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Title: Cryotronics  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Cryogenics, Electronics, Index of physics articles (C)
Collection: Electronics
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Cryotronics is the production of electronics that utilize superconductivity, and is not to be confused with cryoelectronics or cryolectronics. The simplest use of cryotronics is the cryotron, which is a switch. Rapid single flux quantum digital electronics technology is a good example of cryotronics, as it is based on superconductors. Additionally, the sensitive amplifiers used in radio telescopes are cooled using liquid helium to reduce thermal noise. Cryotronics includes creating, 1.supersensitive miniature receivers for detecting weak radio signals. 2.a crytron switch depends on the effect of inducing persistent current in a closed superconducting circuit for eg.ring

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