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Pattern Languages of Programs

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Title: Pattern Languages of Programs  
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Subject: The Hillside Group, List of computer science conference acronyms
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Pattern Languages of Programs

Pattern Languages of Programs
Abbreviation PLoP
Discipline software design patterns
Publication details
Publisher ACM
History 1994-
Frequency annual
Sponsored by The Hillside Group

Pattern Languages of Programs is the name of a group of annual conferences sponsored by The Hillside Group. The purpose of these conferences is to develop and refine the art of software design patterns. Most of the effort focuses on developing a textual presentation of a pattern such that it becomes easy to understand and apply. This is typically done in a writers' workshop setting.

The flagship conference

The flagship conference is called the Pattern Languages of Programs conference, abbreviated as PLoP. PLoP has been held in the U.S.A. since 1994.[1] Until 2004 it was held annually at Allerton Park in Monticello, Illinois, a property of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Since then, its location has alternated between Allerton park and being co-located with OOPSLA, a large computer science conference and the Agile Conference in 2009. The 20th PLoP will be back at Allerton Park.

Notable people who chaired the conference in the past include Ward Cunningham, Richard Gabriel, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides and Kent Beck.

PLoP (and several other Pattern Languages of Programs conferences) are sponsored by The Hillside Group, a U.S.-based non-profit organization that holds the PLoP trademark and the rights to the conference.

Locations and Organizers

Year Location Conference Chair Program Chair
2013 Monticello, Illinois, USA Christian Köppe
2012 Tucson, Arizona, USA Eduardo Guerra
2011 Portland, Oregon, USA Lise Hvatum
2010 Reno/Tahoe, Nevada, USA Christian Kohls
2009 Chicago, Illinois, USA Joseph Yoder Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
2008 Nashville, Tennessee, USA Joseph Yoder Ademar Aguiar
2007 Monticello, Illinois, USA Ademar Aguiar Joseph Yoder
2006 Portland, Oregon, USA Joseph Yoder Ralph Johnson
2005 Monticello, Illinois, USA Paul Adamczyk Bob Hanmer
2004 Monticello, Illinois, USA Danny Dig Mary Lynn Manns
2003 Monticello, Illinois, USA Mark Schwenk Brian Marick
2002 Monticello, Illinois, USA Weerasak Witthawaskul Kyle Brown
2001 Monticello, Illinois, USA Federico Balaguer Dwight Deugo
2000 Monticello, Illinois, USA Alejandra Garrido Eugene Wallingford
1999 Monticello, Illinois, USA Dragos Manolescu Bobby Woolf
1998 Monticello, Illinois, USA Joseph Yoder Steve Berczuk
1997 Monticello, Illinois, USA Don Roberts Bob Hanmer
1996 Monticello, Illinois, USA Brian Foote Douglas C. Schmidt
1995 Monticello, Illinois, USA Richard Gabriel Kent Beck
1994 Monticello, Illinois, USA Ralph Johnson Ward Cunningham

Other PLoP conferences


AsianPLoP is the PLoP event for the Asian community, commonly featuring patterns in both English and Japanese language.

Year Location Conference Chair Program Chair
AsianPLoP 2015 Tokyo, Japan
AsianPLoP 2014 Tokyo, Japan Hironori Washizaki Yasunobu Kawaguchi, Takashi Iba
AsianPLoP 2011 Tokyo, Japan Masanari Motohashi
AsianPLoP 2010 Tokyo, Japan Eiichi Hanyuda Hironori Washizaki, Nobukazu Yoshioka


ChiliPLoP is an annual conference featuring "hot topics" of the PLoP community. It is held in the U.S. since 1998.

Year Location Conference Chair Program Chair
ChiliPLoP 2011 Carefree, Arizona, USA Rick Mercer Eugene Wallingford
ChiliPLoP 2010 Carefree, Arizona, USA Rick Mercer Ralph Johnson
ChiliPLoP 1997 Wickenburg Inn, Arizona, USA Linda Rising


Held since 1996 in Kloster Irsee, Germany (former monastery, now Swabian Conference and Education Centre).

