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List of electrical engineers

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Title: List of electrical engineers  
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Subject: Lists of engineers, List of Russian electrical engineers, Electronic engineering, Electrical engineering, Index of electrical engineering articles
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List of electrical engineers

This is a list of electrical engineers, people who made notable contributions to electrical engineering or computer engineering.

Who Contribution(s)
Norman Abramson ALOHAnet network communication
Luigi Amerio Laplace transforms
Edwin Armstrong Regenerative circuit, frequency modulation (FM)
William Edward Ayrton Measuring instruments, electric railways, searchlight
Hertha Marks Ayrton Electric arc lighting, Hughes Medal of the Royal Society
John Bardeen Two Nobel prizes: transistor, superconductivity
Emile Baudot Telegraphy communications
Andy Bechtolsheim Co-founder of Sun Microsystems
Arnold Orville Beckman pH meter, Beckman Instruments, Silicon Valley pioneer
Alexander Graham Bell Bell Telephone Company
Alfred Rosling Bennett Pioneer of electric lighting and telephones
Harold Stephen Black Negative feedback amplifier
Ottó Bláthy Pioneering electrical engineer
André Blondel Oscillography, electrical machine theory
Alan Blumlein Inventions in telecommunications, sound recording, stereo, television, radar
Hendrik Wade Bode Control theory, Bode plot
Paul Boucherot Reactive power
Karlheinz Brandenburg Audio compression scheme MP3
Charles Tilston Bright Transatlantic telegraph cable
Charles Eugene Lancelot Brown Co-founder of Brown, Boveri & Cie
William C. Brown Crossed-field amplifier, microwave power transmission
Walter Bruch Television pioneer, inventor of the PAL colour television system
Charles F. Brush Efficient dynamo, electric lighting, a founder of General Electric, wind power
Charles Frederick Burgess Battery technology development, pioneer of electrochemical engineering
Alan Archibald Campbell-Swinton Theory of television
Marvin Camras Magnetic recording
John Renshaw Carson Single-sideband modulation
James Kilton Clapp Clapp oscillator, General Radio Corporation
Lynn Conway Very large scale integrated circuit design, Mead & Conway revolution
William Coolidge X-ray technology
William Corin Snowy Mountains Scheme
Seymour Cray Supercomputer architect
R. E. B. Crompton Electric lighting, FRS, Crompton &Co., Major in the U.K. Army
Sidney Darlington Darlington transistor
Lee DeForest Audion vacuum tube
Jack Dennis Time sharing, Multics
Robert H. Dennard Dynamic random access memory
Marcel Deprez HVDC power transmission pioneer
Bern Dibner Founder Burndy Co., electrical connectors, historian of the Transatlantic telegraph cable
Mikhail Dolivo-Dobrovolsky Inventor of three-phase motor
Ray Dolby Dolby sound
William Duddell Oscillography, the singing arc lamp
Allen B. DuMont Television manufacturing pioneer
J. Presper Eckert Computer pioneer
Thomas Edison Prolific inventor: phonograph, first practical light bulb, telegraph improvements
Douglas Engelbart Computer mouse, hypertext
Justus B. Entz Electric transmission,electric vehicles, worked with Edison
A. K. Erlang Communications and Queueing
Lloyd Espenschied Developments in radio communications and coaxial cable technology.
Federico Faggin Intel microprocessor, Zilog z80
Michael Faraday Discovered electromagnetic induction and Faraday shield
Moses G. Farmer Electric railway
Philo T. Farnsworth American television pioneer
Galileo Ferraris Rotating magnetic field
Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti Ferranti Corporation
Reginald Fessenden 'Father' of radio broadcasting
Donald G. Fink Radio navigation LORAN, television standards, author and editor
Gerhard Fischer Handheld metal detector
John Ambrose Fleming Inventor of the thermionic valve (vacuum tube)
Thomas Flowers Designer of the first programmable digital electronic computer
Jay Forrester American computer pioneer
Charles Legeyt Fortescue Symmetrical components for three-phase power system analysis
Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier Physicist; Fourier transform / Fourier series
Limor Fried Founder of Adafruit Industries, open source hardware advocate
Leonard F. Fuller Radio pioneer, carrier current on power systems
Dennis Gabor Hungarian inventor of holography, Nobel Laureate
James Edward Henry Gordon (J.E.H. Gordon) Electric lighting and power
Zénobe Gramme Dynamo
Elisha Gray Telephone pioneer
Richard Grimsdale Transistorized computers
Edward E. Hammer Spiral compact fluorescent lamp
Ralph Hartley Electronics
Oliver Heaviside Re-formulated Maxwell's equations (vector calculus)
Oskar Heil Field-effect transistor, loudspeaker
Heinrich Rudolf Hertz Hertzian waves
Peter Cooper Hewitt Mercury vapor lamp, mercury arc rectifier
William Hewlett Hewlett-Packard
Hugo Hirst Co-founder of General Electric Company plc
Godfrey Hounsfield Inventor of the world's first computed tomography (CT) scanner, shared 1979 Nobel prize
Edwin J. Houston Arc lighting, co-founder of what would become General Electric, president of AIEE
John Hopkinson Inventor of three-phase electrical system
Grace Hopper Computer programmer (first compiler)
Paul Horowitz SETI, co-author of The Art of Electronics
