woodstock Bridge West Woodstock Bridge 1900 1992-08-27 West Woodstock
Windsor Pennsylvania through truss
Willard Covered Bridge Willard Covered Bridge 1973-08-28 Hartland
Windsor Town lattice truss
Williams River Route 5 Bridge 1929 1991-11-14 Rockingham
Windham Warren deck truss bridge
Williamsville Covered Bridge Williamsville Covered Bridge ca. 1870 1973-08-14 Newfane
Windham Town lattice truss
Winooski River Bridge Winooski River Bridge 1929 1990-05-30 Richmond
Chittenden Pennsylvania through truss
Woodstock Warren Through Truss Bridge ca. 1925 1992-08-18 Woodstock
Windsor Warren through truss; swept away by Hurricane Irene
Worrall Covered Bridge 1870 1973-07-16 Rockingham
Windham Town lattice truss

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