Year Location Conference Chair Program Chair
EuroPLoP 2015 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Claudius Link Veli-Pekka Eloranta
EuroPLoP 2014 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Veli-Pekka Eloranta Uwe van Heesch
EuroPLoP 2013 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Uwe van Heesch Christian Kohls
EuroPLoP 2012 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Christian Kohls Andreas Fiesser
EuroPLoP 2011 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Andreas Fiesser Paris Avgeriou
EuroPLoP 2010 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Paris Avgeriou Michael Weiss
EuroPLoP 2009 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Michael Weiss Allan Kelly
EuroPLoP 2008 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Allan Kelly Till Schümmer
EuroPLoP 2007 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Till Schümmer Lise Hvatum
EuroPLoP 2006 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Lise Hvatum Uwe Zdun
EuroPLoP 2005 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Uwe Zdun Andy Longshaw
EuroPLoP 2004 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Dietmar Schütz Klaus Marquardt
EuroPLoP 2003 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Dietmar Schütz Kevlin Henney
EuroPLoP 2002 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Jutta Eckstein, Christa Schwanninger Alan O'Callaghan
EuroPLoP 2001 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Jutta Eckstein, Christa Schwanninger Andreas Rüping
EuroPLoP 2000 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Andreas Rüping Martine Devos
EuroPLoP 1999 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Martine Devos Paul Dyson
EuroPLoP 1998 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Paul Dyson Jens Coldewey
EuroPLoP 1997 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Frank Buschmann Dirk Riehle
EuroPLoP 1996 Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany Frank Buschmann Bruce Anderson


Held in Australia or New Zealand.

Year Location Conference Chair Program Chair
KoalaPLoP 2002 Melbourne, Australia Paul Taylor James Noble, Brian Foote
KoalaPLoP 2000 Melbourne, Australia Darius Zakrzewski Jim Coplien


MensorePLoP '2001, held on the island of Okinawa, Japan.

Year Location Conference Chair Program Chair
MensorePLoP '2001 Okinawa, Japan Terunobu Fujino Jim Coplien


MiniPLoP'2011, held in IME/USP, São Paulo, Brazil.

Year Location Conference Chair Program Chair
MiniPLoP'2011 São Paulo, Brazil Eduardo Martins Guerra, Fabio Kon Claudio Sant'Anna, Joseph W. Yoder


Year Location Conference Chair Program Chair
ScrumPLoP 2015 Quinta da Pacheca, Portugal
ScrumPLoP 2014 Helsingør, Denmark
ScrumPLoP 2013 Helsingør, Denmark
ScrumPLoP 2012 Helsingør, Denmark
ScrumPLoP 2011 Helsingør, Denmark
ScrumPLoP 2010 Stora Nyteboda, Sweden


SugarLoafPLoP, held in Brazil.

Year Location Conference Chair Program Chair
SugarLoafPLoP 2012 Natal, RN, Brazil Sergio Soares and Uirá Kulesza Mary Lynn Manns and Rosana T. Vaccare Braga
SugarLoafPLoP 2010 Salvador, Bahia, Brazil Christina Chavez and Claudio Sant'Anna Rebecca Wirfs-Brock and Uirá Kulesza
SugarLoafPLoP 2001 RIo de Janeiro, Brazil Rosana Maria Castro Andrade and Claudia M. L Werner James O. Coplien and Jorge L. Ortega Arjona


VikingPLoP, held mostly in the Scandinavian countries, but also moving around in Europe.
Year Location Program Chairs
VikingPLoP 2002 Höjstrupgård castle near Helsingör in Denmark, Denmark Kristian Elof Soerensen
VikingPLoP 2003 Bergen, Norway
VikingPLoP 2004 Uppsala, Sweden
VikingPLoP 2005 Helsinki, Finland Juha Pärssinen
VikingPLoP 2008 Stora Nyteboda, Sweden
VikingPLoP 2012 Saariselkä, Finland Veli-Pekka Eloranta and Marko Leppänen
VikingPLoP 2013 Ikaalinen, Finland Veli-Pekka Eloranta and Marko Leppänen
VikingPLoP 2014 Sagadi manor, Estonia Jari Rauhamäki and Veli-Pekka Eloranta
VikingPLoP 2015 Ribaritsa resort, Bulgaria Jari Rauhamäki and Elissaveta Gourova


The conference proceedings are typically published locally as technical reports of a sponsoring university. From 1998 to 2007, EuroPLoP papers were published annually by the German publisher Universitätsverlag Konstanz. After the conference, authors are given the chance to submit a revised paper for publication in the book series Pattern Languages of Program Design by Addison Wesley.

In 2007, an academic journal was started, called Transactions on Pattern Languages of Programming. The editors-in-chief are James Noble and Ralph Johnson and the European editor is Uwe Zdun. The journal is published by Springer-Verlag.

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