Lawrence A. Hyland Radar pioneer, leader of Hughes Aircraft
Kees Schouhamer Immink Pioneer optical recording, CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc
Samuel Insull Central station generation, electrical utilities, Edison pioneer
Fleeming Jenkin Submarine telegraph cables
Bill Joy Unix - Sun Microsystems
Rudolf Kalman Inventor of the Kalman filter
Kálmán Kandó Pioneer of high voltage railway electrification systems
Nathaniel S. Keith Founding secretary of AIEE; electric power
Arthur E. Kennelly Complex numbers in AC circuit theory
Charles Kettering Automobile electrical innovations, Delco founder
Jack Kilby Nobel prize: integrated circuit
Max Knoll Electron microscope
John D. Kraus Radio telescope, antennas
Herbert Kroemer Heterostructures and semiconductor physics
Eric Laithwaite Linear induction motor
Uno Lamm Swedish, HVDC and mercury-arc valves
Benjamin G. Lamme Niagara Falls power engineering
Georges Leclanché Primary battery
Morris E. Leeds Leeds & Northrup measurement and control devices
Alexander Lodygin Russian, incandescent lighting, motors
Östen Mäkitalo 'Father' of cellular phone
Guglielmo Marconi Practical radio
Orlando R. Marsh Electrical sound recording
Erwin Otto Marx Marx generator high voltage DC
John Mauchly ENIAC designer
Florence Violet McKenzie Australia's first female EE, educator, OBE
Charles Hesterman Merz NESCO electric power grid, England
William Henry Merrill Founder of Underwriters Laboratories
Robert Metcalfe Ethernet, 3Com
Antonio Meucci Telephone pioneer
John L. Moll Solid-state physics, the Ebers-Moll transistor model
Robert Moog Electronic music pioneer, invented Moog synthesizer
Daniel McFarlan Moore Electrical discharge lighting
Shuji Nakamura Blue gallium-nitride light emitting diode
Edward Lawry Norton Norton's theorem
Robert Noyce Co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel
Bernard M. (Barney) Oliver Hewlett-Packard, Founder HP Labs
Kenneth Olsen Magnetic core memory; Digital Equipment Corporation
Stanford R. Ovshinsky Semiconductors
David Packard Hewlett-Packard
Robert H. Park Park's transformation
Donald Pederson 'Father' of SPICE
G. W. Pierce Oscillator, crystal control
William Henry Preece Telegraphy, nemesis of Heaviside
Franklin Leonard Pope Telegraphy, electric lighting, Edison influence
Valdemar Poulsen Magnetic recording
Michael I. Pupin Long-distance telephone communication. "Pupin coil"
Simon Ramo Physicist, microwaves, missiles, founder TRW and Bunker Ramo Corporation
Richard H. Ranger Wireless fax, radar, magnetic tape recording
Alec Reeves Inventor of pulse code modulation
Johann Philipp Reis Inventor of the Reis telephone
Hyman G. Rickover 'Father' of the nuclear Navy
Edward S. Rogers, Sr. Inventor of the first successful AC radio tube
Arye Rosen Semiconductor devices and circuits for use in microwave systems and for microwave applications to medicine
Harold Rosen Syncom communication satellite
H. J. Round Radio pioneer and assistant to Guglielmo Marconi
Reinhold Rudenberg Electron microscope
Carl Louis Schwendler Electric lighting and telegraph
Thomas Johann Seebeck Thermoelectric effect
Oliver B. Shallenberger AC electricity meters
Claude Shannon 'Father' of communication theory
Ernst Werner von Siemens Inventor, industrialist, Siemens & Halske, Siemens (unit)
Carl Wilhelm Siemens Telegraphy, motors and generators, electric pyrometer
Alexander Siemens Electric lighting, power, Society of Telegraph Engineers (predecessor to IEE)
Phillip Hagar Smith Smith chart
Percy Spencer Microwave oven
Frank J. Sprague 'Father' of electric traction
Chauncey Starr Founder of Electric Power Research Institute
Charles Proteus Steinmetz Alternating current theories, first use of j operator
Sarkes Tarzian Radio inventor, broadcasting, radio manufacturer
Albert H. Taylor First demonstration of radar
Bernard D. H. Tellegen Inventor of the pentode, formulated Tellegen's theorem
Nikola Tesla Revolving magnetic field induction motor, Tesla coil, polyphase transmission systems, transformer
Silvanus P. Thompson Educator, author, electrical machinery, X-ray technology, radio
Elihu Thomson Entrepreneur, co-founder of what would become General Electric
William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) Telegraphic cables
René Thury High voltage direct current power transmission, electric traction
Kálmán Tihanyi Television pioneer
Philip Torchio Edison Electric Company
Charles Joseph Van Depoele Electric railway pioneer
C. F. Varley Submarine cable, Varley bridge
Milan Vidmar Power transformers and high-voltage transmission
Andrew Viterbi Communications
Alessandro Volta Inventor of electrical battery and pioneer of electrical science
Trevor Wadley Innovations in radio and microwave technology
Harry Ward Leonard Inventor of the Ward Leonard control system.
Robert Watson-Watt First practical radar
George Westinghouse AC power industrialist
Harold Alden Wheeler Automatic volume control, radar
Uncas A. Whitaker Founder of AMP Inc. and philanthropist
Bob Widlar Integrated circuits
Niklaus Wirth Computer programming languages
Steve Wozniak Personal computers, Apple Computer
Pavel Yablochkov Electric arc lighting
Jerry Yang Co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo
Hidetsugu Yagi Yagi-Uda antenna
Otto Julius Zobel Filters
Konrad Zuse Computers

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