Traditionalist Mexican-American Catholic Church

The Traditionalist Mexican-American Catholic Church (Iglesia Católica Tradicionalista mexicana-estadounidense) is a North American religious group claiming 2 million followers. They broke away from the Catholic Church over their veneration (some say worship) of Santa Muerte. They are primarily active in the border regions of the United States and Mexico and have a particular presence among the Mexican immigrant communities in major United States cities. David Romo Guillén is the leader and archbishop of the group.

They maintain the seven sacraments, an all male priesthood, are open to homosexuals in the faithful and, generally speaking, are socially conservative on abortion but do not practice clerical celibacy, allow contraceptives and do not require chastity before marriage.[1] They reject Papal infallibility, the Immaculate Conception, and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.[2]


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